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Storm Spirit minimap icon Raijin Thunderkeg, the Storm Spirit
Storm Spirit is literally a force of nature--the wild power of wind and weather, bottled in human form. And a boisterous, jovial, irrepressible form it is! As jolly as a favorite uncle, he injects every scene with crackling energy. But it was not always thus, and there was tragedy in his creation. Generations ago, in the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal’s presumption, the Storm Celestial known as Raijin lay waste to the land, scouring it bare with winds and flood. Thunderkeg was no match for the Celestial--at least until he cast a suicidal spell that forged their fates into one: he captured the Celestial in the cage of his own body. Trapped together, Thunderkeg's boundless good humor fused with Raijin's crazed energy, creating the jovial Raijin Thunderkeg, a Celestial who walks the world in physical form.
Storm Spirit
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20px|link=Earth Spirit|class=noprint Earth Spirit
Void Spirit minimap icon Void Spirit
20px|link=Brewmaster|class=noprint Brewmaster
20px|link=Razor|class=noprint Razor
20px|link=Grimstroke|class=noprint Grimstroke
Zeus minimap icon Zeus
Places Wailing Mountains
Ruined City
Gods Celestials
Characters Thunderkeg
  • Storm Spirit is the product of a forbidden spell that merged the spirit of Raijin, the Celestial of storms, into Thunderkeg's physical form, an elementalist from beyond the Wailing Mountains.
  • Storm Spirit has apparently read Demnok Lannik's grimoire.[1]
  • Storm Spirit was the first among his brothers to venture away from the Wailing Mountains. When words of his exploits reached his brothers who were still within the peaks, they grew curious and joined their "cousin".[2]


  • Raijin and Thunderkeg both share a boisterous personality. This has led to his brothers and several other people to call Raijin annoying and immature.[3][4]
  • Raijin is rebellious and doesn't like to be controlled nor does he like being ordered around. This might be the reason why he was furious at Thunderkeg (the poor elementalist's pleas was stated to be a "presumption" to him) and why his brother Void Spirit planned to control him.[5][6]
  • They both share a good sense of humor and a constantly jovial mood. Raijin, however, retains this personality even during a battle.[7][8]
  • Raijin seems to be an egotist and is quite arrogant.[9] It is unknown if Thunderkeg shares this trait, but he also like to admire his own looks.[10]

Before his fusion[]

Among the four spirits, Raijin is the youngest spirit among them. Raijin found the Wailing Mountains too constricted for his taste, so he ventured out to manipulate the winds of the wider world. Before he even set foot outside the peaks, he was caught into a bungled summoning spell that was secretly planted by his eldest brother for Thunderkeg to find[11] and clumsily cast by an amateur elementalist named Thunderkeg who had hoped to end a drought.[2] What happened next in this story can be read in his biography.


Storm Spirit (or at least his mortal half Thunderkeg) shares ancestors with 20px|link=Ember Spirit|class=noprint Ember Spirit, 20px|link=Earth Spirit|class=noprint Earth Spirit, Void Spirit minimap icon Void Spirit, and the 20px|link=Brewmaster|class=noprint Brewmaster.[12][13] Mangix might be referring to Thunderkeg rather than the Storm Spirit, because the former also comes from the Wailing Mountains. When Mangix dies, he asks him to bury his body beneath the Ruined City.[14]

Storm Spirit has an ancient rivalry with 20px|link=Razor|class=noprint Razor, likely dating to a time before Raijin merged with Thunderkeg.[15] Razor's lore implies that the rivalry began when he stole energy from sentient storms (likely referring to Raijin) which made these storms very angry.[16]

20px|link=Grimstroke|class=noprint Grimstroke despises Raijin, possibly due to some calamity he once inflicted on Ashkavor.[17]

In the story of Artifact, Storm Spirit has an intense rivalry with Zeus minimap icon Zeus.


Amidst the landmass that has been torn by the skirmishes of Ancients, Humans, Oglodi, Vhoul and other beings of the mortal flesh, a new battle of divine proportions rises to shake the already fragile world of mortals. Not wanting to share the authority over all that is storm and weather, and refusing to bow to a pathetic excuse of a mortal god, Storm Spirit must battle against Zeus to prove that there is only one true lord of lightning...and to remind him that for all his remaining godly powers, he still has to walk with his feet.[18][19]

Every time he and Zeus have to meet, they always end up dealing with each others' posturing before having a serious conversation.[20] He also had a competition of power against Zeus, with Zeus earning the first point by destroying a building. In response to this feat, Storm Spirit destroyed an entire army to settle the matter. Frustrated, the mortal god had a temper tantrum and reduced an entire city to a crater.[21]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Storm Spirit

Enemies killing Storm Spirit

Enemies dying to Storm Spirit



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