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▶️ You look stunned.

Stun is a status effect that completely locks down affected units, disabling almost all of its capabilities.


Stun overhead effects.
The yellow effect is used by bash abilities.

A stun on a unit is indicated by a special stunned animation (which every unit has, except for buildings and wards), and a whirling effect above their heads.

Upon getting stunned, the unit stops its current order and stands still until the effect expires. While stunned, the unit cannot move, attack, cast spells or use items. If a unit gets stunned during their attack or cast animations the attack/cast get canceled. This means stuns fully interrupt channeling spells. However, stuns do not make the unit forget their orders, including shift-queued orders. Once the stun expires, the unit resumes with its previously interrupted order, if it was not given any other order while stunned.

While stunned, the unit can be given any order normally, which it then executes as soon as the stun expires. If the order is not given via shift-queue, it overrides the unit's previously canceled order. If shift-queue is used, the unit executes the newly given order after finishing the previously canceled order. When giving the unit multiple cast orders, they get automatically queued up. However, move and attack commands do not get queued and cancel the cast orders. This means when giving the stunned unit a cast order and then a move order without using shift-queue, it will only execute the move order. Vice versa, when the move order is given first, and then the cast order, only the cast order gets executed. In order to make the unit execute move/attack and cast orders after the stun expires, shift-queue must be used.

Although the unit is unable to move, attack and cast spells while stunned, the effect does not count as a root, silence, mute or disarm, since these have some properties which stuns do not have. Some active abilities can be cast while stunned, which are listed here. Stuns do not disable any passive abilities and do not affect any of the unit's attributes and stats, such as vision.

Sources of stuns using stunned modifier[]

These abilities use all the same stunned modifier, meaning they do not place their own individual modifiers, but refresh each other.

Sources of stuns using bashed modifier[]

These abilities use all the same bashed modifier, meaning they do not place their own individual modifiers, but refresh each other.

Sources of stuns using unique modifiers[]

These abilities use each a custom modifier, meaning each of them place their own modifiers on their targets.

Sources of stuns disabling the caster[]

These abilities disable the caster upon applying their effects, to prevent them from moving during the effects. They all use custom modifiers.