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Tango (Shared)

The Shared Tango is a consumable item received from allied players who share their Tango icon Tango.

Available in the Base Shop
Tango (Shared)
Tango (Shared) icon
Om nom nom.
Cost - Gold
Sell Value No Unsellable
Stacks 1 MAX / Inventory Slot
Active Devour
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Usage Alert ? No
Tango (Shared)

Additional Information[]

  • If the receiving player has no room in their inventory, the Shared Tango is dropped on the ground next to the hero.
  • When dropped on the ground, it can be used by any player who picks it up, including the original owner and enemies.
  • Shared Tangos expire seconds after being created.
    • Once created, a countdown appears on the item's icon, visible to everyone, showing the remaining duration on the shared Tango.


Trees / Self
Consumes a target tree to gain 7 health regeneration for 16 seconds. Consuming an Ironwood Tree doubles the heal amount.
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 165
Health Regen Bonus: 7
Duration: 16
Duration: 32
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]

  • Destroys the tree instantly and grants self health regeneration bonus.
    • Only when targeting Iron Branch icon Iron Branch Planted Tree, the health regeneration duration is doubled.
    • Does not grant health regeneration bonus when targeting other planted tree sources.
    • The buff of successive casts do not stack but refresh the duration instead.


  • The item's lore Om nom nom is a reference to a line spoken by the Heavy, a playable class from Team Fortress 2, another title from Valve Corporation, which in turn is a reference to the Internet meme "Om nom nom nom."