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The talent selection interface. Some complex talents have additional information that appear when hovering over the talent, or when holding ALT.

Talents Talent are traits unique to each hero which can enhance the hero's attributes, stats, and abilities. Each hero has a set of 8 talents, from which they can choose 4 over the course of a match, and eventually unlock them all on the latest levels.

The talents are divided into 4 tiers, with 2 talents being available on each tier. The tiers are unlocked upon reaching level 10/15/20/25 respectively, with level 10 unlocking the first tier, and level 25 the last tier. A special sound ▶️ is played upon unlocking a tier. Once unlocked, the player can choose one of the 2 talents within that tier. Upon choosing, the talent's effects are immediately applied, while the other remaining talent gets locked up again for the time being and can be acquired later. Upon reaching level 27/28/29/30, the tiers get unlocked again, in the same order as before, allowing the player to choose the remaining talent.

Talents are leveled up using the same ability points as the hero's abilities and the Attribute Bonus, meaning the player must decide whether to spend the ability point on an ability, a talent, or on the Attribute Bonus. It is not required for the talent to be chosen within the same level as its tier got unlocked. Higher tiered talents also do not require a talent from the previous tier to be chosen, meaning if the player decides to skip the talents within a lower tier completely, they still are able to choose a talent from any of the higher tiers once unlocking them.

Illusions and clones of the hero copy the choices made by the hero at the point which the illusion was created, and do not update if the hero makes further choices.

A table of heroes sorted by bonus gained can be viewed here.

List of Talents[]

Hero Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Abaddon icon.png Abaddon +8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +50 Mist Coil Heal/Damage -8s Borrowed Time Cooldown 400 AoE Mist Coil
+15 Movement Speed +65 Damage +100 Aphotic Shield Health -1 Curse of Avernus Attacks Required
Alchemist icon.png Alchemist +125 Unstable Concoction Radius +20 Damage +400 Unstable Concoction Damage +50 Chemical Rage Regeneration
+15 Attack Speed +350 Health +25% Cleave +50 Chemical Rage Movement Speed
Ancient Apparition icon.png Ancient Apparition +8% Spell Amplification +200 Cold Feet Breaking distance +80 Chilling Touch Damage +4% Ice Blast Kill Threshold
+200 Chilling Touch Attack Range -2s Ice Vortex Cooldown +5% Ice Vortex Slow/Resistance 450 AoE Cold Feet
Anti-Mage icon.png Anti-Mage -1s Blink Cooldown +0.7s Mana Void Stun +250 Blink Cast Range -50s Mana Void Cooldown
+9 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +0.6% Max Mana Mana Burn +0.1 Mana Void Damage Multiplier +20% Counterspell Magic Resistance
Arc Warden icon.png Arc Warden +225 Health +40 Magnetic Field Attack Speed +40 Flux Damage +12s Tempest Double Duration
+175 Flux Cast Range +2s Flux Duration +125 Spark Wraith Damage +50% Tempest Double Cooldown Reduction
Axe icon.png Axe +20 Movement Speed +30 Counter Helix Damage +1 Bonus Armor per Culling Blade Stack 2x Battle Hunger Armor Multiplier
+1.5 Mana Regen +10% Battle Hunger Slow +150 Culling Blade Damage +100 Berserker's Call AoE
Bane icon.png Bane +12% Magic Resistance +5% Fiend's Grip Max Mana Drain +30 Movement Speed +5s Fiend's Grip Duration
+5 Armor -3s Brain Sap Cooldown -3s Nightmare Cooldown +200 Brain Sap Damage/Heal
Batrider icon.png Batrider +75 Flamebreak Knockback Distance -10s Flaming Lasso Cooldown 2 Flamebreak Charges Flamebreak applies 2 Sticky Napalm Stacks
+75 Sticky Napalm Radius +20 Movement Speed +6 Sticky Napalm Damage +6.5s Firefly Duration
Beastmaster icon.png Beastmaster +1.75 Mana Regen +2.5% Wild Axes Damage Amp Per Stack +250 Health Beastmaster Controlled -30s Primal Roar Cooldown
+30 Damage +25 Movespeed Beastmaster Controlled +35 Beastmaster Boar icon.png Boar Damage +30 Inner Beast Attack Speed
Bloodseeker icon.png Bloodseeker +8% Bloodrage Spell Amplification +85 Blood Rite Damage 15% Spell Lifesteal +14 Max Thirst MS
+30 Bloodrage Attack Speed +10% Rupture Initial Damage +475 Rupture Cast Range 2 Rupture Charges
Bounty Hunter icon.png Bounty Hunter +40 Jinada Damage Half Track Bonus Speed to Allies +50 Jinada Gold Steal +250 Track Gold
+10% Shadow Walk Slow +50 Shuriken Toss Damage Track Grants 600 Ground Vision 2 Shuriken Toss Charges
Brewmaster icon.png Brewmaster +200 Thunder Clap AoE +350 Health +80 Attack Speed Cinder Brew applies Fear when ignited
+15 Damage +30% Cinder Brew Damage/Duration +1400 Brewlings Health Brewlings Gain Drunken Brawler Passive
Bristleback icon.png Bristleback +1.5 Mana Regen +20 Attack Speed +20 Quill Stack Damage +25 Warpath Damage Per Stack
+15 Damage +200 Health +20 Health Regen 12% Spell Lifesteal
Broodmother icon.png Broodmother +3 Spin Web Simultaneous Webs +16 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility +400 Health +350 Spiders Health
+80 Spawn Spiderlings Damage -10s Spin Web Recharge Time +15% Silken Bola Slow +50 Insatiable Hunger Damage/Lifesteal
Centaur Warrunner icon.png Centaur Warrunner +20 Movement Speed +40% Double Edge Strength Damage -25s Stampede Cooldown +1s Hoof Stomp Duration
+5 Health Regen +15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +45 Retaliate Damage Gains Retaliate Aura
Chaos Knight icon.png Chaos Knight +200 Reality Rift Pull Distance +12 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immune +10s Phantasm Duration
+20% Chaos Strike Lifesteal -3s Chaos Bolt Cooldown +0.5 Min/Max Chaos Bolt Duration +10% Chaos Strike Chance
Chen icon.png Chen +200 Health +12% Penitence Slow +1200 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health +200/+10 Hand of God Heal/Heal Over Time
Penitence Deals 250 Damage +16 Holy Persuasion Damage -40s Hand of God Cooldown +3 Holy Persuasion Max Units and Charges
Clinkz icon.png Clinkz -3s Skeleton Walk Cooldown Death Pact Steal creep abilities +3 Burning Barrage arrows Searing Arrows Multishot
+20 Searing Arrows Damage +25% Death Pact Health +125 Attack Range +25% Burning Barrage Damage
Clockwerk icon.png Clockwerk +60 Power Cogs Mana Burn +24 Battery Assault Damage Power Cogs Leash Units Inside -0.25s Battery Assault Interval
-2s Rocket Flare Cooldown +2 Power Cogs Hit To Kill Rocket Flare True Sight Spell Immunity Inside Power Cogs
Crystal Maiden icon.png Crystal Maiden +125 Crystal Nova AoE -3s Crystal Nova Cooldown +50 Freezing Field Damage +240 Crystal Nova Damage
+250 Health +20 Arcane Aura Mana per Cast +200 Attack Speed +1.25s Frostbite Duration
Dark Seer icon.png Dark Seer +6 Armor +75 Ion Shell Radius +50 Ion Shell Damage 350 AoE Surge
+20% Wall of Replica Illusion Damage +100 Vacuum AoE -40s Wall of Replica Cooldown Parallel Wall
Dark Willow icon.png Dark Willow -2s Shadow Realm Cooldown +160 Cursed Crown AoE -7s Bramble Maze CD +1.5 Terrorize Duration
+0.5s Cursed Crown Stun Duration +30 Bedlam Damage +2s Shadow Realm Duration +100 Attack Speed
Dawnbreaker icon.png Dawnbreaker +15% Celestial Hammer Slow -20s Solar Guardian Cooldown -1 Luminosity Attacks Required +1100 Celestial Hammer Cast Range
+25 Starbreaker Swipe/Smash Damage +50% Luminosity Crit +150 Solar Guardian Radius 2 Starbreaker Charges
Dazzle icon.png Dazzle +1.75 Mana Regen +60 Attack Speed +40 Poison Touch DPS +0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction
+50 Damage +50 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage +250 Heal On Shallow Grave End -32% Poison Touch Slow
Death Prophet icon.png Death Prophet +12% Magic Resistance -2s Crypt Swarm Cooldown +400 Health +8 Exorcism Spirits
+30 Damage +1% Max Health Spirit Siphon -20% Spirit Siphon Move Speed Slow -20s Spirit Siphon Replenish Time
Disruptor icon.png Disruptor +30 Thunder Strike Damage +2s Static Storm Duration +3 Thunder Strike Hits +250 Static Storm AoE
-3s Kinetic Field Cooldown +275 Glimpse Arrival Damage +2s Kinetic Field Duration -12s Glimpse Cooldown
Doom icon.png Doom +20 Scorched Earth Damage Devour Can Target Ancients +15% Scorched Earth Movement Speed +150% Cleave
+12% Magic Resistance -8s Scorched Earth Cooldown +30 Doom DPS +2.1% Infernal Blade Damage
Dragon Knight icon.png Dragon Knight -30% Breathe Fire Damage Reduction +400 Health +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +400 AoE Dragon Tail During Elder Dragon Form
+15 Damage +0.5s Dragon Tail +175 Elder Dragon Form Attack Range +12 Dragon Blood HP Regen/Armor
Drow Ranger icon.png Drow Ranger +15 Frost Arrow Damage -8s Multishot Cooldown -4s Gust Cooldown +3 Multishot Waves
+50% Gust Blind +250 Gust Width +28% Multishot Damage +12% Marksmanship Chance
Earth Spirit icon.png Earth Spirit +2s Magnetize Duration +120 Rolling Boulder Damage +3 Geomagnetic Grip Silence Duration +0.6s Rolling Boulder Stun Duration
+325 Rolling Boulder Distance +300 Boulder Smash Distance +18% Spell Amplification Geomagnetic Grip Targets Allies
Earthshaker icon.png Earthshaker +80 Fissure Damage +50 Aftershock Damage +320 Fissure Range -1.5s Enchant Totem Cooldown
+30 Base Damage +50% Enchant Totem Damage +40 Echo Damage +200 Aftershock Range
Elder Titan icon.png Elder Titan +25 Attack Speed +25 Astral Spirit Hero Attack +100 Echo Stomp Damage +450 Echo Stomp Wake Damage
+2% Astral Spirit Move Speed Per Hero +15% Magic Resistance +100% Cleave -60 Earth Splitter Cooldown
Ember Spirit icon.png Ember Spirit +200 Flame Guard Absorption +1s Searing Chains +65 Sleight of Fist Hero Damage -12s Remnant Charge Restore Time
+15 Damage +50 Flame Guard DPS +1 Searing Chains Target 2 Sleight of Fist Charges
Enchantress icon.png Enchantress +20 Movement Speed +5 Nature's Attendants Wisps Enchant Affects Ancients +20 Nature's Attendants Heal
+10% Magic Resistance +45 Damage +65 Untouchable Slow +6.5% Impetus Damage
Enigma icon.png Enigma +0.35s Malefice Stun Duration +30 Malefice Instance Damage +50 Enigma Eidolon icon.png Eidolon Damage +5 Demonic Conversion Enigma Eidolon icon.png Eidolons
+20 Enigma Eidolon icon.png Eidolon Attack Speed +200 Midnight Pulse Radius +400 Health +4 Malefice Instances
Faceless Void icon.png Faceless Void +0.5s Time Walk Backtrack Duration +7% Time Dilation Slow per Cooldown +70 Time Lock Damage +140 Chronosphere AoE
+6 Time Dilation DPS per cooldown -1.5s Time Walk +120 Attack Speed during Chronosphere +20% Backtrack
Grimstroke icon.png Grimstroke -5s Ink Swell Cooldown +16% Ink Swell Movement Speed +3 Hits to Kill Phantom +50% Stroke of Fate Damage
+50 Phantom's Embrace DPS +15% Spell Amplification +1000 Stroke of Fate Cast Range +150 Ink Swell Radius
Gyrocopter icon.png Gyrocopter +200 Health +2 Flak Cannon Attacks +16 Rocket Barrage Damage 3x Call Down
+300 Flak Cannon Range +0.4s Homing Missile Stun Duration +30 Movement Speed -6s Flak Cannon Cooldown
Hoodwink icon.png Hoodwink -4s Bushwhack Cooldown +2 Acorn Shot Bounces -4 Armor Corruption +135 Bushwhack Radius
+1 Scurry Duration Scurry Camouflage 25% Sharpshooter Faster Projectile / Charge Time 2 Acorn Shot Charges
Huskar icon.png Huskar +2s Life Break Slow Duration 15% Lifesteal -3s Life Break Cooldown Burning Spears Pure Damage
+1s Inner Fire Duration +4 Burning Spears DPS +30% Berserker's Blood Regen +20% Life Break Damage
Invoker icon.png Invoker +40% Chaos Meteor Damage -8s Cold Snap Cooldown +30 Alacrity Damage/Speed 3x Quas/ Wex/ Exort passive effects
-24s Ghost Walk Cooldown +50 Invoker Forged Spirit icon.png Forged Spirit Attack Speed -10s Tornado Cooldown Radial Deafening Blast
Io icon.png Io +15 Attack Damage to Tethered Units +45 Spirits Hero Damage -25s Relocate Cooldown Attack Tethered Ally's Target
+4 Health Regen +6% Tether Movement Speed +0.2% Overcharge Max HP Regen Bonus +400 Health to Tethered Units
Jakiro icon.png Jakiro +6% Spell Amplification +325 Health +30 Macropyre Damage -2.5s Ice Path Cooldown
+325 Attack Range -50 Liquid Fire Attack Speed +0.5s Ice Path Duration 2x Dual Breath Damage and Range
Juggernaut icon.png Juggernaut +75 Blade Fury Radius +1s Blade Fury Duration +150 Blade Fury DPS +1s Omnislash Duration
+5 All Stats -20s Healing Ward Cooldown +40% Blade Dance Lifesteal +475 Health
Keeper of the Light icon.png Keeper of the Light +20 Movement Speed 2 Solar Bind Charges Chakra Magic Dispels +180 Illuminate Damage
+30% Blinding Light Miss -4s Chakra Magic Cooldown +15s Spirit Form Duration +1.2s Blinding Light Stun
Kunkka icon.png Kunkka +0.4s Torrent Knock Up/Stun Duration +100 Torrent Damage +70% Tidebringer Cleave -2s Tidebringer Cooldown
+30 Damage +25% X Marks the Spot Movement Speed +80 Torrent AoE Ghostship Fleet
Legion Commander icon.png Legion Commander +200 Duel Cast Range +100 Overwhelming Odds Hero Damage +8% Moment Proc Chance Press the Attack grants 2s Spell Immunity
+100 Overwhelming Odds Radius +40 Press The Attack HP Regen 250 AoE Press The Attack +30 Duel Damage Bonus
Leshrac icon.png Leshrac +40 Split Earth Radius +25 Movement Speed +40 Pulse Nova Damage +30 Diabolic Edict Explosions
+1.75 Mana Regen +100 Lightning Storm Damage +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength Lightning Storm Can Bounce Twice On Units
Lich icon.png Lich +125 Frost Blast Radius and Damage -3s Frost Blast Cooldown +4s Frost Shield Duration Chain Frost Unlimited Bounces
+10% Frost Shield Damage Reduction +0.5s Sinister Gaze Duration +100 Chain Frost Damage Frost Shield Provides +50 HP Regen
Lifestealer icon.png Lifestealer +10% Rage Move Speed +325 Health +10% Ghoul Frenzy Slow +1.5s Rage Duration
+30 Attack Speed +25 Damage 16% Evasion +1.2% Feast Lifesteal
Lina icon.png Lina -3.5s Dragon Slave Cooldown +130 Light Strike Array Damage +15/1% Fiery Soul Per Stack +125 Attack Range
+25 Damage +350 Health +11% Spell Amplification -25s Laguna Blade Cooldown
Lion icon.png Lion +60 Damage +70 Max Health Per Finger of Death Kill Mana Drain Restores Allies +250 AoE Hex
+15 Movement Speed -2s Earth Spike Cooldown +20 Finger of Death Damage Per Kill +800 Earth Spike Range
Lone Druid icon.png Lone Druid +25 Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear Movement Speed +8 Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear Armor 0 Entangle Cooldown +1000 True Form and Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear Health
+200 Health -8s Savage Roar Cooldown -50s True Form Cooldown -0.1 Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear Attack Time
Luna icon.png Luna +0.4s Lucent Beam Ministun -25s Eclipse Cooldown +100 Lucent Beam Damage +0.25s Eclipse Lucent Ministun
-8% Moon Glaives Damage Reduction -3s Lucent Beam Cooldown Lunar Blessing Global and +200 Night Vision +35 Lunar Blessing Damage
Lycan icon.png Lycan +10 Summon Wolves Damage -15s Shapeshift Cooldown +25% Feral Impulse Damage +2 Lycan Wolf icon.png Wolves Summoned
+20% Howl Attack Damage Reduction +200 Summon Wolves Health +6s Shapeshift Duration +30% Chance Shapeshift Critical Strike
Magnus icon.png Magnus +0.5s Shockwave Slow Duration -7s Skewer Cooldown +375 Skewer Range +1s Reverse Polarity Stun Duration
+10s Empower Duration +12 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +125 Shockwave Damage +10% Empower Damage/Cleave
Marci icon.png Marci +2 Mana Regen +200 Rebound Cast/Jump Range +30 Movement Speed 1.5s Sidekick Spell Immunity
+5 Armor +0.5s Dispose Stun Duration +25% Sidekick Lifesteal +1.5s Unleash Pulse Silence
Mars icon.png Mars -10% Bulwark Movespeed Penalty +100 Spear of Mars Damage +0.8s Spear of Mars Stun Arena Of Blood Grants Team +180 HP Regen
+1.5s God's Rebuke Slow -4s God's Rebuke Cooldown +10%/+5% Bulwark Front/Side damage reduction God's Rebuke +65% Crit
Medusa icon.png Medusa +0.5 Mana Shield Damage per Mana -1.5s Mystic Snake Cooldown +2s Stone Gaze Duration Split Shot Uses Modifiers
+20 Attack Speed -12% Split Shot Damage Penalty +2 Mystic Snake Bounces +75 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
Meepo icon.png Meepo +30 Poof Damage Earthbind grants True Strike on Targets +8 Ransack Health Steal +1 Divided We Stand Clone
+6 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength 15% Evasion -3s Earthbind Cooldown +375 Health
Mirana icon.png Mirana +100 Leap Distance +80 Leap Attack Speed +20 Mana Break +200 Starstorm Damage
-2s Sacred Arrow cooldown Moonlight Shadow gives +20 Evasion -20s Moonlight Shadow Cooldown +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows
Monkey King icon.png Monkey King +0.3s Boundless Strike Stun Duration +130 Jingu Mastery Damage -7s Boundless Strike Cooldown Additional Wukong's Command Ring
+50% Tree Dance Vision AoE +450 Tree Dance Cast Range +2 Jingu Mastery Charges 0 Cooldown Primal Spring
Morphling icon.png Morphling +250 Waveform Range +15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility Waveform Attacks Targets Attribute Shift While Stunned
+15% Magic Resistance +16s Morph Duration +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength 2 Waveform Charges
Naga Siren icon.png Naga Siren +30 Rip Tide Damage +15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +1 Mirror Image Illusion -7 Rip Tide Armor
+20 Movement Speed +13% Mirror Image Damage -1 Rip Tide Hits -10s Mirror Image Cooldown
Nature's Prophet icon.png Nature's Prophet +30 Wrath of Nature Base Damage +5 Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treants Summoned 100% Miss chance for Sprouted units 2.5x Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treant HP/Damage
-8s Nature's Call Cooldown +25 Attack Speed Sprout Leashes Removed Teleportation Cooldown
Necrophos icon.png Necrophos +8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +32 Death Pulse Heal +32% Heartstopper Regen Reduction -2.5s Death Pulse Cooldown
+100 Reaper's Scythe Cast Range +24% Ghost Shroud Slow +15% Magic Resistance +0.5% Heartstopper Aura
Night Stalker icon.png Night Stalker +8s Dark Ascension Duration +10% Hunter In The Night Movement Speed +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength -50s Dark Ascension Cooldown
+50 Void Damage +35 Dark Ascension Damage -5s Crippling Fear Cooldown +100 Hunter In The Night Attack Speed
Nyx Assassin icon.png Nyx Assassin +0.25s Impale Stun Duration +0.5x Mana Burn Inteligence Multiplier +130 Impale Damage Vendetta Unobstructed Pathing
+8% Spell Amplification +250 Health +0.6s Spiked Carapace Stun Duration 300 Mana Burn Radius
Ogre Magi icon.png Ogre Magi -1s Fireblast Cooldown +250 Health +25 Bloodlust AS +240 Fireblast Damage
+16 Ignite DPS +80 Damage +30 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength 17% Fireblast chance on attack
Omniknight icon.png Omniknight +50 Base Damage -30s Guardian Angel Cooldown -6s Hammer of Purity Cooldown +75% Hammer of Purity Damage
+4s Heavenly Grace Duration -2s Purification Cooldown +4 Heavenly Grace Strength/HP Regen per Stack +160 Purification Damage/Heal
Oracle icon.png Oracle +12 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence -1.25s Purifying Flames Cooldown +30% Purifying Flames Enemy Damage +1.5s False Promise Duration
+0.4s Fortune's End Duration +15 Armor False Promise -20s False Promise Cooldown Instant Fortune's End
Outworld Destroyer icon.png Outworld Destroyer +20 Attack Speed +30 Movement Speed +0.15 Sanity's Eclipse Mana Difference Multiplier 30% Spell Lifesteal
+200 Health +250 Mana +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +2% Arcane Orb Damage
Pangolier icon.png Pangolier +400 Swashbuckle Slash Range +3s Rolling Thunder Duration +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength -25s Rolling Thunder Cooldown
+1.5 Mana Regen 2.5s Shield Crash CD in Ball +30 Swashbuckle Damage -3s Swashbuckle Cooldown
Phantom Assassin icon.png Phantom Assassin -2s Stifling Dagger Cooldown +250 Phantom Strike Cast Range +35% Blur Evasion Triple Strike Stifling Dagger
+1s Phantom Strike Duration 15% Lifesteal +20% Stifling Dagger Damage +7% Coup de Grace chance
Phantom Lancer icon.png Phantom Lancer +2.5s Phantom Rush Bonus Agi Duration -2s Spirit Lance CD +8% Juxtapose Damage +24% Critical Strike (200%)
+150 Health +15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +300 Phantom Rush Range -4s Doppelganger CD
Phoenix icon.png Phoenix +6% Spell Amplification +500 Health +0.5s Supernova Stun Duration +1000 Icarus Dive Cast Range
+25% Icarus Dive Slow +25 Fire Spirits DPS +1.5% Max Health Sun Ray Damage +3 Supernova Hit Count
Primal Beast icon.png Primal Beast +2 Mana Regen +120 Onslaught Damage Beast dispells himself when activating Uproar 50% Spell Lifesteal
+12% Magic Resistance +3 Uproar Armor Per Stack +25% Trample Attack Multiplier +100% Pulverize Duration
Puck icon.png Puck +0.75s Waning Rift Silence Duration +100 Waning Rift Damage +1s Dream Coil Stun Duration Dream Coil Rapid Fire
-2s Illusory Orb Cooldown -10s Dream Coil Cooldown -6s Waning Rift Cooldown Dream Coil Pierces Magic Immunity
Pudge icon.png Pudge -16% Rot Slow +120 Meat Hook Damage -4s Meat Hook Cooldown 1.6x Flesh Heap Stack Str and Damage Block bonuses
+4 Armor 10% Spell Lifesteal +0.8s Dismember Duration 1.8x Dismember Damage/Heal
Pugna icon.png Pugna +200 Health +3 Nether Ward Health +1s Decrepify Duration +1.75 Netherward Damage Per Mana
+20 Movement Speed -1s Netherblast Cooldown +20% Life Drain Heal +160 Nether Blast Damage
Queen of Pain icon.png Queen of Pain +11 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +30 Attack Speed 525 AoE Shadow Strike 18s Spell Block
+20 Damage +2 Shadow Strike Damage Instances +120 Scream of Pain Damage -2s Blink Cooldown
Razor icon.png Razor +9 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility +14 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength -0.1s Eye of the Storm Strike Interval 2 Static Link Charges
+30 Plasma Field Damage +5 Static Link Damage Steal +21% Storm Surge Move Speed +80 Attack Speed
Riki icon.png Riki +0.3s Blink Strike Slow -4s Smoke Screen Cooldown -4s Blink Strike Replenish Time Tricks of the Trade Applies a Basic Dispel
+75 Smoke Screen AoE 8% Cloak and Dagger Movement Speed +0.5 Backstab Multiplier -4 Tricks of the Trade Cooldown
Rubick icon.png Rubick -10% Fade Bolt Damage Reduction +0.6s Telekinesis Lift Duration +240 Telekinesis Land Distance +40% Spell Amp For Stolen Spells
+175 Telekinesis Landing Damage -25% Stolen Spells Cooldown -4s Fade Bolt Cooldown -12s Telekinesis Cooldown
Sand King icon.png Sand King +12% Caustic Finale Slow +100 Caustic Finale Damage +100 Epicenter Radius 35% Sand Storm Slow and Blind
+15 Sand Storm DPS +125 Sand Storm Radius -2s Burrowstrike Cooldown +5 Epicenter Pulses
Shadow Demon icon.png Shadow Demon +10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +200 Demonic Purge Damage -1.25s Shadow Poison Cooldown 2 Charges of Disruption
+15% Shadow Poison Damage +25 Movement Speed -6s Soul Catcher Cooldown -30s Demonic Purge Cooldown
Shadow Fiend icon.png Shadow Fiend +25 Attack Speed +100 Shadowraze Damage +0.4s Requiem Fear per line. -50s Requiem of Souls Cooldown
+25 Shadowraze Stack Damage Presence Aura Affects Building +3 Damage Per Soul -4 Presence Aura Armor
Shadow Shaman icon.png Shadow Shaman -3s Hex Cooldown +1s Shackles Duration +1 Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Serpent Wards Max HP +25 Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Wards Attack Damage
+140 Shackles Total Damage +120 Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Serpent Wards Attack Range Hex Breaks +380 Ether Shock Damage
Silencer icon.png Silencer +20 Attack Speed +8% Arcane Curse Slow +1.2x Last Word Int Multiplier Last Word Mutes
+12 Arcane Curse Damage +100 Attack Range -25s Global Silence Cooldown +15% Glaives of Wisdom Damage
Skywrath Mage icon.png Skywrath Mage +10 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence +1 Arcane Bolt Per Cast +12% Ancient Seal Magic Resistance Reduction +450 Mystic Flare Damage
+175 Health -8s Ancient Seal Cooldown Global Concussive Shot Arcane Bolt Pierces Spell Immunity
Slardar icon.png Slardar +10% Slithereen Crush Attack/Move Slow +60 Bash Damage -4 Corrosive Haze Armor Corrosive Haze Undispellable
-3s Guardian Sprint Cooldown +325 Health +150 Slithereen Crush Damage -4s Slithereen Crush Cooldown
Slark icon.png Slark +0.5s Pounce Leash +1.5% Shadow Dance Regen +75 Shadow Dance Attack Speed +50s Essence Shift Duration
-1s Dark Pact Cooldown +70 Dark Pact Damage +1 Agility gain/stolen per Essence Shift Stack +1s Shadow Dance Duration
Snapfire icon.png Snapfire Firesnap Cookie Restores 125 Health +80 Scatterblast Damage +20% Mortimer Kisses Movement Slow +6 Mortimer Kisses Launched
+0.3s Firesnap Cookie Stun +2 Lil' Shredder attacks Lil' Shredder Uses Your Attack Damage 3x Lil' Shredder Multishot
Sniper icon.png Sniper +15 Damage -14% Shrapnel Slow +24 Shrapnel DPS +6 Shrapnel Charges
+1s Take Aim Duration +30 Attack Speed +28 Knockback Distance Headshot +100 Attack Range
Spectre icon.png Spectre +5 All Stats +100 Spectral Dagger Damage +12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus +5% Dispersion
-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown +12 Desolate Damage +350 Health +32% Haunt Illusion Damage
Spirit Breaker icon.png Spirit Breaker +4 Armor +40 Damage +175 Charge of Darkness Move Speed +800 Health
+500 Night Vision -4s Bulldoze Cooldown +10% Greater Bash Chance +25% Greater Bash Damage
Storm Spirit icon.png Storm Spirit +1.5 Mana Regen +50 Static Remnant Damage -1.25s Static Remnant Cooldown 550 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning
+20 Attack Speed +250 Health +0.4s Electric Vortex 2x Overload Attack Bounce
Sven icon.png Sven +15 Attack Speed +25% Great Cleave Damage +10 Warcry Armor +1.25s Storm Hammer Stun Duration
+3s Warcry Duration -15s God's Strength Cooldown +8% Warcry Movement Speed +50% God's Strength Damage
Techies icon.png Techies -3s Proximity Mines Cooldown +3 Mana Regen -15s Blast Off! Cooldown -0.8s Proximity Mines Activation Delay
+20% Magic Resistance +200 Blast Off! Damage +125 Sticky Bomb Latch/Explosion Radius +252 Damage
Templar Assassin icon.png Templar Assassin +110 Psionic Trap Damage +120 Psi Blades Attack and Spill Range -3 Meld Armor Reduction +7 Refraction Instances
+20 Attack Speed 20% Evasion Meld Dispels 1s Meld Hit Bash
Terrorblade icon.png Terrorblade +10% Conjure Image Damage +15% Reflection Slow +10s Conjure Image Duration +20s Metamorphosis Duration
+2s Reflection Duration +300 Health +10 All Stats -34s Sunder Cooldown
Tidehunter icon.png Tidehunter -100 Kraken Shell Damage Threshold -20% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction -4 Gush Armor 50% chance of Anchor Smash on attack
+10% Gush Slow +120 Gush Damage +30 Kraken Shell Damage Block +1s Ravage Stun
Timbersaw icon.png Timbersaw +1.5 Mana Regen +6 Reactive Armor Stacks and Duration +4% Chakram Slow +1125 Timber Chain Range
+200 Health +8% Spell Amplification +16 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +10% Whirling Death Attribute Reduction
Tinker icon.png Tinker +8% Manacost/Manaloss Reduction +1 Heat-Seeking Missile Count -0.5s Keen Conveyance Channel Time +0.25s Heat-Seeking Missile Ministun
+2s Laser Blind Duration +125 Defense Matrix Damage Absorbed +10% Spell Amplification +80 Laser Damage
Tiny icon.png Tiny +10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +80 Avalanche Damage Toss Requires No Target 2 Toss Charges
+20 Movement Speed +10% Status Resistance +40% Grow Bonus Damage With Tree -8s Avalanche Cooldown
Treant Protector icon.png Treant Protector -5s Nature's Grasp Cooldown +30 Nature's Grasp Damage +40 Leech Seed Damage/Heal 450 AoE Living Armor
+36 Living Armor Heal +15% Leech Seed Movement Slow +8 Living Armor Bonus Armor 100 DPS Overgrowth
Troll Warlord icon.png Troll Warlord +25 Berserker's Rage Movement Speed +90 Whirling Axes Damage +30 Damage Battle Trance Strong Dispels
+7 Berserker's Rage Armor +5 Fervor Attack Speed -15s Battle Trance Cooldown Whirling Axes Pierce Magic Immunity
Tusk icon.png Tusk +0.5s Walrus Punch Stun Duration +120 Snowball Damage +75% Walrus Punch Crit -8s Snowball Cooldown
+25 Tag Team Damage +325 Health -6s Ice Shards Cooldown 12% Chance Walrus Punch
Underlord icon.png Underlord +100 Firestorm Radius -4s Firestorm Cooldown +15% Atrophy Aura Attack Damage Reduction +50% Atrophy Allied Hero Bonus
+5 Armor +75 Pit of Malice AoE +1% Firestorm Burn Damage +0.65s Pit of Malice Root
Undying icon.png Undying -15s Tombstone Cooldown +12 Soul Rip Damage/Heal -1.5s Decay Cooldown +6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy
+55 Decay Damage +25 Undying Zombie icon.png Tombstone Zombie Damage Tombstone On Death Gains Reincarnation 300 CD
Ursa icon.png Ursa +1.75 Mana Regen +350 Health +12 Fury Swipes Damage +3 Overpower Attacks
+20s Fury Swipes Reset Time +10 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility +15% Enrage Status Resistance -3s Earthshock Cooldown
Vengeful Spirit icon.png Vengeful Spirit +10 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility -2.75s Magic Missile Cooldown -15s Nether Swap Cooldown Magic Missile Pierces Spell Immunity
+12% Magic Resistance -2 Wave of Terror Armor +200 Magic Missile Damage +16% Vengeance Aura Base Damage Bonus
Venomancer icon.png Venomancer +175 Health +8% Poison Sting Slow -1.5s Plague Ward Cooldown 2.5x Venomancer Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward HP/Damage
-6 Venomous Gale CD 12% Spell Lifesteal +5s Poison Nova Duration Poison Nova reduces 100 Attack Speed
Viper icon.png Viper +13 Corrosive Skin Damage +300 Health +8% Poison Attack Magic Resistance Reduction 2x Corrosive Skin Slow and Resistance
+20 Attack Speed +40 Nethertoxin Min/Max Damage +80 Viper Strike DPS -11s Nethertoxin Cooldown
Visage icon.png Visage +8 Visage and Visage Familiar icon.png Familiars Attack Damage Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets +30 Visage and Visage Familiar icon.png Familiars Movement Speed +1 Visage Familiar icon.png Familiar
-3s Grave Chill Cooldown +1.5s Armor Corruption to Visage and Visage Familiar icon.png Familiars +20 Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge Gravekeeper's Cloak grants +10 Armor
Void Spirit icon.png Void Spirit +50 Aether Remnant Damage +80 Resonant Pulse Damage -4 Astral Step Charge Restore Time Dissimilate Stuns for 1.75s
+1.75 Mana Regen Remnant Provides 475 True Sight +12% Spell Amplification Astral Step 160% Crit
Warlock icon.png Warlock +2s Shadow Word Duration -4s Shadow Word Cooldown +25 Shadow Word Damage/Heal 80% Magic Resistance for Warlock Golem icon.png Chaotic Offering Golems
+3% Fatal Bonds Damage +10s Upheaval Attack Speed per second on Allies Summons a Warlock Golem icon.png Golem on Death +20 Warlock Golem icon.png Chaotic Offering Golems Armor
Weaver icon.png Weaver +9 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength +2 Swarm Attacks to Kill +0.5 Swarm Armor Reduction +1 Geminate Attack
+50 Shukuchi Damage +20 Mana Break +90 Geminate Attack Damage 2 Shukuchi Charges
Windranger icon.png Windranger -2s Shackleshot Cooldown +225 Windrun Radius -16% Focus Fire Damage Reduction Focus Fire Kills Advance Cooldown by 20s.
-5% Powershot Damage Reduction -4s Windrun Cooldown +0.8s Shackleshot Duration Windrun Grants Invisibility
Winter Wyvern icon.png Winter Wyvern +35 Damage +400 Splinter Blast Shatter Radius +100 Splinter Blast Damage Splinter Blast 1.5s Stun
+25HP/s Cold Embrace Heal +2s Arctic Burn Burn Debuff Duration +12% Arctic Burn Slow +1.5s Winter's Curse Duration
Witch Doctor icon.png Witch Doctor +75 Maledict AoE +300 Health +20% Maledict Burst Damage +60 Unknown Unit icon.png Death Ward Damage
-25% Voodoo Restoration Mana Per Second +2 Cask Bounces +100 Unknown Unit icon.png Death Ward Attack Range +1.5% Max Health Voodoo Restoration
Wraith King icon.png Wraith King +15 Attack Speed +24 Unknown Unit icon.png Skeletons Attack Damage +6 Minimum Unknown Unit icon.png Skeletons Spawned Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire Blast
+20 Movement Speed +0.7s Wraithfire Blast Stun Duration +25% Cleave -2s Mortal Strike Cooldown
Zeus icon.png Zeus +20 Movement Speed +1 Heavenly Jump Target +0.4s Lightning Bolt Ministun +100 Arc Lightning Damage
+1.25 Mana Regen +350 Health +100 Thundergod's Wrath Damage 325 AOE Lightning Bolt

Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Talents/Changelogs
  • Reaching level 30 no longer unlocks the talents the player did not choose. [?]
  • Reaching level 27/28/29/30 now allows the player to choose the remaining level 10/15/20/25 talent. [?]
  • Removed and replaced all generic cast range Talent talents. [?]
  • All talents are now about 20% weaker. [?]