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The Subtle Demon Set
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Bundle 20152
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Rarity: Rare

Includes all of the items in the "Subtle Demon" set for Riki.
Created By
The Subtle Demon Set
Blade of the Subtle Demon
Blade of the Subtle Demon - Off-Hand
Veil of the Subtle Demon
Wraps of the Subtle Demon
Whip of the Subtle Demon
Mark of the Subtle Demon

Set Items

Removed from Bundle[]

The Blade of the Subtle Demon and Blade of the Subtle Demon - Off-Hand initially came bundled up as a weapon set within the main set, but were at some point added directly to the main set, since having a bundle within a bundle was deemed pointless. The Subtle Demon's Blades cannot be ontained by purchasing the bundle anymore, it may only be acquired from the Steam Community Market.


Customization Type Preview Bound To
Loadout Animation
(Except Off-Hand
Attack 1 Animation
Attack 2 Animation
Attack 3 Animation*

* Same custom attack animation as Slim Blade of the Tahlin Watch.



  • This set's internal name is Last Shinobi.