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Team Information
Template:Flag/usa USA
{{#ask:Is active::true Is coach::true + Has team page::Infobox team

|?Has flag |?Has id |?Has link |format=template |template=Coach of/row |mainlabel=- |sep=

{{#ask:Is active::true Is director::true + Has team page::Infobox team

|?Has flag |?Has id |?Has real name |?Has link |format=template |template=Manager of/row |mainlabel=- |sep=

{{#ask:Is active::true Is manager::true + Has team page::Infobox team

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Team Captain:
{{#ask:Is active::true Is captain::true + Has team page::Infobox team

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Total Earnings:
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|?Is part of series
|?Has end date
|sort=Has end date
|searchlabel=... further results
|template=Team achievements/icon
This is not a real team
<adbox />
{{#lpdb_team:team_Infobox team

|name=Test |location=USA |location2= |region= |logo=File:Team Liquid 2017 Vertical Type.png |createdate=2001 |disbanddate=2020 |links={{#lpdb_create_json:


}} |coach= |manager= |sponsors=Everyone |earnings=Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". |extradata={{#lpdb_create_json: |region= |teamid= }}}} This Infobox is designed to give basic information about Dota 2 teams.


Parameter Explanation
name The name of the team
image Team logo image name. Do not include Image: or File: as a prefix. Do not include [[ ]]. External links to images will not work.
caption Adds a centered caption under the image.
teamcardimage Optional. This logo is usually different from the main logo, (e.g. no-text version). It will be displayed in the Template:TeamCard on event pages.
location The location of the team (e.g. team house or organisation headquarter). You can use either name of a country or continent.
location2 The second location of the team (e.g. team house or organisation headquarter). (if needed)
region The region of the team
sponsor Name(s) of sponsor(s) with link to external sponsor page(s). Multiple entries can be separated by <br /> to split additional names to separate lines.
teamid The in-game numerical ID of the team. Using this parameter will generate a dotabuff and datDota link for the team.
website URL to team website
website2 URL to second team website (if needed)
twitch Team channel name or username on Twitch
stream Link to stream (if not on Twitch)
tlstream Stream name on
youtube Channel name on YouTube
facebook Username on Facebook
twitter Username on Twitter
twitter2 Second Username on Twitter (if needed)
instagram Username on Instagram
weibo Username on Sina Weibo
tencent User ID on Tencent Weibo
vk Username on VKontakte
reddit Username on
fanclub URL to Fanclub
fanclub2 URL to second Fanclub (if needed)
playlist URL to a playlist of the music the team plays on stream
inactive If you set this to true, the team will/can be excluded from SMW generated pages.
created The Date when the team was created (YYYY-MM-DD)
disbanded The Date when the team was disbanded (YYYY-MM-DD)
footnotes A footnote to be placed at the bottom of the box.
no-cat If you set this to true, the team page will not be added to categories.


The code below created the Infobox on this page.

{{Infobox team
|footnotes=This is not a real team

Blank Templates

You can copy the code snippet below and fill in the parameters to customize this Infobox. If any parameter doesn't apply, leave it blank and that line will not appear in the Infobox.