Team Dignitas Invitational

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Team Dignitas Invitational
Dota2 invitational widelogo.png
Start Date:10 March 2012
End Date:11 March 2012
Prize Pool:€1,000 EUR

Invited Teams[edit]

Invited Teams (12)

Voted Teams (4)


A Team has to consist of at least five and up to seven players.


The commentators for the Team Dignitas Invitational are as follows:

TobiWanKenobi portrait.png
Toby Dawson
Origin: Australia Australia
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page
Puppey portrait.png
Clement Ivanov
Origin: Estonia Estonia
Language: United Kingdom English
Fear portrait.png
Clinton Loomis
Origin: America America
Language: United Kingdom English
Slesh portrait.png
Liu Su-Leo
Origin: China China
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Kazakhstan 1
  Russia Darer Entertainment 0
  Kazakhstan 1
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 0
  Sweden youBoat 0
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 1
  Kazakhstan 1
  Romania Team Dignitas 0
  Sweden Team Infused 0
  Europe Mousesports 1
  Europe Mousesports 0
  Romania Team Dignitas 1
  Romania Team Dignitas 1
  Ukraine Electronic Sahara 0
  Kazakhstan 0
  United States Evil Geniuses 2
  France Western Wolves 1
  Sweden CLG 0
  France Western Wolves 0
  United States It's Gosu eSports 1
  United States It's Gosu eSports 1
  Sweden Keita-Gaming 0
  United States It's Gosu eSports 0
  United States Evil Geniuses 1
  United States Evil Geniuses 1
  Sweden Mortal Team Work 0
  United States Evil Geniuses 1
  Russia DTS Gaming 0
  Denmark The Tough Bananas 0
  Russia DTS Gaming 1

Round of 16[edit]

2012-3-10 Kazakhstan > Russia Darer  

2012-3-10 yB Sweden < Ukraine Na`Vi  

2012-3-10 Infused Sweden < Europe mouz  

2012-3-10 Dignitas Romania > Ukraine eSahara  

2012-3-10 wW France > Sweden CLG  

2012-3-10 GoSu United States > Sweden Keita  

2012-3-10 EG United States > Sweden mTw  

2012-3-10 TTB Denmark < Russia DTS  


2012-3-10 Kazakhstan > Ukraine Na`Vi  

2012-3-10 mouz Europe < Romania Dignitas  

dignitas\ComeWithMe Beastmaster icon.png

dignitas\freezer Bane icon.png

dignitas\Coco Vengeful Spirit icon.png

dignitas\S0ny4ce Dark Seer icon.png

dignitas\Ly0n Skeleton King icon.png

Crystal Maiden icon.png mouz DeMeNt

Tidehunter icon.png mouz Rexi 8)

Mirana icon.png mouz Dugtrixi

Tiny icon.png mouz SingSing

Windranger icon.png mouz SexyBamboe

2012-3-10 wW France < United States GoSu  

Dark Seer icon.png Shadow Shaman icon.png Morphling icon.png Warlock icon.png Enchantress icon.png

wW`7ckngMad Sand King icon.png

wW`Funzii Windranger icon.png

wW`Sockshka Lifestealer icon.png

wW`leafGER Beastmaster icon.png

wW`Ph0eNiiX Chen icon.png


Anti-Mage icon.png Invoker icon.png Nature's Prophet icon.png Broodmother icon.png Vengeful Spirit icon.png

Crystal Maiden icon.png GoSu|PAINTITGOLD

Mirana icon.png GoSu|Korok

Razor icon.png GoSu|BuLba

Venomancer icon.png GoSu|Bdiz

Tidehunter icon.png GoSu|UNiVeRsE

2012-3-10 EG United States > Russia DTS  


2012-3-11 Kazakhstan > Romania Dignitas  

2012-3-11 GoSu United States < United States EG  

Third Place[edit]

2012-3-11 GoSu United States < Romania Dignitas  


2012-3-11 Kazakhstan < United States EG  
2012-3-11 Kazakhstan < United States EG  

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: €1,000 EUR
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
United States
€500 50%
€250 25%
A33rd  Team Dignitas Team Dignitas
€150 15%
A44th  It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports
United States
€100 10%