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The International 2021 Compendium
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Rarity: Legendary
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01 Aug 2021

The International Compendium is a free tournament pass and features items made for The International 2020. It contains a set of reward that can be unlocked by leveling the Compendium. In it, players can purchase Autograph Runes from casters, Player Cards, create a Fantasy Lineup, make tournament predictions, and bracket predictions.

Compendium Points[]

  • Compendium points are used to level up the Compendium Pass. 1,000 points are required for each level.
  • Ways to Earn Compendium Points
    • Draft a Fantasy team and earn points daily and more when the tournament concludes.
    • Earn points for each correct Tournament Prediction at the conclusion of the tournament.
    • Team Supporters Club members earn points every time their teams win games during the tournament.
    • Make predictions in-game and get points for up to 6 accurate guesses per day.

Rewards Chart[]

Level Reward
1 Seasonal Effect - Teleport Level 1
Emoticon ti10 compendium.gif Emoticon
2 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
3 The International 2021 HUD
4 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
5 The International 2021 Loading Screen I
6 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
7 The International 2021 Loading Screen II
8 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
9 Seasonal Effect - Teleport Level 1
10 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
11 The International 2021 Loading Screen III
12 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
13 The International 2021 Loading Screen IV
14 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
15 The International 2021 Loading Screen V
16 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
17 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
18 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
19 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure
20 The International 2021 Lineage Treasure

* After level 20, The International 2021 Lineage Treasure repeats on every level.


Name Activity Compendium Points
Lights, Camera, Action! Vote for a film in the Short Film Contest. 300
Guess and Check Fill out all of the Tournament Predictions. 300
Five of a Kind
A Good Hand
Royal Flush
Have a fully completed player card team.
Have 8 fully completed player card teams.
Have 18 fully completed player card teams.
Bracket Savant After the Group Stage, fill out your Bracket Predictions. 300
Kind, Generous, and Talented Purchase a Talent Autograph. 500
Total Possible Points: 5,300


  • Support your favorite Dota personalities by leveling-up Autographs.
  • Unlock unique chat wheel lines at Level 5 and borders at Level 10, 20 and 50.
  • 50% of sales go directly to the talent.

English Personalities[]

English Personalities
Tag Name Portrait Autograph Chat Wheel
Sheever Jorien van der Heijdeen Dota Personality Sheever.png TI 2021 Autograph sheever.png ▶️ Sheever Ravage!
sumichu Kasumi Yogi Dota Personality sumichu.png TI 2021 Autograph sumichu.png ▶️ All according to keikaku.
Frankie Frankie Ward Dota Personality Frankie.png TI 2021 Autograph frankie.png ▶️ Yay me!
Aui_2000 Kurtis Lang Dota Personality Aui 2000.png TI 2021 Autograph aui 2000.png ▶️ Dota 2 is a fun and balanced game
Avo+ Álvaro Sánchez Velasco Dota Personality Avo+.png TI 2021 Autograph avo.png ▶️ Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta! You're dead
BSJ Brian Canavan Dota Personality BSJ.png TI 2021 Autograph bsj.png ▶️ Keep it PMA, Keep it BSJ
Cap Austin Walsh Dota Personality Cap.png TI 2021 Autograph cap.png ▶️ Whaaaaaaat?!
Dakota Dakota Cox Dota Personality Dakota.png TI 2021 Autograph dakota.png ▶️ Voice chat wheel line!
Ephey Mira Riad Dota Personality Ephey.png TI 2021 Autograph ephey.png ▶️ He-he-he-he-he
Fogged Ioannis Loucas Dota Personality Fogged.png TI 2021 Autograph fogged.png ▶️ As long as we stay positive, we'll win.
Gareth Gareth Bateson Dota Personality Gareth.png TI 2021 Autograph gareth.png ▶️ Oh, that's a bit cheeky!
Godz David Parker Dota Personality Godz.png TI 2021 Autograph godz.png ▶️ Crikey, that was a beaut!
hotbid Ken Chen Dota Personality hotbid.png TI 2021 Autograph hotbid.png ▶️ Bro, what are you doing?!
Jenkins Andrew Jenkins Dota Personality Jenkins.png TI 2021 Autograph jenkins.png ▶️ That is absolutely not what I expected
Kyle Kyle Freedman Dota Personality Kyle.png TI 2021 Autograph kyle.png ▶️ You... you talkin' to me?
Lacoste Dominik Stipić Dota Personality Lacoste.png TI 2021 Autograph lacoste.png ▶️ Praise the Moon of Mene
lizZard Admir Salkanović Dota Personality LizZard.png TI 2021 Autograph lizzard.png ▶️ Freeze! Hands up!
Lyrical Gabriel Cruz Dota Personality Lyrical.png TI 2021 Autograph lyrical.png ▶️ Yo, I am so good at Dota!
Moxxi Michelle Song Dota Personality Moxxi.png TI 2021 Autograph moxxi.png ▶️ My work here is done.
ODPixel Owen Davies Dota Personality ODPixel.png TI 2021 Autograph odpixel.png ▶️ If they keep this up, there's going to be no coming back for the enemy team.
PPD Peter Dager Dota Personality PPD.png TI 2021 Autograph ppd.png ▶️ It feels good to be this good.
Purge Kevin Godec Dota Personality Purge.png TI 2021 Autograph purge.png ▶️ Honestly, I'm really impressed
Pyrion Flax Ted Forsyth Dota Personality Pyrion Flax.png TI 2021 Autograph pyrionflax.png ▶️ Please, lads, cast your spells!
SirActionSlacks Jacob Kanner Dota Personality SirActionSlacks.png TI 2021 Autograph siractionsalcks.png ▶️ Oh no!
SUNSFan Shannon Scotten Dota Personality SUNSFan.png TI 2021 Autograph sunsfan.png ▶️ Ahhh. Where am I?
syndereN Troels Nielsen Dota Personality syndereN.png TI 2021 Autograph synderen.png ▶️ I.. uh.. so.. uh... What?!
TeaGuvnor Robson Merritt Dota Personality TeaGuvnor.png TI 2021 Autograph teaguvnor.png ▶️ Can someone please explain what's happening in this game?
Trent Trent MacKenzie Dota Personality Trent.png TI 2021 Autograph trent.png ▶️ The crowd goes wild! Ahhhh!
tsunami Neal Khandheria Dota Personality tsunami.png TI 2021 Autograph tsunami.png ▶️ Are they Roshing? Hey, we can... we can see you in the Rosh pit. We see you doing it.
PimpmuckL Jonathan Liebig Dota Personality PimpmuckL.png TI 2021 Autograph pimpmuckl.png ▶️ Uh...oops. You didn't see that one.
skrff Rikard Holm Melin Dota Personality skrff.png TI 2021 Autograph skrff.png ▶️ I see you!
Weppas Johan Westberg Dota Personality Weppas.png TI 2021 Autograph weppas.png ▶️ I saw that

Russian Personalities[]

Russian Personalities
Tag Name Portrait Autograph Chat Wheel
CrystalMay Dmitry Korchevinin Dota Personality CrystalMay.png TI 2021 Autograph crystalmay.png ▶️ Тут нужна крепкая, мужская рука.
4ce Nikita Kotkov Dota Personality 4ce.png TI 2021 Autograph 4ce.png ▶️ Да я лучший игрок на планете Земля!
4liver Anton Pavliukovets Dota Personality 4liver.png TI 2021 Autograph 4liver.png ▶️ Ха-ха! Это гениально
9pasha Pavel Khvastunov Dota Personality 9pasha.png TI 2021 Autograph 9pasha.png ▶️ Да что, что, что, что вы от меня хотите?!
Adekvat Rustam Mavliutov Dota Personality Adekvat.png TI 2021 Autograph adekvat.png ▶️ Не-не-не-не-не. Это не адекватно.
ARS-ART Sergey Revin Dota Personality ARS-ART.png TI 2021 Autograph ars-art.png ▶️ Обнял-приподнял
ArtStyle Ivan Antonov Dota Personality ArtStyle.png TI 2021 Autograph artstyle.png ▶️ А! Конфликт
b0rbe1 Boris Belozerov Dota Personality b0rbe1.png TI 2021 Autograph b0rbe1.png ▶️ Будьте готовы к непредвиденным последствиям
Bafik Aleksey Bafadarov Dota Personality Bafik.png TI 2021 Autograph bafik.png ▶️ Ой лаги, лаги, лаги, лаги, ребят. Простите, лаги.
Belony Yehor Dovhyi Dota Personality Belony.png TI 2021 Autograph belony.png ▶️ Ой, а ты где? Не вижу тебя. Где ты?
Dendi Danylo Ishutin Dota Personality Dendi.png TI 2021 Autograph dendi.png ▶️ MMR is just a number!
DkPhobos Oleksandr Kucherie Dota Personality DkPhobos.png TI 2021 Autograph dkphobos.png ▶️ Вау!
EiriteL Dariya Morozova Dota Personality EiriteL.png TI 2021 Autograph eiritel.png ▶️ Чистое мастерство, и никак иначе!
Goblak Artur Kostenko Dota Personality Goblak.png TI 2021 Autograph goblak.png N/A
GodHunt Victor Volkov Dota Personality GodHunt.png TI 2021 Autograph godhunt.png ▶️ Снова один в девять? Это мой путь ниндзя.
Inmateoo Dmitrii Filinov Dota Personality Inmateoo.png TI 2021 Autograph inmateoo.png ▶️ Это тебя волновать должно в последнюю очередь.
JotM Egor Surkov Dota Personality JotM.png TI 2021 Autograph jotm.png ▶️ Ах, это что за слова такие?
Lex Alexey Filippov Dota Personality Lex.png TI 2021 Autograph lex.png ▶️ Четко. Без эмоций. Ноль ошибок.
LighTofHeaveN Dmitry Kupriyanov Dota Personality LighTofHeaveN.png TI 2021 Autograph lightofheaven.png ▶️ Семь раз упади, восемь раз встань.
Lil Illia Iliuk Dota Personality Lil.png TI 2021 Autograph lil.png ▶️ Чувствуешь дрожь в коленках?
Maelstorm Vladimir Kuzminov Dota Personality Maelstorm.png TI 2021 Autograph maelstorm.png ▶️ Скорую! Скорую! ВРАЧА!!
NotInMyHouse Dmitry Krupnov Dota Personality NotInMyHouse.png TI 2021 Autograph notinmyhouse.png ▶️ Вижу, урок ты усвоил. Передавай привет одноклассникам.
Olsior Mike Zvieriev Dota Personality Olsior.png TI 2021 Autograph olsior.png ▶️ Это ты тут самый умный, что ли?
Resolut1on Roman Fomynok Dota Personality Resolut1on.png TI 2021 Autograph resolut1on.png ▶️ Это нереальная Дота. Просто фантастика.
Sh4dowehhh Yevhen Alieksieiev Dota Personality Sh4dowehhh.png TI 2021 Autograph sh4dowehhh.png ▶️ Я безумно хочу пиццу
Solo Alexey Berezin Dota Personality Solo.png TI 2021 Autograph solo.png ▶️ Парни, что мы надрафтили...
V1lat Vitalii Volochai Dota Personality v1lat.png TI 2021 Autograph v1lat.png ▶️ Да нет, друг, я не оправдываюсь
XBOCT Oleksandr Dashkevych Dota Personality XBOCT.png TI 2021 Autograph xboct.png ▶️ Хата крутится, лавэха мутится!

Chinese Personalities[]

Chinese Personalities
Tag Name Portrait Autograph Chat Wheel
78 Du Junnan Dota Personality 78.png TI 2021 Autograph 78.png ▶️ 故 其疾如风,其徐如林,侵掠如火,不动如山,难知如阴,动如雷震。
Dove Zhang Tiange Dota Personality Dove.png TI 2021 Autograph dove.png ▶️ 哼哈~我不理解。
AMS Chen Juan Dota Personality AMS.png TI 2021 Autograph ams.png ▶️ 爱你噢!
璨璨@c.c. Shi Cancan Dota Personality cc.png TI 2021 Autograph cc.png ▶️ 哎呀,被发现了。
FreeAgain Hao Peng Dota Personality FreeAgain.png TI 2021 Autograph freeagain.png ▶️ 拿来吧你。
Helen Helen Xu Dota Personality Helen.png N/A N/A
Inflame He Yongzheng Dota Personality Inflame.png TI 2021 Autograph inflame.png ▶️ 无聊,这不是我要的Dota。
Jin Jin Ru Dota Personality Jin.png N/A N/A
LavenderAA Li Qiming Dota Personality LavenderAA.png TI 2021 Autograph lavenderaa.png ▶️ 基地基地基地兄弟们基地!
M4 Sun Yabin Dota Personality M4.png TI 2021 Autograph m4.png ▶️ 啊~你居然跑了?
Ma'shall Ma Shaowei Dota Personality Ma shall.png TI 2021 Autograph mashall.png ▶️ 兄弟们~起!
Mrrr` Meng Rui Dota Personality Mrrr`.png TI 2021 Autograph mrrr.png ▶️ 啊~不会吧?
Pepper Zhang Lizhen Dota Personality Pepper.png TI 2021 Autograph pepper.png ▶️ 欸,你很机车欸!
SanSheng Wang Zhaohui Dota Personality SanSheng.png TI 2021 Autograph sansheng.png ▶️ 还在睡还在睡,基地都要炸了还在睡。
Sdn Shi Danni Dota Personality Sdn.png TI 2021 Autograph sdn.png ▶️ 我们是冠军!咚咚咚咚咚!
bLink Zhou Yang Dota Personality bLink.png TI 2021 Autograph blink.png ▶️ 哎~身体不是很舒服。
Wind Wang Zhibo Dota Personality Wind.png TI 2021 Autograph wind.png ▶️ 来丫来丫来打我丫!
YammerS Mi Hongwei Dota Personality YammerS.png TI 2021 Autograph yammers.png ▶️ 好好打好好打,别送了兄弟们。
Yuno Wang Jing Dota Personality Yuno.png TI 2021 Autograph yuno.png ▶️ 你这么菜你的队友不会生气吧?哥哥。

Portoguese Personalities[]

Portoguese Personalities
Tag Name Portrait Autograph Chat Wheel
Haon Rômulo Capazzo Dota Personality Haon.png N/A N/A
Tay Taynara Sousa Dota Personality Tay.png N/A N/A
Aedrons Joao Hugo Carvalho Dota Personality Aedrons.png N/A N/A
PDS Gui Pullin Dota Personality PDS.png N/A N/A
Flerya Daiani Araujo Dota Personality Flerya.png N/A N/A
Arjarath Igor Rodrigues Dota Personality Arjarath.png N/A N/A
SHERLOCK Alisson Maximo Dota Personality SHERLOCK.png N/A N/A
Warss Renan Moura Costa Dota Personality Warss.png N/A N/A
Flytable Togo Menezes Dota Personality Flytable.png N/A N/A
Jasam José Victor Almeida Dota Personality Jasam.png N/A N/A
K13 Kelsen Sales Dota Personality K13.png N/A N/A
Kaxanga Pablo Menin Dota Personality Kaxanga.png N/A N/A
Enoch Hiago Thomé Dota Personality Enoch.png N/A N/A
Astini Filipe Astini Dota Personality Astini.png N/A N/A
guipepe Guilherme Tedesco Dota Personality guipepe.png N/A N/A
dirmaoURSO Diego Rodrigues Dota Personality dirmaoURSO.png N/A N/A
Lil_kin6 Marcio Rodrigues Dota Personality Lil kin6.png N/A N/A
ace Paulo Camerino Dota Personality ace.png N/A N/A
MENTIRINHA Matheus Ayala Batista Dota Personality MENTIRINHA.png N/A N/A
Shaolin Fabio Madia Dota Personality Shaolin.png N/A N/A

Spanish Personalities[]

Spanish Personalities
Tag Name Portrait Autograph Chat Wheel
Blue Marco Espinoza Dota Personality Blue.png N/A N/A
Caosfenix William Morera Dota Personality Caosfenix.png N/A N/A
Cutipo Frank Williams Galán Cutipca Dota Personality Cutipo.png N/A N/A
Er-Kratos Dimas Enrique Romero Fernández Dota Personality Er-Kratos.png N/A N/A
Flapjack Julián Esnaider Carbajal Ylave Dota Personality Flapjack.png N/A N/A
Giulio Julio Núñez Dota Personality Giulio.png N/A N/A
Imperius Luis Cuadros Dota Personality Imperius.png N/A N/A
Mandy Leonardo Viana Dota Personality Mandy.png N/A N/A
Masoku Aléx Dáivla Matallana Dota Personality Masoku.png N/A N/A
Maverick Aarón Gálvez Dota Personality Maverick.png N/A N/A
MiHawk Leonardo Astete Dota Personality MiHawk.png N/A N/A
Mr.Choco Rikardo Mendoza Dota Personality Mr Choco.png N/A N/A
Ndree Andree Santillan Dota Personality Ndree.png N/A N/A
Necca Luis Gomez Dota Personality Necca.png N/A N/A
Patrick Andrés Condori Castillo Dota Personality Patrick.png N/A N/A
RoD Alberto Polo Dota Personality RoD.png N/A N/A
Swadow Ramón López Beltrán Dota Personality Swadow.png N/A N/A
Tainim Maria Garcia Dota Personality Tainim.png N/A N/A
Yadomi Junior Jhon Reyes Rimari Dota Personality Yadomi.png N/A N/A

Player Cards[]

Fantasy Team[]

Tournament Predictions[]

Tournament Predictions are for both Group Stage and the Main Event. Results will post and Compendiums Points will be given at the conclusion of The International 2021.

  • "Most Picked hero" (400)
  • Most Banned hero" (400)
  • Hero with highest Win Rate
    (minimum 5 games played)" (800)
  • Hero with highest Kill avg
    (minimum 5 games played)" (600)
  • Hero with highest Assist avg
    (minimum 5 games played)" (600)
  • Hero with lowest Death avg
    (minimum 5 games played)" (750)
  • Hero with highest Last Hit avg
    (minimum 5 games played)" (400)
  • Hero with highest XPM avg
    (minimum 5 games played)" (400)
  • Hero with most Kills in a game" (400)
  • Hero with most Last Hits in a game" (400)

Bracket Predictions[]


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