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The Hoven
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Heroes Clinkz minimap icon.png Clinkz
Troll Warlord minimap icon.png Troll Warlord
Races Trolls
Places Bleeding Hills
Seven Hells
Characters Sutherex

The Hoven is a large forest located at the base of the Bleeding Hills. The woodland is approximately one thousand leagues wide, and replete with pools of black tar, which flow down from the Bleeding Hills.[1] Ancient trees are found in the forest, whose wood is sometimes used to craft shields and armor.[2]


The Hoven is ruled by the benevolent king-mage Sutherex. Among his subjects is Clinkz, a sworn protector of the land. Trolls live in underground caverns beneath The Hoven. Jah'rakal is from The Hoven, but now roams the world.[3]


The demon Maraxiform set his sights of The Hoven, rising from sixth hell to claim dominion over the forest. He was met by Clinkz, who drove him back to the gates of hell after a long battle. Just before his death, Maraxiform launched a barrage of hellfire, igniting the tar pools across the forest, and burning Clinkz alive in the process. However, in slaying the demon, Clinkz had inadvertently earned Sutherex's award–eternal life. And so, Maraxiform was vanquished, and Clinkz continued to live as a skeleton, forever engulfed in hellfire.[1] Today, he continues to patrol The Hoven, albeit at great pain to himself.[4]


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