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Temple of Mene
Associated With
Heroes Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana
Places Nightsilver Woods
Gods Selemene

The Temple of Mene is a temple dedicated to the goddess Selemene, likely located within the Nightsilver Woods. Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana sometimes worships there, where she has visions, such as a prophetic vision of her participating in the war of the Ancients.[1]


  • Mene is the old name of Dota 2's Selemene before it was replaced for unknown reasons. Because of this, Mene is not to be confused for a separate being from the Selemene of Dota 2's lore, unlike her version in Dota: Dragon's Blood.[2]


  1. Mirana response: ▶️ I had a vision of this place in the Temple of Mene, but I had no idea it was a prophecy.
  2. Mirana's old bio