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The Tael'Am is a text of unknown provenance. It contains passages that appears to preach resistance towards The Dead God. Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage is familiar with the Tael'Am.


"May thine Hatred lend thee the strength to shatter the symbol of thine bretheren's demise, for within its remains lies absolute power!"[1]

"Ascend to Divinity upon shattered dreams of the fallen unworthy, whose lust for power and blind ignorance led them to their untimely demise."[2]

"Shield thine loins from grasp of the Unliving, for Pestilent lands yield Putrid crops..."[3]

"May thine visage not be hindered by those of absent mind and eternal hunger, for thou shall bring an end to their suffering..."[4]

"Preach my Word upon thine adversaries, lest you suffer their wicked blasphemy!"[5]

"Let Vengeance be thine Radiance, so it may disperse the shadows that shroud the Wicked..."[6]