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Templar Assassin
Strength attribute symbol
Agility attribute symbol
Intelligence attribute symbol
23 + 2.4
23 + 3.2
20 + 2
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 20 526 1252 2044 2352
+0.25 +2.55 +5.91 +9.51 +10.91
Mana 80 320 656 1040 1184
+0 +1 +2.4 +4 +4.6
Armor 0 3.83 11.3 18.63 21.63
Magic Resist 25% 27% 29.8% 33% 34.2%
Damage Block -






Attack Rate 0.59/s 0.72/s 0.99/s 1.25/s 1.35/s
Attack Range Ranged 200 (750)
Attack Speed ▶️ 100 (1.7s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.3 + 0.5
Projectile Speed 900
Move Speed ▶️ 310 (Nighttime 340)
Turn Rate Takes 0.224s to turn 180°. 0.7
Collision Size 27
Bound Radius 24
Vision Range (G) 1800 (Nighttime 800)
Gib Type Default
Internal npc_dota_hero_templar_assassin
Slows down enemies with traps.
Bending the laws of nature itself, Lanaya forms a Refraction field that absorbs incoming blows, yet amplifies outgoing attacks. She Melds into the background, lying in ambush to unleash a burst of psionic energy on unsuspecting targets. Violet light emanates from her fingertips, her Psi Blades out-ranges any melee weapon, shreds and pierce through lines of foes at once. Persistent in her goals, Lanaya marks the ground with magic circles of eldritch design. Those who walk unknowingly over a Psionic Trap can only limp away from the explosion — for their presence has been revealed, and the assassin who Projected herself into place is not far behind.
Psi Blades
Psionic Projection
Psionic Projection
Psionic Trap
Psionic Trap
Roles: Carry Carry Escape Escape
Complexity: Hero ComplexityHero Complexity
Adjectives: Female, Nose
Legs ( 2 )


Templar Assassin minimap iconLanaya, the Templar Assassin
▶️ "Where the Hidden Ones send me, I go without question. I do not even question why I question not."
Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, came to her calling by a path of curious inquiry. Possessed of a scientific bent, she spent her early years engaged in meticulous study of nature's laws--peering into grimoires of magic and alchemy, recreating experiments from charred fragments of the Violet Archives, and memorizing observations of the Keen recordkeepers. Already quiet and secretive by nature, the difficulty of acquiring these objects further reinforced her skills of stealth. Had she been less retiring, she might have become notorious among the guilds as a thief-scholar. Instead her investigations led her into far more obscure corners.

As she devoted her furtive talents to unlocking the secrets of the universe, she instead unlocked a secret door that exists in nature itself: the entryway to the most Hidden Temple. The intelligences that waited beyond that portal, proved to be expecting her, and whatever mysteries they revealed in the moment of their discovery was nothing compared to the answers they held out to Lanaya should she continue in their service. She swore to protect the mysteries, but more to the point, in service to the Hidden Temple she satisfies her endless craving for understanding. In the eyes of each foe she expunges, a bit more of the mystery is revealed.
Lanaya, TA


Refraction icon
No Target
Templar Assassin becomes highly elusive, avoiding damage and gaining a bonus to her damage. The damage and avoidance effects are separate, and have a limited number of instances.
Number of Instances: 3/4/5/6 (Talent 10/11/12/13)
Attack Damage Bonus: 25/45/65/85 (Talent 50/70/90/110)
Min Trigger Damage Threshold: 5
Duration: 17
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]
Manipulating her psionic veil, Lanaya bends nature's law to her will.

  • Interrupts Templar Assassin's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Places two buffs on Templar Assassin:
    • Refraction icon Granting instances of damage negation.
    • Refraction damage icon Granting instances of bonus attack damage.
    • The number of remaining instances is visible on both buff icons. The buffs and the visual effects of the ability are visible to everyone.
  • Grants unique flat bonus attack damage.
    • Although the bonus attack damage is displayed on the HUD, Refraction only grants the attack damage bonus when the attack projectile successfully lands on the target, then it reduces 1 attack damage bonus instance.
    • Missed or disjointed attacks do not reduce the attack damage bonus count.
    • Neither loses instances upon attacking allies nor applies the bonus damage to them.
    • Does not provide bonus damage when cast while an attack projectile is traveling, but still uses up one instance upon projectile hit.

Meld icon
No Target
Self / Enemies
Templar Assassin conceals herself, becoming invisible as long as she remains still. If Meld's invisibility is broken by attacking an enemy, Lanaya will deal bonus damage to the enemy and reduce their armor for 12 seconds.
Fade Time: 0
Damage: 80/130/180/230
Armor Reduction: 5/6/7/8 (Talent 8/9/10/11)
Debuff Duration: 12
Invisibility Duration: Indefinite
Talent Bash Duration: 1
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Can be disjointed.
The attack projectile out of Meld is disjointable.
Modifiers [?]
Lanaya is as elusive as her covenant with the Hidden Temple.

  • Meld first applies a basic dispel, instantly turns Templar Assassin invisible and phased, then a stop order is issued.
    • She can turn, pick up, drop, or attack items without breaking the invisibility, considering she does not move while doing so.
    • The invisibility is lost upon reaching the cast point of abilities, upon landing an attack, or upon moving.
    • Forced movement sources also cancel Meld if moved horizontally.
    • After an attack projectile has been launched, Templar Assassin can perform any action without losing invisibility.
    • However, if the projectile misses or is disjointed, the invisibility is lost at the moment it misses.
  • Templar Assassin's next attack which connects with a unit applies the Meld effects.
    • Meld first applies the armor debuff, the Meld damage, the bash, then the attack damage.
    • TALENT
      Stacks with other bash sources, with its duration following the regular rule of stuns — the longer one overrides the shorter one.
  • The Meld damage is dealt in a separate damage instance and counts as attack damage.
    • Since it is applied separately, it does not trigger attack modifiers (e.g. crit or lifesteal) or Psi Blades icon Psi Blades.
    • Killing a unit with the Meld damage also does not trigger Psi Blades as well.
  • Neither the bonus damage nor the armor reduction from Meld affects buildings.
  • Multiple instances of the armor reduction debuff fully stack.
    • However, successive casts before the previous Meld attack projectile landed does not apply its effects on the next attack.
  •  /  Invisibility persists upon losing ability.

Psi Blades
Psi Blades icon
Templar Assassin's psi blades slice through the attacked unit, splitting and damaging enemy units directly behind it, while gaining bonus attack range. For each unit it damages, the spill damage is reduced by a percentage.
Attack Range Bonus: 80/130/180/230 (Talent 200/250/300/350)
Spill Area Width: 90
Spill Area Length: Affected by Attack Range bonuses. 600/650/700/750 (Talent 720/770/820/870)
Attack Damage Spilled: 100%
Damage Loss per Target: 5%
Modifiers [?]
Her blades pierce the skin as much as the mind, furthering her understanding of the mystery that is reality.
Templar Assassin Psi Blades area

Psi Blades' damage area

  • Increases Templar Assassin's total attack range to Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "80+<strong class="error"><span class="scribunto-error" id="mw-scribunto-error-0">Lua error in Module:Show at line 24: attempt to index field &#039;?&#039; (a nil value).</span></strong>". (Talent Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "200+<strong class="error"><span class="scribunto-error" id="mw-scribunto-error-2">Lua error in Module:Show at line 24: attempt to index field &#039;?&#039; (a nil value).</span></strong>".</span><).
  • The spill area has a rectangular shape, with a width of 90 and a length of 600/650/700/750 (Talent 720/770/820/870).
    • The spill area starts at the attack target's location and extends beyond them.
    • With her default attack range and Psi Blade's attack range bonus, Psi Blades can hit units up to Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "<strong class="error"><span class="scribunto-error" id="mw-scribunto-error-4">Lua error in Module:Show at line 24: attempt to index field &#039;?&#039; (a nil value).</span></strong>+80+600". (Talent Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "<strong class="error"><span class="scribunto-error" id="mw-scribunto-error-6">Lua error in Module:Show at line 24: attempt to index field &#039;?&#039; (a nil value).</span></strong>+200+720".</span><) range away.
  • Does not perform instant attacks. The projectiles deal regular spell damage.
    • Attack modifiers are only applied to the primary target.
    • The initial spill damage equals the amount of damage the primary attack target took from the attack (after reductions). The attack's damage value is determined during Templar Assassin's attack point.
    • This also means that the initial spill damage can be increased by critical strike, quell, and bash sources.
    • Conditional attack damage bonuses (e.g. Javelin icon Javelin damage proc) are not applied.
  • The 5% damage loss per target stacks additively, and is always based on the initial damage, not on the damage the previous target took.
    • This means Psi Blades' damage reaches 0 after the 20th target.
    • However, it still affects all enemies within its area, applying a 0 damage instance to further targets.
  • Templar Assassin's position is checked as the projectile hits the target, not upon launching.
  • Psi Blades spill damage when attacking allies or wards which use flat health (e.g. Venomancer Plague Ward icon Plague Ward).
    • Spill damage can hit Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Courier and invisible units.
    • It spills an instance of 0 damage when attacking wards that require a fixed amount of attacks to be destroyed.
    • Despite the visual effects, Psi Blades do not spill damage when attacking buildings.

Trap icon
No Target
(Psionic Trap)
Springs the nearest trap, slowing nearby enemies.
Trap Search Radius: Global
Slow Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 400
Total Damage: 275/325/375 (Talent 385/435/485)
Min Move Speed Slow: 30%
Max Move Speed Slow: 60%
Trap Charge Time: 3.5
Slow Duration: 5
With Aghanim's Shard Min Silence Duration: 1.5
With Aghanim's Shard Max Silence Duration: 3.5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
When activated, traps now silence affected enemies.
Modifiers [?]
Trap (Secondary) icon
Alt-Cast Icon

  • This ability is unlocked when Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap is learned.
    • Upon leveling Psionic Trap for the first time, it has Alt-cast disabled by default.
    • With Alt-Cast activated, this ability activates the Templar Assassin Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap nearest to the Keyboard White Mouse None Mouse cursor rather than the one closest to Templar Assassin.
  • Does not interrupt Templar Assassin's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Cannot be cast when there are no Psionic Traps present.
  • The movement speed slow starts at 30% and increases by 0.43% in each server tick, reaching its maximum values at 3.5 seconds.
    • The silence duration starts at 1.5 and increases by 0.02 in the same intervals.
  • On each second after placement, the movement speed slow values and silence durations are:
    • 0s: 30% slow, 1.5s silence.
    • 1s: 38.57% slow, 2.07s silence.
    • 2s: 47.14% slow, 2.64s silence.
    • 3s: 55.71% slow, 3.21s silence.
  • The damage is only applied when the trap is fully charged.
    • The trap visually changes once fully charged. Its outer ring starts black and turns white once fully charged.
    • The damage values are always based on the current level and Talent talent upgrades upon triggering the trap, and are not set upon spawning the trap.
    • The damage is sourced to Templar Assassin and not the trap itself.
    • Therefore, the damage is affected by outgoing damage manipulation and spell lifesteal.
    • Deals 27.5/32.5/37.5 (Talent 38.5/43.5/48.5) damage in 0.5-second intervals, starting 0.5 seconds after the debuff is placed, resulting in 10 damage instances.
  • Multiple instances of the debuff do not stack but get refreshed instead.
    • When refreshed, the movement speed slow and damage values get updated based on the trap charge time.
  • Traps can always be denied regardless of its max health values.

Psionic Projection
Psionic Projection icon
Self / Enemies
(Psionic Trap)
Allows Templar Assassin to teleport to any Psionic Trap after channeling for 1.5 seconds, detonating it upon arrival. Channeling Psionic Projection does not break Meld.
Cast Range: Global
Slow Radius: 400
Channel Time: 1.5
Damage: 200 (Talent 310)
Move Speed Slow: 60%
Slow Duration: 5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
When activated, traps now silence affected enemies.
Partially disabled while rooted or leashed.
Root Notes:
Can be cast while rooted or leashed, but immediately gets stopped without going on cooldown or using mana.
Does not interrupt the channeling if already channeling, but prevents the teleport from happening if the channeling finishes while rooted or leashed.
Modifiers [?]
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Requires drafting Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap to be unlocked.
In reward for her service, Lanaya has been granted access to secrets that unlock new techniques for her psionic gifts.

  • After the channeling time, Psionic Projection moves Templar Assassin to the closest Templar Assassin Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap's coordinates from the targeted point, then the trap is detonated.
    • Therefore, it does not disjoint projectiles upon teleporting.
    • Unlike Town Portal Scroll icon Teleport, Templar Assassin may purchase items from shops if she is within the shop trigger range.
  • Trap icon Trap notes fully apply.
    • Casting this while traps are not present does nothing, the ability also goes into cooldown while consuming mana.
  • Does not break Meld icon Meld's invisiblity upon cast.

Psionic Trap
Psionic Trap icon
Templar Assassin places mystical traps that invisibly monitor enemy movement. When sprung at her command, they exert a slowing influence of 30% in the area. Traps charge up to slow 60% after 3.5 seconds. Deals bonus damage when fully charged.
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 1800
Max Traps: 5/8/11 (With Aghanim's Shard 9/12/15)
Trap Fade Time: 2
Trap Duration: Permanent
Trap Vision: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 400 (With Aghanim's Shard 525)
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:
Grants the Psionic Projection ability.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
Increases max trap count and trap vision range. When activated, traps now silence affected enemies.
Modifiers [?]
Calling upon the reach of the Hidden Temple, none escape the eye of the Templar.

Psionic Trap
Templar Assassin Psionic Trap model
Summoned Ward
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Duration Permanent
Armor Armor 0
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0
Collision Size 18
Bound Radius 8
Vision Range (G) 400 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard. 525)
Bounty Gold 25
Experience 0
Abilities Trap (Psionic Trap) icon Trap
Unknown icon Invisibility

  • The Templar Assassin Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap can always be denied regardless of its max health.
    • Psi Blades icon Psi Blades notes fully apply, it treats the denied Psionic Trap as the attack target's location, and the spill area extends beyond.
  • Psionic Traps apply their effects on enemies when they are triggered by either Trap icon Trap, Psionic Projection icon Psionic Projection or the ability from the trap itself.
    • The traps do not apply their effects when they are destroyed by attacks, or by detonating when exceeding the maximum allowed trap count.
  • Psionic Traps do not block neutral creep camps.
  • Traps do not disappear upon losing ability. Despite being fully functional, Traps only deal Level 1 damage values.

Psionic Trap Ability[]

Trap (Psionic Trap) icon
No Target
Springs the trap, slowing nearby enemies.
Slow Radius: 400
Total Damage: 250/300/350 (Talent 360/410/460)
Min Move Speed Slow: 30%
Max Move Speed Slow: 60%
Trap Charge Time: 3.5
Slow Duration: 5
With Aghanim's Shard Min Silence Duration: 1.5
With Aghanim's Shard Max Silence Duration: 3.5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
When activated, traps now silence affected enemies.
Modifiers [?]

  • This ability is cast from the trap itself, allowing Templar Assassin to trigger traps from afar without having to trigger nearby traps first.


Hero Talents
+7 Refraction icon Refraction Instances251s Meld icon Meld Hit Bash
3 Meld icon Meld Armor Reduction20Meld icon Meld Dispels
+120 Psi Blades icon Psi Blades Attack and Spill Range15Refraction icon Refraction Can Be Cast While Disabled
+110 Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap Damage10+25 Refraction icon Refraction Damage

Recent Changes[]

Main Articles: Changelogs, Old Abilities and Hero Lore
  • Psi Blades icon Psi Blades
    • Increased spill area length from 550/600/650/700 to 600/650/700/750.
  • Refraction icon Refraction
    • Reduced mana cost from 90 to 85.
    • Reduced cooldown from 17 to 16.
  • Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap
    • Reduced damage interval from 1 to 0.5.
    • Increased total damage from 250/300/350 to 275/325/375.
  • Trap icon Trap
    • ADDED
      Alt-cast functionality. [?]
    • Keyboard White Mouse Right Right Click on ability toggles and swaps the functionality of the ability with Trap (Secondary) icon Trap (Secondary), and activates the Templar Assassin Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap nearest to the Keyboard White Mouse None Mouse cursor rather than the one closest to Templar Assassin minimap icon Templar Assassin.
  • Templar Assassin Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap
    • Trap (Psionic Trap) icon Trap
      • Reduced damage interval from 1 to 0.5.
      • Increased total damage from 250/300/350 to 275/325/375.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter upgrade:
    • Psionic Projection icon Psionic Projection
      • Reduced damage interval from 1 to 0.5.
      • Increased total damage from 250/300/350 to 275/325/375.

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon Tango give Templar Assassin health regeneration allowing her to stay in the lane for longer.
  • Healing Salve icon Healing Salve, used at the last moment, can save Templar Assassin from death.
  • Clarity icon Clarity help her sustain the mana cost of her Refraction, which is an essential ability for Templar Assassin in her laning phase.
  • Iron Branch icon Iron Branches give an overall cheap damage, health and mana boost and can be built into a Magic Wand icon Magic Wand later on.

Early game:

  • Boots of Speed icon Boots of Speed is a vital item for every hero in the game in order to escape and chase when necessary.
  • Bottle icon Bottle is important for saving runes and sustaining her health and mana while she roams the map to find kills.
  • Blight Stone icon Blight Stone is very cost-effective early game item and will be upgraded later to Desolator icon Desolator.
  • Magic Stick icon Magic Stick can help Templar Assassin out a lot when facing heroes which spam their abilities. The instant health and mana restore can turn around the outcome of a fight when used properly.

Mid game:

  • Power Treads icon Power Treads provides appropriate attributes, increasing her health or mana at will, as well as raising attack speed.
  • Magic Wand icon Magic Wand makes use of the branches and the Magic Stick from earlier and has a stronger potential heal burst.
  • Blink Dagger icon Blink Dagger is essential to reach Templar Assassin's maximum potential. Although she is technically a ranged hero, her base attack range is similar to that of a melee hero. A Blink Dagger allows her to get in range to attack enemies and land her Meld attack, or to catch up to enemies slowed by her Psionic Trap. In teamfights, it helps her to position herself to use the full potential of Psi Blades. On the other side, it is also a great escaping tool when combined with her spells. Refraction prevents the dagger from getting disabled, but if it does get disabled, Meld can help her hide for a moment and then blink out if the enemy has no True Sight or area spells.
  • Desolator icon Desolator increases Templar Assassin's damage output immensely, since Templar Assassin only deals physical damage by default (besides Psi Blades). The armor reduction of Desolator fully stacks with that of Meld, allowing her to reduce up to 15 armor on a target. This results in a highly increased damage output, which then translates into higher damage with Psi Blades, since their damage is based on what the initial attack target received. On top of this, Desolator also grants a decent raw attack damage bonus.

Late game:

  • Black King Bar icon Black King Bar may be required to deal with disables; although Refraction helps her from taking any kind of damage, it does not stop disables. If avoiding their disables with blink or Meld is not possible, a Black King Bar should be bought. The item also grants some raw damage and a bit of health, increasing her damage output and survivability further.

Situational items:

  • Assault Cuirass icon Assault Cuirass, similar to Desolator icon Desolator, synergizes well with Templar Assassin as it reduces enemy armor and increases her attack speed, upping her damage output by a massive amount. Besides that, the additional armor compensates for her squishiness. The armor bonuses and reductions are also auras, making it a valuable contribution to any teamfight.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon Heart of Tarrasque allows Templar Assassin to fight for much longer thanks to its enormous health boost. However, it should only be bought after having built up some damage first, because being tanky does not help her much when she deals little damage.
  • Butterfly icon Butterfly is always a great item for every agility hero, as it increases attack damage and speed by a lot and also provides evasion, helping against enemy attacks. The evasion also synergizes very well with Refraction, which does not lose any of its damage block charges when Templar Assassin evades attacks.
  • Manta Style icon Manta Style can be considered on Templar Assassin if some extra push power is required. If one has quick reflexes, its active can also be used to disjoint enemy attacks and spells. It also provides decent stats and grants some mobility. Keep in mind though that, despite her melee-like attack range, Templar Assassin is still a ranged hero, so the ranged illusion values and cooldown are used.
  • Daedalus icon Daedalus is a great item on Templar Assassin, since a critical strike is spread to all enemies with Psi Blades. It also works extremely well together with her high amount of armor reduction from her ability and typical item choices. However, since it is a chance-based effect and is based on her attack damage, other damage increasing items are required first to unlock its high potential.
  • Eye of Skadi icon Eye of Skadi grants attributes for tankiness and damage, the slow also keeps enemies in attack range.
  • Dragon Lance icon Dragon Lance gives Templar Assassin higher range and a good amount of stats that she needs early-mid game: Strength for health and Agility for armor and damage. The increased attack range also allows Templar Assassin to perhaps skip a few points on Psi Blades and focus on maxing out Meld after Refraction instead. Afterward, it may be disassembled to be turned into a Black King Bar icon Black King Bar, or kept and upgraded into Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike, giving Templar Assassin a second mobility item with Blink Dagger, and its active gives Templar Assassin four possibly unavoidable attacks from any range.

Dota Plus Progress[]

Main Article: Hero Challenges

Relics track a hero's actions and statistics, and display in-game notifications when a milestone is reached. They are only available to Dota Plus subscribers.

Relics Voice Lines
Relic Rare icon
Refraction icon Refraction Damage Absorbed
Relic Rare icon
Quick Meld icon Meld Kills
Relic Rare icon
Multi Hero Psi Blades icon Psi Blades
Relic Rare icon
Kills on Trap icon Trapped Enemies
Relic agility icon
Relic agility icon
Kill Assists
Relic agility icon
Towers Destroyed
Relic agility icon
Mega Kill Streaks
Relic agility icon
Triple Kills
Relic agility icon
Slows Leading To Kills
Relic agility icon
Blink Dagger icon Blinks Leading To Kills
Relic agility icon
Kills During Black King Bar icon Black King Bar
Relic agility icon
Damage From Invisibility
Relic agility icon
Physical Damage
Plus Hero Badge 1
Plus Hero Badge 2
Plus Hero Badge 3
Plus Hero Badge 4
Plus Hero Badge 5
Plus Hero Badge 6
  • ▶️ The only mystery is how you lasted so long.



  • In DotA, Templar Assassin makes numerous references to the game "Starcraft", another famous RTS game by "Blizzard". Her ability to manipulate psionic energy, the Psi Blades icon Psi Blades she wields, and the mention of her master being originally from Aiur in her DotA biography all apply to the Protoss, one of the three main races of the game. The description of Meld icon Meld also describes it as the "Art of Shakuras". In "Starcraft" lore Shakuras is the capital of the Lenassa clan which is part of the Nerazim faction better known as Dark Templar. Lenassa templars are wearing cloth shrouds on their faces, and have purple warp blades and purple eyes.[1]
  • Upon triggering a Psionic Trap icon Psionic Trap, ▶️ "It's a trap!" is a reference based on Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar's quote from "Return of the Jedi."
  • The response ▶️ "My body is a temple for which I will kill." is a reference to the bible verse John 2:19-22.
  • Upon killing Snapfire minimap icon Snapfire ▶️ "Alright then, keep your secrets." is a reference to Frodo's quote in the 2001 film "The Lord of the Rings".