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Creating this list[]

If you want to create this list yourself, here are the steps.

  1. Launch Dota 2 with -console option.
  2. type cvarlist log filename.txt
  3. Find the file in dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64 or win32 [macOS]

- Lemoncake(talk) 22:59, 10 May 2018 (UTC)


map_edit dota_winter.bsp | map_edit dota_autumn.bsp

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Major update to Dota 2 Wiki for Console Commands[]

I've made a "few" changes.

I started with "cvarlist log filename.txt" (hereafter referred to as "logfile").

I have not attempted (and don't intend) to update the "Patch History" or "Legacy" sections.

All commands from logfile should now be in the tables. All commands not in the logfile have been removed from the tables.

I have not checked if new commands really work, or that old commands are no longer available. I'm going strictly by the logfile.

I manually changed the default value for the command "name" (it contained my "Steam" username which is my IRL name) and any command such as "Password", just to be safe.

There is a bug with cvarlist and commands beginning with "+" or "-":


The logfile strips the leading -/+:


I've tried to be consistent and list the "-" entry first.

There is an issue with displaying of Help Text when the text contains a vertical bar (|), sometimes called a pipe. For example:

 | @panorama_daisy_wheel || 0 ||  || Daisy wheel input mode: RS | ABXY

Only the "ABXY" is displayed instead of the entire text starting with "Daisy". To literally display the vertical bar in the table requires use of "<nowiki>|</nowiki>". I learned something new today!

Some entries in the logfile were in strict "alphabetical" order. I rearranged them to be in numerical order:


Changed "TRUE" to "true" and "FALSE" to "false" in "Default Value" column.

Removed "cmd" from "Default Value" column as found in logfile.

Besides changes in commands, some old commands had their default values changed so those were updated.

Some logfile entries have an extra blank (" ") at end of Help text, and I've not always removed it:

 "Overview mode - 0=off, 1=inset, 2=full "

Some logfile entries did not have Help text, but the existing Gamepedia entries did. I usually preserved the existing Help text.

Some Help text is different in the logfile compared to the current Gampedia entry. If there was additional information, I tried to include it. For example:

 Gamepedia:  "Switch to orthographic camera.  There is currently no known way to exit this mode without restarting the engine."
 Log file:   "Switch to orthographic camera."

Some logfile entries had typos (or grammatical errors) that were previously fixed in Gamepedia. I tried to preserve the fixes:

 Gamepedia:  Current close caption language (empty = use game UI language)
 Logfile:   Current close caption language (emtpy = use game UI language)

There are 2 commands in the logfile that don't have all the fields, and therefore do not have "Help Text":


The existing Gamepedia entry sometimes used the wrong word. Obviously I used the logfile text.

 Gamepedia: dota_combatlog_update || || || Send command log to a client
 Logfile:   dota_combatlog_update || || || Send combat log to a client

Someone edited some entries previously to have "cute" Help Text. I changed them to the logfile text:

 Gamepedia: dota_courier_burst: Hey courier, go go go!
 Logfile:   dota_courier_burst: Activate speed boost on courier

One existing Gamepedia Help Text has exactly the OPPOSITE of the logfile Help Text:

 Gamepedia: rate 80000 Max bytes/sec the host can receive data
 Logfile:   rate 80000 Min bytes/sec the host can receive data
 I haven't a clue, so I changed it to "Min".

One existing Gamepedia command had "Yes" in the "cheat" column, but the logfile did not identify it as a "cheat":

 Since the command seems to work without having sv_cheat set, I think it is safe to say it isn't a cheat command.

The existing Gamepedia commands have "Help Text" indicating that sv_cheat is needed. The logfile does not identify these as "cheat". I've tried using the commands, and the console DOES identify them as cheats!

 I will mark the "Cheat" column with "Yes", and use the Help Text from existing Gamepedia.

The TOOLTIP for dota_force_gamemode is currently really messed up as it doesn't display properly. I've changed it to the logfile text:

 Gamepedia: Force the game mode to a specific one. Values
 Logfile:   Force the game mode to a specific one. AP = 1, CM = 2, RD = 3, SD = 4. INTRO = 6. 7 = HW. 8 = REVERSE CM. 9 = XMAS"
 I've changed it to the logfile version.


 Gamepedia:  displays a ring around the hero at the specified radius. Although sv_sceats is not required, this command cannot be used in public matches. 
 Log File: Displays a ring around the hero at the specified radius
 I have kept the second sentence from Gamepedia, and have also fixed the typo in that sentence.

Tommy1TW (talk) 02:14, 20 April 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for your help :3 - Lemoncake(talk) 11:30, 20 April 2019 (UTC)