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Spell Block
Linken's Sphere icon

▶️ Spellblock from Linken's Sphere

Spell Block is a defensive ability that protects the unit from most single target abilities, ranging from basic small abilities to the strongest single target ultimates.


Spell Block acts as a passive effect, activating automatically when a blockable single target spell is targeted at the unit. It may also come in form of a buff, protecting the unit while the buff is active. All Spell Blocks have a down time and go on cooldown after blocking a spell. It does not provide permanent protection against single target spells. Spell Block only blocks spells upon cast, it does not cancel already ongoing cast when going off cooldown while already affected by a single target spell.

With a very few exceptions, Spell Block does not protect against area of effect spells. It also does not protect against single target spells when hit as a secondary target. The unit must be the primary targeting order to block the spell. If a single target spell has an area effect, Spell Block also completely negates the area effect, effectively protecting nearby allies as well, but again, there are exceptions to this. Projectile-based spells are usually blocked upon impact, and not upon cast, with a few exceptions.

A spell's interaction against Spell Block may change if the ability gets changed by other abilities, talents or by Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter. For example, when a single target turns into a non-targeted spell, Spell Block may no longer block it.

Spell Block does not block any active attack modifier and does not block any abilities of allies.

Spell Block Sources[]

Spell Block Sources


Spell Block
Linken's Sphere ability icon
Blocks most targeted spells once every Varies seconds.
Cooldown symbol
Cannot be used by illusions.
Illusion Notes:
Illusions gain the buff, but it does not work for them.
Modifiers [?]
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
This Talent talent is available and it is not bound to any ability.

  • Blocks most targeted abilities for the hero when off cooldown.
  • Has the following cooldown values:
    • 15/18/20
  • Does not block abilities cast by allies.
  • The buff icon shows a cooldown whenever Talent Spell Block is used.
  • For a list of blocked abilities and their interactions, see here.

No hero has this talent.

Not-blocked Abilities[]

Fully blocked abilities[]

These abilities are fully blocked by Spell Block.

Hero abilities

1 Projectile-based abilities, these are blocked upon impact, not upon cast.

2 These abilities can hit multiple targets, and are blocked for everyone hit by them.

3 These abilities can hit multiple targets, but are only blocked when primary target. When blocked, the spell gets completely negated, including its area effects.

4 These abilities can be upgraded by Talent talents and/or Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter so that they are no longer blocked by Spell Block.

5 These bouncing spells do not stop bouncing when blocked.

6 Despite being blocked, the particle effects of these spells still fully appear.

Unique Interactions[]

  • Nightmare icon
    Blocked upon cast and upon attacking a unit affected by an enemy Nightmare.
  • Sprout icon
    Blocked fully only when directly targeted. Does not block when ground targeted.
  • Wrath of Nature icon
    Blocked fully only when directly targeted. Does not block when ground targeted.
  • Fireblast icon
    When blocked, ends Multicast, no matter if the initial cast or a multicast instance was blocked.
  • Unrefined Fireblast icon
    When blocked, ends Multicast, no matter if the initial cast or a multicast instance was blocked.
  • Spectral Dagger icon
    Procs only when secondary target while a hero was directly targeted. However, Spectral Dagger instantly reattempts to apply the debuff, thus wasting Spell Block's cooldown. No interaction with the primary target or when hit while the ground was targeted.
  • Soul Rip icon
    Units counted towards damage still lose health.
  • Lightning Bolt icon
    Mini-stun and damage are blocked when hit, no matter if directly targeted or not. Vision is only blocked when directly targeted. Bolts from the Nimbus icon Nimbus are not blocked.

Recent Changes[]

    Decoy icon Decoy ability that uses the Spell Block mechanic.