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The Second Disciple
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Heroes Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter
Characters Soruq

The Second Disciple was one of Soruq the Hunter's apprentices, the first likely being Gondar. His name is unknown. The three were bound together by sacred trust, until the second disciple betrayed Soruq. He gave the hunter's secrets to an army of infidels, greatly angering Gondar.[1] Enlisting in the infidel army, Gondar infiltrated the ranks, found the second disciple, and slew him. Then, using the traitor's own blade, he found the general of the army, and took his head. The army disintegrated after that.[2]

When he was alive, the second disciple wore a veil, inscribed with an enchanted sigil learned from Soruq. After his death, Gondar claimed the veil as his own.[3]