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The Stormcrow's Spirit Set
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Bundle 20087
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Witch Doctor
Rarity: Rare

In hushed tones, legends have long been whispered of the near-mythical stormcrows. Enormous, powerful and reclusive, these strange, scarce birds range across the highest peaks of the Prefect mountains, hidden from the world by a constant bank of dark cloud. Their rare sighting are considered ill omens, said to portend of storms soon to follow. Legends also tell of those few who have dared face the dangerous trials required to harness the power of these creatures for themselves. For the only way to return after stealing the egg of a stormcrow - a potent source of power - is to wrestle control of one of the enormous black birds and ride it down to the ground, miles below. Includes all of the items in 'The Stormcrow's Spirit' set for Witch Doctor.
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The Stormcrow's Spirit Set
Egg of the Stormcrow
Beak of the Stormcrow
Cloak of the Stormcrow
Tail of the Stormcrow
Sigil of the Stormcrow

Set Items

The Stormcrow's Spirit Set
The Stormcrow's Spirit Set

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.