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The Summit 2 Ticket
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Ticket 16066
Rarity: Common

The Summit 2 is the long-awaited sequel to a global Dota 2 event! The world's best teams will fight online for 4 slots at the LAN Finals this December, where they will challenge Evil Geniuses and another invited team for $100,000+. 25% of each bundle sold goes towards the prize pool and the bundle includes Compendium access, a courier, loading screen, and DotaTV ticket!
The Summit 2 Ticket
The Summit 2 Loading Screen
Demonic Essence
Arctic Watchtower

Set Items

The Summit 2 Ticket
The Summit 2 Ticket

Also part of the following set:

The Summit 2 Ticket
The Summit 2 Ticket

This ticket is part of The Summit 2 Bundle and supports the compendium feature.

Stretch Goals[]

  • $2.50 USD from each bundle and $0.25 USD from each treasure sale contributes to the total tournament prize pool.

Total prize pool: $310,588 USD[1]

Goal Status Reward
$105,000 YesY Compendium vote for Grand Finals casters.
$115,000 YesY Secret guest at LAN finals.
(SUNSfan and PyrionFlax)
$130,000 YesY The tub interviews return.
$145,000 YesY
$160,000 YesY
$180,000 YesY
$200,000 YesY Fan voted All-Stars match.
$250,000 YesY Tag-Team 1v1 Tournament.
$300,000 YesY