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Final Prize Pool: $3,246,252 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Alliance Alliance
$1,623,126 50%
A22nd  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
United States
$811,563 25%
A33rd  TongFu TongFu
$243,469 7.5%
A44th  Team DK Team DK $162,313 5%
A55th  ROOT Gaming ROOT Gaming $64,925 2%
A66th  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming $32,463 1%
A77th  Natus Vincere Natus Vincere $32,463 1%
A88th  MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix $0 0%
A99th  Balkan Bears Balkan Bears $0 0%
B010th  CDEC Gaming CDEC Gaming $0 0%
B111th  PSG.LGD PSG.LGD $0 0%
B212th  Moscow Five Moscow Five $0 0%
15% Red Bull Battle Grounds
20% Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 5 Bundle
10% Nexon Sponsorship League Season 2 & Gama Brothers Courier
25% Yard White Festival Bundle
30% Battle of Central Europe Season 3
10% Baekho & Nexon Sponsorship League Bundle
15% South Ural League Season 3
20% Defense of the Australians Season 2 & Hobbly-Bob Bundle


  • Supports up to 20 teams.
  • To combine multiple places add the parameter |place#=


  • Enter a currency symbol ($, £, ¥, €, etc) under |currencysign= to display the symbol before all values. (i.e. $80,000) Defaults to "$" if no value is entered.
  • Enter a currency code (USD, CNY, EUR, GBP, etc) under |currencycode= to display the code after the total prize pool value. (i.e. 80,000 USD) Defaults to "USD" if no value is entered.


  • Enter the base prize pool after |base=. This is the amount initially offered by the tournament's sponsors. For tournaments without crowdfunding, skip this line and use |total= only.
  • Enter the total prize pool after |total=. This is the final prize pool, the sum of the base prize pool plus proceeds from crowdfunding.
    • Do not use commas, symbols, or decimals. Examples:
      • 1000000 YesY
      • $1000000 NoN
      • 1,000,000 NoN
  • For team winnings, enter a percentage only. The template will automatically calculate the amount from the total.
    • Do not enter a % sign, just an integer. (i.e. 50 for 50%)
    • Decimals acceptable.
  • All values round to nearest integer.


  • Used |flag1=, flag2= etc to add a flag after a team's name.


This section is for listing associated tournament items that contribute a portion of its sales proceeds to the final prize pool. Not all tournaments have crowdfunding. The section is activated if a value is entered into the |saleitem1= parameter.

  • Use |saleitem#= to generate a link to the item.
  • Use |salepercent#= to indicate the percentage of proceeds contributed.
    • Do not use a % sign. It is generated automatically.