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If possible, do not insert <math> parser tags into pages that will be queried by Cargo, such as the Recent Changes. Cargo will not parse the tag fully before storing, meaning that when you query you will get QINU~UNIQ strip markers instead (in the Recent changes wrapper).

One such edit is Special:PermanentLink/2075623

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Ok, got it! Thank you for reminding.

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don't create a template for every little thing. Single lines in the changelog don't need a template. We need to consider the other language wikis as well, who have trouble syncing up their wikis to all the templates.

Also, templates affect performance, them ore templates you put on a page, the slower it loads. The CM template for example is unnecessary.

If a template is going to be used on only a single article, then it does not need a template. The DevourAbilities template is unnecessary, just put the table there without using a template.

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Template is lower effective than module generally. Maybe you should move those template like Template:Item cost change or Template:Item rework into module. I guess it may be able to fix that 1000 char error. And most importantly make an i18n table for easier translating, see Module:Ability ID for example.

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tabs should always link to the same pages, and not change with each page. Also, splitting them up makes maintenance a lot more annoying and generally results in less viewers per page.

This goes for the health/mana/regen/etc changelogs and the item changelogs

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Hold on with the gold template, I've got an idea. But I'll try it out tomorrow, it's too late for today.

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traits are supposed to as short as possible. Don't add words to them unnecessarily if they are not needed. The space within the boxes is limited and we want to prevent line-breaks as much as possible.

Use move speed, not movement speed Use regen, not regeneration use creep, not non-hero don't add additional words to the traits if it is already obvious what the trait says without them

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Don't bother with the response page, the transcribing is always the last step we make. I'm working on the response rules right now.

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Thanks so much for helping us out with everything this year, every holiday is a nightmare and you've really taken a load off our backs Emoticon smile.gif

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take care and stay safe lemoncream

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When adding links or templates like Template:Hero ID to pages, don't overuse them (aka overlinking). E.g. on Morphling/Changelogs#Patch history, the hero icon for Morphling should not be used more then once per section (notice how on e.g. Phoenix#Sun Ray, Sun Ray itself is neither linked nor uses an icon in its own notes, while other abilities in the notes are). Imo a hero's icon shouldn't be used on the subpages of that hero at all, since it's redundant and messy. But if you wanna do it, at least don't overuse it please.

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too many drastic style changes. Please don't change styles that have been settled already

  • Percentage signs are to be used after each value, not only on the last value
  • Don't add dots to lines that aren't sentences (e.g. the talent reworks)
  • Use the Old/New style for aghs upgrades if they get fully reworked. It's cleaner and more straight forward.
  • Don't remove the tooltip templates. There is a reason why it got used sometimes. It should not be used for the note of ability reworks.
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