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Temple of Ermacor
Associated With
Places Silkmire Pass
Kalabor Desert
Gods Ermacor the Pathfinder
Species Gargoyles

The Temple of Ermacor is an ancient temple dedicated to Ermacor the Pathfinder.


In the days of old, worshippers of Ermacor would often go on a pilgrimage through the Silkmire Pass (long before it was infested) to visit the temple and pray. Nowadays, the temple has been left abandoned and the road leading to this place has become infested by Ankaboot's brood. It is unknown if the spiders settled on the road after it was abandoned or if they were the reason for its abandonment.[1] The temple is filled to the brim with many deadly traps.


This temple bridges the Kalabor Desert and the verdant lands to the west. Because of this, it is often used as a shortcut by those who are brave enough to pass through the booby-trapped temple and its guardians to access the Grimwal Gate which bars the way to both lands.[2][3][4]


Only gargoyles exist within this place, attacking any adventurers who dare to encroach upon this place.[5][6] However, they are not the only beings native to this temple. There are two large guardian statues standing beside the Grimwal Gate that will come to life when the gate has been activated. They still bear the blessings of Ermacor[7][8] and have the ability to petrify anyone caught in their gaze.[9]


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