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Temple of Mene
Associated with
Heroes Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana
Factions Dark Moon Order
Dark Moon Horde
Places Nightsilver Woods
Shrine of Selemene
Gods Selemene
Characters Lunar Moth
Other Lore Dark Moon

The Temple of Mene is a temple dedicated to the goddess Selemene, likely located within the Nightsilver Woods. It is defended by the Dark Moon Order, a sect of warriors who serve Selemene. Mirana sometimes worships there, where she has visions.[1]

It is unknown if the Shrine of Selemene and the Temple of Mene refer to the different structures.

The Dark Moon[]

The Dark Moon Horde, seeking to bring about the cataclysmic Dark Moon, attacked the Temple of Mene after putting its defenders to sleep with arcane magic. They were stopped by five champions who stepped in to answer Selemene's call, repulsing the invaders and averting catastrophe.[2]


  1. Mirana description: ▶️ I had a vision of this place in the Temple of Mene, but I had no idea it was a prophecy.
  2. Dark Moon lore.