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The Outworld
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Places The Void
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The Outworld is a mysterious place located somewhere in the edge of the Void, which is also described as "The World on the Rim of the Abyss". This is the homeworld of the race that Harbinger belongs to and where he keeps his vigil, anticipating the arrival of the evil forces that was foretold in the dark prophetic music of his mind.[1]


Some descriptions pertaining to the Outworld heavily imply that it is a celestial body, if not a solid planet or a plane of existence.[2] According to its sole inhabitant, it may also be described as the "oblique world", implying that this place is slanted on the rim of the abyss, facing towards the Void itself so that it will always be facing (and watching) towards it.[3]

Unique to this realm is its crystalline structure, with a species of augural crystalline trees being native to the Outworld.[4] The Outworld is rich in crystals that can produce arcane power,[5] causing it to be awash in large amounts of arcane energy that is inclined to diffuse through the Outworld Destroyer's "rifts", likely implying that the process restores his mana.[6] There is also a type of Outworld crystal with the ability to self-assemble, making it an excellent makeshift prison.[7] If an Outworld crystal ruptures, it releases cataclysmic energies that can be felt interdimensionally.[8]


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