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The Magus Cypher
Cosmetic icon The Magus Cypher
Wearable 12451
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Rarity: Arcana
Slot: Back

Most Magi believed the Puzzle of Perplex to be a mere curiosity. Yet generations of wizards had broken themselves trying to solve it. And even after the Grand Magus thought he finally grasped the crux of its secret, the epiphany of true meaning came only much later—that the knowledge at the heart of Perplex might allow him to alter the very foundations of magic itself. Now, no longer limited to masterful mimicry, Rubick toys with the boundaries of arcane artistry, reshaping the world of magic as he sees fit; always hungry for new preternatural mysteries to unravel and respool, and the undiscovered kingdoms of magic they too might reveal.
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▶️ No sorcery lies beyond my grasp.

This item was released with the Frosthaven event as part of The Magus Cypher Bundle. It comes with a win tracker that modifies the particle effects of 115 abilities stolen with Spell Steal icon Spell Steal. Editions purchased before January 21, 2019 came in Exalted quality.




  • This item changes Rubick's model entirely.
  • Almost all custom model animations are very similar to the default ones, only performed with Rubick's flying model. Only animations that are significantly different are shown here.
Customization Type Preview
Loadout Spawn Animation
Loadout Animation
Loadout Rare 1 Animation
Loadout Rare 2 Animation
Loadout Rare 3 Animation
Pedestal Model
Ambient Effect1,2
Spawn Animation
Idle Rare Animation3
Idle Injured Animation
Death 1 Animation
Death 2 Animation
Death Overkill Back Animation4
Run Animation
Run Injured Animation
Run Haste Animation
Run Rare Animation
Teleport Animation5
Teleport End Animation
Defeat Animation
Victory Animation
Spell Steal icon Spell Steal Animation

* Custom attack animations work with Conceit of the Wandering Harlequin.
1 Particle colors change to match the color scheme of the last hero Rubick used Spell Steal icon Spell Steal on. Reverts to default color when spell expires.
2 If Crux of Perplex is equipped, its particle colors will also be changed.
3 Does not play if Rubick is in Idle Injured animation.
4 Death Overkill Front animation is nearly identical to the default animation, and thus not shown.
5 Similar to the default stolen Teleportation icon Teleportation animation.

Spell Steal[]

Win Counter[]

  • Custom particle effects for stolen spells are unlocked by winning games with Rubick. Wins in Turbo Mode count as half a win.
  • The number of wins are tracked on Rune of the Magus Cypher and can be viewed via a special panel in-game.
  • Unlocking all effects will give Rubick a custom ground trail effect while moving.
  • Most custom cast animations are similar to the default ones, only performed with Rubick's flying model. Only custom cast animations that differ greatly from the default animations are specified below.
  • If Rubick uses a stolen spell from an enemy wearing equipment with Kinetic Gems, the customizations from those Kinetic Gems generally take precedence over the customizations below.
  • Please report if a preview link is not working.
Customization Type Preview Wins
Laguna Blade icon Laguna Blade Effect Video 1
Rebound icon Rebound Effect
Wrath of Nature icon Wrath of Nature Effect Video
Hand of God icon Hand of God Effect Video
Quill Spray icon Quill Spray Effect Video 2
Poison Nova icon Poison Nova Effect Video
Song of the Siren icon Song of the Siren Effect Video
Summon Spirit Bear icon Summon Spirit Bear Effect Video
Tricks of the Trade icon Tricks of the Trade Effect Video 3
Sunder icon Sunder Effect Video
Power Cogs icon Power Cogs Effect Video
Doom ability icon Doom Effect Video 4
Wraithfire Blast icon Wraithfire Blast Effect Video 5
Rolling Thunder icon Rolling Thunder Effect Video
Flaming Lasso icon Flaming Lasso Effect Video
Gust icon Gust Effect Video 6
Life Drain icon Life Drain Effect Video
Magnetize icon Magnetize Effect Video
Guardian Angel icon Guardian Angel Effect Video
Dark Pact icon Dark Pact Effect Video 7
Chaos Bolt icon Chaos Bolt Effect Video
Fiend's Grip icon Fiend's Grip Effect Video
Macropyre icon Macropyre Effect Video 8
Ghostship icon Ghostship Effect Video 9
Terrorize icon Terrorize Effect Video
Bedlam icon Bedlam1 Effect Video
Primal Roar icon Primal Roar Effect Video
Reaper's Scythe icon Reaper's Scythe Effect Video 10
Shockwave icon Shockwave Effect Video
Dream Coil icon Dream Coil Effect Video
Sonic Wave icon Sonic Wave Effect Video
Omnislash icon Omnislash Effect Video 11
Burning Army icon Burning Army Effect Video
Skeleton Walk icon Skeleton Walk2 Effect
Dark Rift icon Dark Rift Effect Video
Chaotic Offering icon Chaotic Offering Effect Video 12
Shadow Wave icon Shadow Wave Effect Video 13
Walrus Punch icon Walrus PUNCH! Effect Video
Relocate icon Relocate Effect Video
Rearm icon Rearm Effect Video 14
Avalanche icon Avalanche Effect Video
Call Down icon Call Down Effect Video
Ice Blast icon Ice Blast Effect Video
Fireblast icon Fireblast Effect Video 15
God's Strength icon God's Strength Effect Video
Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap Effect Video
Ravage icon Ravage Effect Video 16
Time Lapse icon Time Lapse Effect Video 17
Winter's Curse icon Winter's Curse Effect Video
Shapeshift icon Shapeshift Effect Video
Charge of Darkness icon Charge of Darkness Effect Video 18
Flesh Golem icon Flesh Golem Effect Video
Insatiable Hunger icon Insatiable Hunger Effect Video
Death Ward icon Death Ward Effect Video
Fissure icon Fissure Effect Video 19
Fire Remnant icon Fire Remnant Effect Video
Activate Fire Remnant icon Activate Fire Remnant Effect
Static Storm icon Static Storm Effect Video
Black Hole icon Black Hole Effect Video 20
Global Silence icon Global Silence Effect Video 21
Illuminate icon Illuminate Effect Video
Pulse Nova icon Pulse Nova Effect Video
Mass Serpent Ward icon Mass Serpent Ward Effect Video 22
Chemical Rage icon Chemical Rage Effect Video
Eye of the Storm icon Eye of the Storm Effect Video
Mystic Flare icon Mystic Flare Effect Video
Berserker's Call icon Berserker's Call Effect Video 23
Life Break icon Life Break Effect Video
Chakram icon Chakram Effect Video
Dissimilate icon Dissimilate Effect
Supernova icon Supernova Effect Video 24
Soulbind icon Soulbind Effect Video 25
Impale icon Impale Effect Video
Summon Familiars icon Summon Familiars Effect Video
Acorn Shot (Secondary) icon Acorn Shot Effect
Powershot icon Powershot Effect Video 26
Corrosive Haze icon Corrosive Haze Effect Video
Crippling Fear icon Crippling Fear Effect Video
Blood Rite icon Blood Rite Effect Video
Assassinate icon Assassinate Effect Video 27
Battle Trance icon Battle Trance Effect Video
Borrowed Time icon Borrowed Time Effect Video
Mortimer Kisses icon Mortimer Kisses Effect
Spit Out icon Spit Out3 Effect
Freezing Field icon Freezing Field Effect Video 28
Earthshock icon Earthshock Effect Video 29
Remote Mines icon Remote Mines Effect Video
Wall of Replica icon Wall of Replica Effect Video
Exorcism icon Exorcism Effect Video
Duel icon Duel Effect Video 30
Nether Swap icon Nether Swap Effect Video
Nature's Attendants icon Nature's Attendants Effect Video
God's Rebuke icon God's Rebuke Effect Video
Stifling Dagger icon Stifling Dagger Effect Video 31
Spirit Lance icon Spirit Lance Effect Video
Overgrowth icon Overgrowth Effect Video
Eclipse icon Eclipse Effect Video
Lucent Beam icon Lucent Beam5 Effect Video
Finger of Death icon Finger of Death Effect Video 32
Shuriken Toss icon Shuriken Toss Effect Video 33
Stone Gaze icon Stone Gaze Effect Video
Sanity's Eclipse icon Sanity's Eclipse Effect Video
Earth Splitter icon Earth Splitter Effect Video
Wukong's Command icon Wukong's Command Effect Video 34
Earthbind icon Earthbind Effect Video
Drunken Haze icon Cinder Brew Effect Video
Ball Lightning icon Ball Lightning Effect Video
Spectral Dagger icon Spectral Dagger Effect Video 35
Breathe Fire icon Breathe Fire Effect Video
Tempest Double icon Tempest Double Effect Video
Thundergod's Wrath icon Thundergod's Wrath Effect Video
Chaos Meteor icon Chaos Meteor Effect Video 36
Mana Void icon Mana Void Effect Video 37
Stampede icon Stampede Effect Video
Rage icon Rage Effect Video
False Promise icon False Promise Effect Video
Sacred Arrow icon Sacred Arrow Effect Video 38
Waveform icon Waveform Effect Video
Epicenter icon Epicenter Effect Video
Chain Frost icon Chain Frost Effect Video
Meat Hook icon Meat Hook Effect Video 39
Shadowraze (Medium) icon Shadowraze Effect Video
Viper Strike icon Viper Strike Effect Video
Demonic Purge icon Demonic Purge Effect Video
Chronosphere icon Chronosphere Effect Video 40
Ground Effect Effect6

1 Not listed on the in-game tracker. Terrorize icon Terrorize and Bedlam icon Bedlam use the same model, so Jex is green in Rubick's Bedlam as well.
2 Not listed on the in-game tracker. Requires Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard. Uses the same model as Burning Army icon Burning Army.
3 Not listed on the in-game tracker. The glob from Mortimer Kisses icon Mortimer Kisses and Spit Out icon Spit Out use the same model.
4 Only the ending animation differs greatly from the default.
5 Not listed on the in-game tracker. Lucent Beam icon Lucent Beam's effect is changed as well, since it shares particles with Eclipse icon Eclipse.
6 Particle colors change to match the color scheme of the last hero Rubick used Spell Steal icon Spell Steal on.

Other Animations[]

  • Aside from the custom model animations for stolen spells above, the following abilities also use cast animations that differ significantly from the default.
  • These animations are not paired with a custom particle effect.
  • These animations do not require any wins on Rune of the Magus Cypher.
  • Some of these animations are the same for multiple abilities.
Customization Type Preview
Anchor Smash icon Anchor Smash Animation Preview
Arc Lightning icon Arc Lightning Animation Preview
Arcane Bolt icon Arcane Bolt Animation Preview
Astral Step icon Astral Step Animation Preview
Bloodrage icon Bloodrage Animation Preview
Bramble Maze icon Bramble Maze Animation Preview
Call of the Wild Hawk icon Call of the Wild Hawk Animation Preview
Cold Embrace icon Cold Embrace Animation Preview
Concussive Shot icon Concussive Shot Animation Preview
Conjure Image icon Conjure Image Animation Preview
Consume icon Consume Animation Preview
Death Pulse icon Death Pulse Animation Preview
Double Edge icon Double Edge Animation Preview
Echo Stomp icon Echo Stomp Animation Preview
Essence Flux icon Essence Flux Animation Preview
Fatal Bonds icon Fatal Bonds Animation Preview
Fire Spirits icon Fire Spirits Animation Preview
Launch Fire Spirit icon Launch Fire Spirit Animation Preview
Laser icon Laser Animation Preview
Flux (Radiant) icon Flux Animation Preview
Ghost Shroud icon Ghost Shroud Animation Preview
Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Heat-Seeking Missile". Animation Preview
Hex (Shadow Shaman) icon Hex Animation Preview
Hoof Stomp icon Hoof Stomp Animation Preview
Howl icon Howl Animation Preview
Ignite icon Ignite Animation Preview
Lightning Bolt icon Lightning Bolt Animation Preview
Living Armor icon Living Armor Animation Preview
Nethertoxin icon Nethertoxin Animation Preview
Penitence icon Penitence Animation Preview
Pit of Malice icon Pit of Malice Animation Preview
Poof icon Poof Animation Preview
Purifying Flames icon Purifying Flames Animation Preview
Refraction icon Refraction Animation Preview
Resonant Pulse icon Resonant Pulse Animation Preview
Reverse Polarity icon Reverse Polarity Animation Preview
Rot icon Rot Animation Preview
Rupture icon Rupture Animation Preview
Shadow Poison Release icon Shadow Poison Release Animation1 None
Shallow Grave icon Shallow Grave Animation Preview
Skewer icon Skewer Animation Preview
Slithereen Crush icon Slithereen Crush Animation Preview
Soul Assumption icon Soul Assumption Animation Preview
Soul Rip icon Soul Rip Animation Preview
Splinter Blast icon Splinter Blast Animation Preview
Stroke of Fate icon Stroke of Fate Animation Preview
Sun Ray icon Sun Ray Animation Preview
Swashbuckle icon Swashbuckle Animation Preview
Tag Team icon Tag Team Animation Preview
Timber Chain icon Timber Chain Animation Preview
Tombstone icon Tombstone Animation Preview
Track icon Track Animation Preview
Will-O-Wisp icon Will-O-Wisp Animation Preview

1 Default animation is replaced with no animation.

Hero Icons[]

Customization Preview
Minimap icon The Magus Cypher Rubick minimap icon
Top icon The Magus Cypher Rubick icon
Portrait The Magus Cypher Portrait

Ability Icons[]

Telekinesis icon Telekinesis Telekinesis Land icon Telekinesis Land Fade Bolt icon Fade Bolt Arcane Supremacy icon Arcane Supremacy Spell Steal icon Spell Steal
The Magus Cypher Telekinesis icon The Magus Cypher Telekinesis Land icon The Magus Cypher Fade Bolt icon The Magus Cypher Arcane Supremacy icon The Magus Cypher Spell Steal icon


Voice Responses[]

Customization Preview
Altered voice for all existing responses Voice of the Magus Cypher

Set Items[]

The Magus Cypher
The Magus Cypher



Patch History[]

  • Updated The Magus Cypher hero model.
  • Updated The Magus Cypher hero model.
  • Updated The Magus Cypher hero model and animations.
  • Added a cape color for The Magus Cypher when stealing spells from Hoodwink minimap icon Hoodwink: 179|200|44
  • Added a custom Dissimilate icon Dissimilate particle effect for The Magus Cypher.
  • Updated The Magus Cypher hero model.
  • Updated portrait background.
  • Updated textures.
  • Fixed The Magus Cypher not changing color when stealing abilities from Void Spirit minimap icon Void Spirit or Snapfire minimap icon Snapfire.
  • The Magus Cypher Bundle now includes a Voice of the Magus Cypher item that lets Arcana owners choose whether to use the Arcana voice or the original Rubick voice.
    • This item will appear in Arcana owners’ inventories shortly.
  • Minor adjustments to The Magus Cypher color list.