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Supporters Club

Supporters Club

Fans can join their favourite team's Supporters Club by purchasing bundles of badges and seasonal equippables -- perfect for showing off allegiance in and out of the lanes. These bundles can be accessed in the Team Profiles of the DPC tab.
Content in Supporters Clubs is provided by the teams themselves, and 50% of all sales goes to the teams you choose. For Dota Pro Circuit 2021 - Season 2, this content will last until October 18, 2021. In future seasons, it will last through each respective Major. Each team has three bundles to choose from, with an increasing amount of content inside. The Bronze Club includes a badge for your favorite team, the Silver Club includes sprays and emoticons, and the Gold Club includes a special in-game HP-bar badge, loading screens, and voice lines. Badges will appear in multiple places throughout the game, including your friends list, player profiles, the Versus Screen, and the in-game scoreboard.

Team Perks for DPC 2021: Season 2[]

Evil Geniuses' Supporters Club

Team Badges
Emoticon bountyrune.gif Team badges are identical for each team, with the only difference being the team logo.

Bronze Club Silver Club Gold Club
Supporters Club bronze banner.png
Supporters Club silver banner.png
Supporters Club gold banner.png