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The Shopkeeper
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The Shopkeeper is the owner of the Secret Shop, which is guarded by Frull (a rhino-like beast that carries the entire shop on its back when travelling) and Roquelaire (his pet bird who guides heroes in need of assistance). While his name is currently unknown, he is one of the many people known as "Keepers" who keep certain powerful items and artifacts until they are sold for a price, whether it is paid by gold or abstract means.


In his debut comic "Are We Heroes Yet?", the notable items that are kept in his possession include the blood forged Reaver axe, the fervid Hyperstone, the dexterous Eaglesong, and Demon Edge, which was retrieved by the thieves Sithil and Quirt who later became assistants to the Shopkeeper himself. In the card game Artifact, he also possesses the Sacred Relic, Void Stone, Orb of Venom, Power Treads, Ring of Health, Bloodstone, Stout Shield, and Mystic Staff in his inventory.

Besides selling rare and uncommon items of power, he also offers refreshments in the form of beverages. Available drinks include emerald tea, appleberry tincture, and strongblack.

He used to possess a leather bag that is actually a hammerspace that leads to the cave of a mysterious tentacled creature that wraps itself around its horde of items, such as the Skull Basher and Poor Man's Shield (depicted in the comic as its beta form). This creature would constantly make "deals" with Quirt ever since he first met the Shopkeeper, tempting him with the bag's loot. The bag is now in Quirt's possession, which he considers as a source of income and an annoyance.

Dragon's Blood[]

The Shopkeeper returns in the animated series DOTA: Dragon's Blood. His brief encounter with the heroes of the story belies his vast influence on their stories.

After having his location tipped off by Gwanwyn, Mirana and Marci sought out the Shopkeeper to help them recover the stolen lotuses. They arrive at his shop, and Mirana inquires him about the location of the stolen lotuses. He responds, assuring them that he has no business dealing with stolen goods. Adding to his answer, he also says that he knows a person who might help them: a lone sage who lives in his tower, residing in a valley south of the Broken Peaks. He then offers the Gem of True Sight, and says that they will need it to "see" him.

Mirana offers him a bracelet in exchange, but he declines, saying that he would rather be repaid in kind. Before the scene ends, he holds up the gem to reveal Mirana's past in its facets, while confirming their bargain.

He is not seen again after this, but later episodes reveal that his actions of giving away the gem was indirectly responsible for Terrorblade's temporary manifestation on the material plane, and one of the key factors to Nightsilver's fall at the hands of Terrorblade and the Coedwen elves.


Besides Frull and Roquelaire, The Shopkeeper also trusts Sithil and Quirt to work for him, after they proved themselves worthy assistants by retrieving the legendary Demon Edge for his shop.

Even the Shopkeeper is not exempted from Jah'rakal's hatred, but he plans to kill him last.[1]


  • The Shopkeeper is the narrator in the Gamescom Trailer. [2]

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  1. Troll Warlord response: ▶️ I'll kill you later, Keeper.