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The Gallows Understudy Set
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Bundle 20240
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Rarity: Rare

Far from the temples of the Flayed Twins, Bloodseeker stumbled upon a land that lauded execution above sacrifice, relying on hempen rope and metal blades instead of black stone and the will of bloodthirsty gods. Yet there was something in their crude approach that appealed to him, and so he spent a season studying the executioners, watching from the crowd that turned out for every morbid spectacle, until he realized that the mob itself was the god to whom they made their sacrifices. With a leer that matched those to be seen on the faces of the enrapt audience, he made his way home to share the lessons he had learned with his own bloody masters of the priestly caste. Includes all items from the Gallows Understudy Set.
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The Gallows Understudy Set
Gallows Understudy Mantle
Gallows Understudy Hood
Gallows Understudy Back
Gallows Understudy Gauntlets
Gallows Understudy Skirt
Gallows Understudy Blade
Gallows Understudy Blade - Off-Hand

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