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Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Barathrum, the Spirit Breaker
Barathrum the Spirit Breaker is a lordly and powerful being, a fierce and elemental intelligence which chose to plane-shift into the world of matter to take part in events with repercussions in the elemental realm that is his home. To that end, he assembled a form that would serve him well, both in our world and out of it. His physical form borrows from the strengths of this world, blending features both bovine and simian--horns, hooves and hands--as outward emblems of his inner qualities of strength, speed and cunning. He wears a ring in his nose, as a reminder that he serves a hidden master, and that this world in which he works is but a shadow of the real one.
Spirit Breaker
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Associated with
Races Elementals
Places The Seven Planes
Characters Barathrum's Master
  • Barathrum serves his master, who named him Imperator. He is the only one fully devoted to his master.[1]
  • Barathrum travels between The Seven Planes, as such, he is also known as the Beast of All Worlds.[2]
  • Barathrum possess a flail forged around a core of compact elemental energy, allowing the weapon to cross the planes of existence.[3]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Spirit Breaker

Enemies killing Spirit Breaker



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