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The Slithereen Exile Set
Cosmetic icon The Slithereen Exile Set
Bundle 20096
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Naga Siren
Rarity: Rare

No Slithereen may fail. Though Slithice swam victorious at the battle of Crey, a single jeweled chalice was taken. The punishment for the lost bauble: banishment. So she wandered the deeps, bitterly searching for the chalice, and where once dwelt honor and humility now crept the tendrils of cruelty and malice. If she was to be exiled, then so be it. She shed the lighter tones of her ancestral armor, instead taking up darker armaments, and all who looked upon her felt the indomitable will of the exiled siren. This bundle contains all of the items in 'The Slithereen Exile' set for Naga Siren.
Created By
The Slithereen Exile Set
Blade of the Slithereen Exile
Blade of the Slithereen Exile - Off-Hand
Armor of the Slithereen Exile
Helm of the Slithereen Exile

Set Items

The Slithereen Exile Set
The Slithereen Exile Set

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.