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The Three Shades
Associated With
Heroes Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin
Bane minimap icon.png Bane
Gods Belladonna
Cosmetics The Deadly Nightshade Set

The Three Shades are a group of ethereal beings, symbolized by the nightshade plant. They possess the attributes of madness, terror, and death. Arboretums are dedicated to their name, where giant nightshades grow.[1]


  • Atropos, also known as the Bane Elemental, inflicts dread and delirium on his victims.[2] He is associated with terror.
  • Belladonna inflicts its victims with dilated pupils, allowing them to see the unseen.[3] She is associated with madness or death.
  • Tyrian gives heroes the strength to shrug off any burden.[4] He is associated with madness or death.


  • The Three Shades are named and based on atropa belladonna, the deadly nightshade plant.