Telebolt Projektor

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Telebolt Projektor
Cosmetic icon Telebolt Projektor.png
Clockwerk icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Power Cogs

Some inventions are too controversial for their age. When the Telebolt Projektor was first unveiled almost a century ago, the audience quickly decided that the thunderous energy of heavens should probably stay in the heavens.
Created By
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This item is part of the Clockwerk Announcer Pack. It comes with a Kinetic Gem that modifies several animations.



Customization Type Preview Bound To
Power Cogs Animation Teleboltin Power Cogs.gif
Teleport Animation Teleboltin Teleport.gif
Victory Animation Teleboltin Victory.gif



  • This item's internal name makes reference to the inventor Nikola Tesla.
  • Its model is designed after one of Tesla's inventions, the Tesla Coil.
  • The custom teleport animation is a reference to the Eureka Effect, a melee weapon of the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, another title from Valve. The weapon gives the Engineer the ability to teleport, with an animation similar to this custom animation.