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The International Compendium 2014
Cosmetic icon The International Compendium 2014
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Rarity: Legendary

Use the International Compendium to keep up to date on this year's tournament action. Earn rewards, level up, collect player cards, and more! It's the next-best thing to being there.
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10 May 2015

This compendium was made for The International 2014. It comes with many cosmetic items, and can be leveled up to obtain even more bonuses.

Stretch Goals[]

$2.50 of every compendium purchase goes towards The International 2014 prize pool. Once this prize pool passes certain goals, bonuses and items are unlocked for the compendium owner.

The current prize pool can be found at The International 2014 Compendium Prize Pool

Goal Status Reward Availability
$1,800,000 YesY
Battle Point bonus increases as the compendium levels up.
$2,000,000 YesY

Extra copies available as rewards based on Compendium levels.

$2,200,000 YesY Unlocks the ability to vote on which hero should receive the next Arcana.
Winner: Phantom Assassin minimap icon Phantom Assassin
$2,400,000 YesY

Grants a new Compendium-themed HUD.

$2,600,000 YesY Unlocks the ability to vote on the participants of an 8 player Solo Championship at The International. YesY
$2,900,000 YesY Unlocks the All Random Deathmatch game mode available to all players. YesY
$3,200,000 YesY

Every 10 compendium levels grants you an extra Immortal Strongbox.

$3,500,000 YesY
Grants access to special emoticons that can be used in Dota 2 chat.
$4,000,000 YesY Grants a special Mini Pudge courier. Level 50 compendium owners have an alternate skin.
$4,500,000 YesY
Grants a new music pack for Dota 2.
$5,000,000 YesY Unlocks a 1v1 only-mid-mode Match-making option available to all players. YesY
$5,500,000 YesY Grants new environment effects in the Dota map.
$6,000,000 YesY Grants an item that allows Compendium owners to customize a building in their base.
(Hidden Stretch Goal)
Performs a special Taunt animation with added visual effects. Techies will also Taunt enemies in their Death Cam when killed by you. Item will be granted to all Compendium Owners when Techies is released after The International.
$6,800,000 YesY Earn 25 compendium points every day by winning a game with the Hero we choose for you. YesY
$7,200,000 YesY
Vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a new, alternate voice & dialogue pack.
Winner: Spectre minimap icon Spectre
$7,600,000 YesY GPM/XPM analysis tool during the game to help you compare your performances. Win 10 games as one of your favorite heroes by July 28 to earn compendium points. YesY
$8,000,000 YesY Vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a reworked model.
Winner: Faceless Void minimap icon Faceless Void
$8,400,000 YesY
You'll receive an item that customizes your Multi-Kill Banner.
$8,800,000 YesY Live Broadcasting of the after party with special guest Darude. YesY
$9,200,000 YesY Mega Melee creepsMega Ranged creeps
Unlocks new models for your creeps after you've killed the enemy barracks. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners)
$9,600,000 YesY A new quest system will be added to track your progress, and earn you rewards as you win. (Available to all players) YesY
$10,000,000 YesY
Unlocks the ability for you to perform a voice taunt with your Hero in the early stages of the game.

Compendium Points[]

  • The compendium can be leveled until a maximum of a 1000 levels to obtain rewards.
  • 100 Compendium Points are required for each level.
  • Player compendium levels are announced at the beginning of each game.


Compendium Points can be acquired by:

  • Random drops after games.
  • Completing certain objectives in the compendium.
Objective Points Rewarded
Pick Your Favorite Team 25
Pick Your Favorite Player 25
Qualifier Prediction 50
Qualifier Prediction Accuracy 100
Vote On The All-Stars Match 50
Complete the 10 Hero Challenge 300
Watch 10 Qualifier Matches 100
Offerings of the Aegis 25-50 points per week
Collect 5 Player Cards 25
Collect a Team's Player Cards 100
Collect All Player Cards 500
Top Six Prediction 25
Join Dota Fantasy League Season One 25
Participate In Fantasy League Draft 25
Playoff Winner Predictions 25
Playoff Winner Accuracy 25
Main Event/Playoff Predictions 50
Main Event/Playoff Accuracy 2000
Win 10 Games with your Favorite Hero 250
Watch 10 games in The International Main Event 200
Top Six Accuracy (Any Order) 2000
Top Six Accuracy (Exact Order) 10000
Player Shuffle Accuracy 10 per player
  • Players can earn up to 3350 points (33 levels) through the Compendium challenges.
  • An additional 25 points can be earned every day by winning a game with a randomly selected hero.
    • Players can earn a maximum of 1250 points (12 levels).

Rewards Chart[]

  • After level 100, players will obtain:
    • An extra Immortal Strongbox every 10 levels.
    • An extra 100% on the Battle Point Booster every 100 levels.
  • Evolving Booster and custom particle effects ended on July 28, 2014.
  • The Dormant 2014 Compendium Gem awarded different 2014 Compendium Gems depending the compendium's rank, which in turn is determined by the compendium's level.
Level Reward Rank Dormant 2014 Compendium Gem Emoticon
1 Battle Point Booster increased to 200% Copper TI4 copper
2 Battle Point Booster increased to 210%
5 Battle Point Booster increased to 220%
7 Custom TP Effect
8 Battle Point Booster increased to 230%
9 Custom Fountain Healing Effect
10 Bronze TI4 bronze
12 Battle Point Booster increased to 240%
16 Custom Bottle Healing Effect
17 Battle Point Booster increased to 250%
24 Unlocks a second style for Lieutenant Squawkins:
25 Silver TI4 silver
26 Battle Point Booster increased to 275%
32 Battle Point Booster increased to 300%
35 Custom Blink Effect
36 Battle Point Booster increased to 350%
41 Unlocks a third style for Lieutenant Squawkins:
45 Battle Point Booster increased to 400%
50 Alternate skin for Pudgling:
Gold TI4 gold
55 Custom Dagon icon Dagon Effect
100 Battle Point Booster increased to 500% Platinum TI4 platinum
500+ Diamond TI4 diamond

10 Hero Challenge[]

Players can take the 10 Hero Challenge to earn 300 Compendium Points. In order to complete the challenge, players must win a matchmaking game (Co-op Bot Matches won't increase the counter) with each of the ten randomly chosen heroes. Players can re-roll uncompleted heroes once.

Daily Hero Challenge[]

Players have a chance to earn 25 Compendium Points each day by winning a matchmaking game with a hero randomly selected by the compendium. The daily hero can be re-rolled once every 22 hours.

Offering of the Aegis[]

Similar to New Bloom 2014, players can offer unwanted cosmetic items to be destroyed once per week, and receive rewards depending on how much was offered.


Player Cards[]

Player card packs have a chance of dropping after matchmaking games. One pack is also granted for completing the Daily Hero Challenge each day.


Collecting all player cards for a team will reward a Spectator Gem for that team. Stamping all player cards in a team multiple times will reward higher tier gems.

Times Stamped Reward

Fantasy League[]

Each Compendium owner will be granted a ticket to compete in Dota Fantasy Season 1.


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