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Version History[]

  • Reaching level 30 no longer unlocks the talents the player did not choose. [?]
  • Reaching level 27/28/29/30 now allows the player to choose the remaining level 10/15/20/25 talent. [?]
  • Removed and replaced all generic cast range Talent talents. [?]
  • All talents are now about 20% weaker. [?]
  • Removed and replaced all Gold Gold per minute Talent talents. [?]
  • Removed and replaced all Experience Experience Talent talents. [?]
  • Reaching level 30 now unlocks the talents the player did not choose. [?]
  • Created.

Patch History[]

  • Updated the Talent talent tree HUD element.
  • Fixed several Talent talent descriptions not showing values within them.
  • Added talent tree to the in-game and post game scoreboard.
  • Added Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click alerts for which talent tree choices have been learned on a hero.
  • Alt now show Talent talent tooltips.
  • Fixed a few abilities not linked to their Talent talents on the backend.
  • Talent Talent tree notifications now last for 6 seconds.
  • Backend tags for talents have been changed to reflect the changes of the latest gameplay patch.
  • Update 5
    • Small visual updates to the Talent talent notification panel so the text is aligned properly.
  • Talent Talent selection will be broadcast to all allies
  • The full Talent talent tree will be displayed to spectators when any player selects a talent.
  • Update 2
    • Fixed the display of Talent talents for spectators.
  • Added Hotkey for opening the Talent talent tree UI.
  • While the talent tree UI is open, 1 and 2 can be used to select and learn the talent on the left or right branch.
  • Update 2
    • Fixed showing incorrect description of upgrade Talent talents setting.
  • Fixed a Talent talent exploit.