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Team Zenith
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Singapore Singapore
Team Information
Manager(s):Tammy "furryfish* filiae melioris aevi" Tang Zhao-En
Sponsor(s):Alienware, SteelSeries
Prizemoney:$0 USD
Zenith team photo

Ice, xy-, xFreedom, YamateH, and iceiceice at The International 2013.

Team Zenith is an esport organization based in Singapore.


Team Zenith holds a legacy in the competitive scene. The original Team Zenith was originally under the clan mVp (most valuable player) in the last quarter of 2005. In August 2006, they were christened Team Zenith, sponsored by HP and AMD. They won the CAPL and ESWC 2008 in Paris, and celebrated a lot.

After clinching 3rd place in The International 2011, members of Scythe.SG decided to reform a team under the name "Team Zenith". They had been looking for a 5th player for months before The International 2 when they revealed Loda.

Following a 5th place finish at The International 2012, Zenith went through a restructuring, during which hyhy retired and Loda left. LuX and alanter were chosen to take their places after intense trial and interview sessions helmed by AntShark.

In January 2013, YamateH and Ice from Neolution Orange joined the team, replacing LuX and alanter.

In August 2013, YamateH, Ice, xFreedom and xy- left the team.[1][2]

In September 2013, iceiceice left for Team DK, signifying the official end of the team.[3][4]


Dota 2

Place Tournament Location Date Prize money
A11st JoinDOTA Masters IV Online 28–29 March 2012 $500 USD
A11st The Evolution Singapore Grand Final Singapore Singapore 12–13 May 2012 $2,000 SGD
A22nd Gigabyte Dota Masters Online 30 April - 23 June 2012 $1,250 USD
A11st It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia Online 7–29 July 2012 $1,000 USD
A55th - 6th The International 2012 United States Seattle, Washington, United States 26 August - 2 September 2012 $35,000 USD
A33rd Alienware Battlegrounds Malaysia-Singapore Online 19–25 September 2012 $500 USD
A11st GosuCup Asia III Online 8–9 December 2012 $500 USD
A11st GosuCup Asia IV Online 19–20 January 2013 $500 USD
A22nd Southeast Asia League Online 4–8 February 2013 $500 USD
A11st SteelSeries DotaTalk League Online 14–15 March 2013 5x SteelSeries Siberia
A22nd PRIDE Challenge 2013 Online 4–5 May 2013 $450 USD for Steam
A22nd AMD Premier League Season 1 Online 6–15 May 2013 $1,500 USD
A11st Neolution GosuCup - June 2013 Online 22–23 June 2013 $500 USD
A11st E2Max L33T Championship Singapore Singapore 7 July 2013 $10,000 SGD (~$7,915 USD) + $250 for Steam
A77th - 8th Alienware Cup 2013 Season 1 Online 16 June - 9 July 2013 $1,500 USD
A77th - 8th Rapture Gaming Network League 2013 - 2014 Online 18 May - 8 December 2013 $500 SGD