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Creates a table of abilities for use in pages where Template:SkillListRich would be excessive.

Meant to be used in combination with Template:SkillTableHead and Template:SkillTableTail.

Can specify up to 7 distinct traits.

source and name can be visually overwritten by sourcetext and nametext.

If a value is incremented (1/2/3/4) the table will sort it by the last value.

If there is a parenthesis, such as 1/2/3/4 (6 on creeps), the table will disregard anything after the first parenthesis.

Can also specify a sortX parameter (where X is the trait number) to force the sort value.


Note: There is no failsafe to ensure that the number of values is equal to the number of specified traits. If the numbers don't agree, the table will come out wrong.