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Stars are a race of cosmic beings in the Dota 2 world.


In the lore of Dota 2, stars are literally what one would expect them to be, except that stars in the lore of Dota 2 are sentient lifeforms. Stars are luminous spheres in space created by the weak force, held together by gravity, which also causes it to collapse on itself over time until it bursts into a supernova. The core of a star, which is its heart, is extremely hot[1] and is rich in metals and ores that can be used in forging, whether if it's a young star[2] or a dead star.[3] Their ever-collapsing core may often emit short-lived bursts of conscious light.[4]

Stars possess an essence known as its spark. This spark is what allows them to create and give life.[2][5] It's implied that older stars can pass down their spark to their descendants.[6]


The first stars were born from the gift of the rider of Light. In the earliest times of the universe, Ezalor used his staff to spark the heat of the first sun in the universe and countless other stars like it.[7][8] This primordial star was not just a massive sphere of fire, it was a conscious entity in itself. Over untold amounts of time, gravity caused this star to collapse on its core, coalescing its incalculable energy, until it burst into a supernova. Although this marked the end of the first sun's life, it was a crucible for the birth of many other stars just like it. The first sun's children would also burst into supernova soon, and this phenomenon of supernova will repeat until the cold vacuum of space shined with the light and warmth of an endless array of stars.[9] The stars themselves move across the dark heavens made by the Elder Titan in search of illumination.[10]

Ezalor was not the only one who can create these stars. Just like how he gave life and light to the stars, he created a winged horse that shared his ability to spark the heat of suns.[11]


Gravity is involved in both the creation[12][13] and the death of a star.[14][15] When a star dies, it may become a cold and passive dark star[16][17] or simply fade into nothing.[18]

Notable Entities[]


Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix is a young wandering star, a distant descendant of the first sun's lineage. He is unique among his solar kin who are content with finding their place within the cosmos and settling down in constellations. Instead, his curiosity led him to discover the battle of the Ancients, prompting him to assume the terrestrial form of a fiery bird and soar through the endless cosmos to aid those who needs his light and search for his solar destiny.

Dawnbreaker minimap icon.png Dawnbreaker was forged from the heart of a young star. Because of this, she is the embodiment of its heart.[19][20]


The Children of Light are a great faction of stars who were all descendants of the Keeper's first sun. They were the earliest and most powerful branches of the now-vast lineage of the Keeper's first sun.[21] They tried to align other stars to their cause, but even stars have dissonant politics among themselves. Thus they dispatched their herald Dawnbreaker to shatter the rebels or set them back to rights.[22]

The sun that shines upon the planet where the Nemesis Stones crashed upon is responsible for the light that Selemene's moon (not the Mad Moon) is said to have.[23] It is a very young star relative to Dawnbreaker's age.[24]

The Demon Star can be seen between the tips of a crescent moon.[25]

There is a star called Dragon, which has plasmic residue that can be used for forging armor.[26]



Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png Keeper of the Light and Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma are the two Fundamentals responsible for the existence of a star. Ezalor creates stars using his weak force powers, while Enigma creates them by coalescing the remains of a supernova. The latter is also responsible for its death via supernova.

Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana's connection to the stars and heavenly bodies is very intimate. Her devotion to astrology gives her intimate knowledge on the stars[27][28] and the powers granted to her by the moon goddess Selemene bring the stars themselves even closer to her.[29][30]

Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle can see the future (or even futures) by reading the constellations in the sky.[31]


Selemene's power heavily relies on the stars. Her control over the night sky allows her to manipulate its aspects, such as the constellations of stars that are best seen at night[29][30] and the beams of light that they produce.[32][33]

The Solar Goddess is a dilution of a greater line of star progeny.[34]


The mythologies of sea-dwelling creatures often look to the moon and stars for wisdom and guidance.[35]


The Nightsilver Woods was sanctified by a shard of stellar origin that fell to the woods. The Shrine of Selemene was built around this holy crash site and the shard itself was fashioned into a sacred weapon of the Dark Moon Order, now wielded by Luna minimap icon.png Luna.[36] Those who trespass into the woods are smited by Selemene's beams of starlight.[32][33]

Weeping Rose is shrouded in perpetual nightfall, so that the stars of the night sky are always visible and available for The Quorum to harness their power.[37]


In the lore of Dota 2, stars are an important subject that are studied by fields of knowledge related to them and other heavenly bodies. For centuries, the wise aesthetes of Keyturn studied the movement of celestial bodies from their mountain keep, recording their arrangements in the Book of Heavens. Through these observations, they found out that the wheel of the world was a thing of many moving parts—a clock of strange rhythms and irregular meter. By studying the wheeling of the celestial bodies, they counted the number of dawns in each season, and calculated the day of the longest night. It can be said that they were the first timekeepers in history, if there wasn't any before them.[38]


The Solar Crest icon.png Solar Crest was made to honor the daytime sky. The luster of this item is very bright.[39]

The Meteor Hammer icon.png Meteor Hammer was forged out of metals that were found in the ruins of a village destroyed by a star storm.

Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer owns a glaive forged from the ores of a dead star's heart, located in a corner of the universe devoid of sound.[3]

The Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight sometimes wields a blade that's forged in the heat of a dying star.[40]

Outworld Destroyer minimap icon.png Outworld Destroyer wears armor that is forged from the plasmic residue of a star named Dragon.[26]


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