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Dota 2 Workshop EN

The Steam Workshop is a way for players to submit user-generated content to Dota 2. There are two main type of user-generated content for Dota 2: cosmetic items and custom game modes.

Custom Game Modes[]

Main Article: Custom Games

Custom game modes are made using the Dota 2 Workshop Tools. Everyone can publish those in the Steam Workshop, and everyone can play them for free after downloading the tools from the custom games tab in Dota 2 and after subscribing the desidered custom game modes. Users can rate and subscribe to custom game modes as any Workshop submission.

Cosmetic Items[]

Cosmetic items are sold for real money in the Steam Store, but before these objects must be submitted to the Dota 2 Workshop on Steam. Only submissions approved by Valve are added to the store. Creators of approved contents receive a portion of their sales proceeds. Users can rate submissions, although a higher rating does not guarantee its approval.

Eligible submissions[]

Several forms of cosmetic items are accepted for Dota 2:


Cosmetic items should "fit" the hero's theme, color scheme, and silhouette.

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