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The International 2019 - Battle Level 2000
Cosmetic icon The International 2019 - Battle Level 2000
Misc 12740
Rarity: Immortal

Granted for achieving level 2000 as part of The International 2019 Battle Pass.

As a way to show off your achievement in-game, all Level 2000 players will have a custom version of Roshan replace his default form.

Players who reach Battle Level 2000 by the conclusion of The International 2019 Grand Finals will also be able to claim a Level 2000 Collector's Baby Roshan

The special Roshan effect of this item expires on May 1st, 2019.
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08 May 2019
1 May 2020

This item was distributed to players who owned a The International 2019 Battle Pass level 2000 or over. It comes with a special Roshan effect which replaces his default form as well as a special icon for the player's health bars. These effects expire on May 1st, 2020.

Players who own this item will also received a Collector's Baby Roshan 2019, and are eligible to register to receive a Collector's Baby Roshan.


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