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The Brood Queen Set
Cosmetic icon The Brood Queen Set
Bundle 20105
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Rarity: Common

Many are the knights and noble youths who have intruded on the hunting grounds of the Broodmother, disturbing her peace with the clatter of armor, their boots setting atwitch her silken web. The intruders are like succulent shelled insects upon whose innards she's gorged, all the while growing curious of the adornments that drape their bodies, until that day when a blacksmith found his way into her web. Armor he promised her, the finest in the land, if only she would set him free. And so a deal was struck, and the blacksmith measured, and toiled, taking as his materials the finest steel to be found among the husked corpses of silk-wrapped knights. When the new armor was finished, the spider kept her promise and set the blacksmith free. Then she watched her brood devour him. Contains all of the items in the 'Brood Queen' set for Broodmother
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The Brood Queen Set
Bladed Abdomen of the Brood Queen
Crown of the Brood Queen
Legs of the Brood Queen

Set Items

The Brood Queen Set
The Brood Queen Set