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Lore Stonehall Tarrin Roseleaf.jpg
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Heroes:Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander
Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord
Factions:Bronze Legion
Abyssal Horde
White Spire
Characters:Emperor Galanius

Stonehall is a large city, and home to several military organizations, including the Bronze Legion. An elite regiment of royal guards also patrol the city.[1] The emperor of Stonehall is Emperor Galanius. The vertical metropolis White Spire, the Fae nation Revtel, and the smaller city of Quath are nearby[2]. According to some, Stonehall and its military have engaged in needless bloodshed.[3]


Stonehall was attacked by the Abyssal Horde, led by Vrogos, the Underlord. While Tresdin and the Bronze Legion were able to repel the attack, the city was largely destroyed in the process.[4]


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