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Table structure:

  • uid - String
  • buff1 - String
  • buff1dispel - String
  • buff1text - String
  • buff2 - String
  • buff2dispel - String
  • buff2text - String
  • buff3 - String
  • buff3dispel - String
  • buff3text - String
  • buff4 - String
  • buff4dispel - String
  • buff4text - String
  • debuff1 - String
  • debuff1dispel - String
  • debuff1text - String
  • debuff2 - String
  • debuff2dispel - String
  • debuff2text - String
  • debuff3 - String
  • debuff3dispel - String
  • debuff3text - String
  • debuff4 - String
  • debuff4dispel - String
  • debuff4text - String

This table has 2,985 rows altogether.

Page uid buff1 buff1dispel buff1text buff2 buff2dispel buff2text buff3 buff3dispel buff3text buff4 buff4dispel buff4text debuff1 debuff1dispel debuff1text debuff2 debuff2dispel debuff2text debuff3 debuff3dispel debuff3text debuff4 debuff4dispel debuff4text
Abaddon Abaddon&Aphotic Shield modifier_abaddon_aphotic_shield Any Aphotic Shield: Absorbing damage; upon absorbing the max damage, explodes and deals damage in an area.
Abaddon Abaddon&Borrowed Time modifier_abaddon_borrowed_time_passive None Hidden modifier modifier_abaddon_borrowed_time Death Borrowed Time: All damage taken by Abaddon heals him instead. modifier_abaddon_borrowed_time_damage_redirect None Borrowed Time Redirect: Anytime a nearby ally takes more than a set amount of damage, an individual Mist Coil will automatically fire towards that ally.
Abaddon Abaddon&Curse of Avernus modifier_abaddon_frostmourne None Hidden modifier modifier_abaddon_frostmourne_buff Any Curse of Avernus: Gaining x bonus attack speed. modifier_abaddon_frostmourne_debuff Any Curse of Avernus: Slowed by x%. modifier_abaddon_frostmourne_debuff_bonus Any Curse of Avernus: Silenced and slowed by x%. All attacking units gain bonus attack speed.
Abaddon Abaddon&Mist Coil
Abaddon/Old Abilities Abaddon/Old Abilities&Curse of Avernus (Pre 7.20) Frostmourne Buff Any Frostmourne Debuff Any
Abaddon/Old Abilities Abaddon/Old Abilities&Frostmourne Curse of Avernus Any
Abaddon/Old Abilities Abaddon/Old Abilities&Mark of the Abyss (6.24-6.33) Mark Of The Abyss Speed Buff Any Mark Of The Abyss Debuff Death
Abaddon/Old Abilities Abaddon/Old Abilities&Mark of the Abyss (Pre 6.24) Mark Of The Abyss Speed Buff Death Mark Of The Abyss Debuff Death
Abyssal Blade Abyssal Blade&Bash modifier_bashed Strong Bash: Stunned by bash.
Abyssal Blade Abyssal Blade&Damage Block
Abyssal Blade Abyssal Blade&Overwhelm modifier_bashed Strong Bash: Stunned by bash.
Abyssal Blade/Old Abilities Abyssal Blade/Old Abilities&Overwhelm (7.23-7.28c) modifier_bashed Strong Bash: Stunned by bash.
Abyssal Blade/Old Abilities Abyssal Blade/Old Abilities&Overwhelm (Pre 7.23) modifier_bashed Strong Bash: Stunned by bash.
Aegis of the Immortal Aegis of the Immortal&Reincarnation modifier_aegis_regen Any Aegis Regeneration: The Aegis of the Immortal has expired. Quickly restoring health and mana.
Aegis of the Immortal/Old Abilities Aegis of the Immortal/Old Abilities&Damage Block
Aeon Disk Aeon Disk&Combo Breaker modifier_item_aeon_disk_buff Any Combo Breaker: All incoming and outgoing damage negated.
Aether Lens Aether Lens&Aethereal Focus
Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan&Ability Upgrade modifier_item_ultimate_scepter_consumed None Hidden modifier
Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Scepter&Ability Upgrade
Aghanim's Scepter/Old Abilities Aghanim's Scepter/Old Abilities&Energy Burst
Aghanim's Shard Aghanim's Shard&Ability Upgrade
Aghanim's Shard - Roshan Aghanim's Shard - Roshan&Ability Upgrade None Hidden modifier
Alchemist Alchemist&Acid Spray modifier_alchemist_acid_spray_thinker None On hidden entity modifier_alchemist_acid_spray None Acid Spray: Taking periodic damage, armor reduced by x.
Alchemist Alchemist&Aghanim's Scepter Synth modifier_item_ultimate_scepter_consumed_alchemist None Hidden modifier modifier_alchemist_scepter_bonus_damage None Aghanim's Granted: Gaining x bonus attack damage and x% bonus spell amplification from Aghanim scepters granted to allies.
Alchemist Alchemist&Berserk Potion modifier_alchemist_berserk_potion Any Berserk Potion: Grants bonus attack speed and health regen.
Alchemist Alchemist&Chemical Rage modifier_alchemist_chemical_rage_transform Death Hidden modifier modifier_alchemist_chemical_rage Death Chemical Rage: Reducing attack time to x, increasing health regeneration by x, increasing movement speed by x.
Alchemist Alchemist&Greevil's Greed modifier_alchemist_goblins_greed Death Greevil's Greed: Grants bonus gold when you kill units.
Alchemist Alchemist&Unstable Concoction modifier_alchemist_unstable_concoction Death Hidden modifier modifier_stunned Strong Stunned
Alchemist Alchemist&Unstable Concoction Throw modifier_stunned Strong Stunned
Alchemist/Old Abilities Alchemist/Old Abilities&Unstable Concoction (Pre 6.65) Stun Strong
Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf&Critical Strike modifier_alpha_wolf_critical_strike None Visible in Ability Draft only. Critical Strike: x% chance of inflicting x% critical damage.
Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf&Packleader's Aura modifier_alpha_wolf_command_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_alpha_wolf_command_aura_bonus None Packleader's Aura: Damage increased by x%.
Ancient (Building) Ancient (Building)&Backdoor Protection modifier_backdoor_protection None Hidden modifier modifier_backdoor_protection_in_base None Hidden modifier modifier_backdoor_protection_active None Backdoor Protection: Structure takes reduced damage, and quickly regenerates any damage taken while no enemy creeps are nearby.
Ancient (Building) Ancient (Building)&True Sight modifier_tower_truesight_aura None True Sight: Reveals nearby invisible units. modifier_fountain_truesight_aura None True Sight: Reveals nearby invisible units. modifier_truesight None Hidden modifier
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition&Chilling Touch modifier_chilling_touch None Hidden modifier modifier_chilling_touch_slow Any Chilling Touch: Slowed by x%.
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition&Cold Feet modifier_cold_feet Any Cold Feet: Taking periodic damage, if you don't move you will be frozen in place modifier_ancientapparition_coldfeet_freeze Strong Frozen: Frozen by Ancient Apparition.
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition&Ice Blast modifier_projectile_vision_on_minimap None On hidden entity modifier_invisible_truesight_immune None On hidden entity modifier_ice_blast Death Frostbitten: Taking damage over time and cannot heal or regenerate health. Will instantly shatter if health drops too low.
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition&Ice Vortex modifier_ancient_apparition_ice_vortex_thinker None On hidden entity modifier_ice_vortex None Ice Vortex: Slowed, will take additional damage from magic
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition&Release
Ancient Apparition/Old Abilities Ancient Apparition/Old Abilities&Chilling Touch (Pre 7.20) modifier_chilling_touch Any Chilling Touch: Attacks deal additional magic damage and cause enemies to be slowed briefly. modifier_chilling_touch_slow Any Missing tooltip
Ancient Black Dragon Ancient Black Dragon&Dragonhide Aura modifier_black_dragon_dragonhide_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_black_dragon_dragonhide_aura_bonus Death Dragonhide Aura: Armor increased by x.
Ancient Black Dragon Ancient Black Dragon&Fireball modifier_black_dragon_fireball None On hidden entity
Ancient Black Dragon Ancient Black Dragon&Splash Attack modifier_black_dragon_splash_attack None Hidden modifier
Ancient Black Dragon/Old Abilities Ancient Black Dragon/Old Abilities&Devour Devour Death
Ancient Drakken Armorer Ancient Drakken Armorer&Evasion modifier_blue_dragonspawn_overseer_evasion None Hidden modifier
Ancient Drakken Armorer Ancient Drakken Armorer&Guardian Aura modifier_blue_dragonspawn_overseer_devotion_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_blue_dragonspawn_overseer_devotion_aura_bonus None Guardian Aura: Armor increased by x.
Ancient Drakken Sentinel Ancient Drakken Sentinel&Evasion modifier_blue_dragonspawn_sorcerer_evasion None Hidden modifier
Ancient Granite Golem Ancient Granite Golem&Granite Aura modifier_granite_golem_hp_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_granite_golem_hp_aura_bonus None Granite Aura: Health increased by x%.
Ancient Granite Golem/Old Abilities Ancient Granite Golem/Old Abilities&Hurl Boulder Stunned Strong
Ancient Granite Golem/Old Abilities Ancient Granite Golem/Old Abilities&Slam Big Thunder Lizard Slam Any
Ancient Knowledge Stone Ancient Knowledge Stone&Eat Tree Eat Tree
Ancient Prowler Acolyte Ancient Prowler Acolyte&Prowler Aura modifier_spawnlord_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_spawnlord_aura_bonus Any Prowler Aura: Provides x% lifesteal and x hp per second.
Ancient Prowler Shaman Ancient Prowler Shaman&Desecrate modifier_spawnlord_master_stomp Any Desecrate: Unit has -x base armor.
Ancient Prowler Shaman Ancient Prowler Shaman&Petrify modifier_spawnlord_master_freeze None Hidden modifier modifier_spawnlord_master_freeze_root Any Petrify: Unit is rooted and is damaged x hp per second.
Ancient Rock Golem/Old Abilities Ancient Rock Golem/Old Abilities&Hurl Boulder Stunned Strong
Ancient Rumblehide Ancient Rumblehide&War Drums Aura modifier_big_thunder_lizard_wardrums None Hidden modifier modifier_big_thunder_lizard_wardrums_aura None War Drums Aura: Attack speed increased by x, and attack damage increased by x%.
Ancient Thunderhide Ancient Thunderhide&Frenzy modifier_big_thunder_lizard_frenzy Any Frenzy: Attack speed increased by x.
Ancient Thunderhide Ancient Thunderhide&Slam modifier_big_thunder_lizard_slam Any Slam: Movement speed reduced by x% and attack speed reduced by x.
Ancient Thunderhide/Old Abilities Ancient Thunderhide/Old Abilities&War Drums Aura modifier_big_thunder_lizard_wardrums None Hidden modifier modifier_big_thunder_lizard_wardrums_aura None War Drums Aura: Attack speed increased by x, and attack damage increased by x%.
Animal Courier (Item) Animal Courier (Item)&Deploy Courier
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Go To Secret Shop
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Retrieve Items Courier Take Stash Items Death
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Return Items Courier Return Stash Items Death
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Return to Base
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Spell Immunity modifier_magic_immune Death Spell Immune
Animal Courier (Unit) Animal Courier (Unit)&Transfer Items Courier Transfer Items Death
Animal Courier (Unit)/Old Abilities Animal Courier (Unit)/Old Abilities&Drop Items
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage&Blink
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage&Blink Fragment modifier_antimage_blink_illusion Death Hidden modifier modifier_illusion Death Illusion modifier_invulnerable Death Hidden modifier
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage&Counterspell modifier_antimage_counterspell_passive None Hidden modifier modifier_antimage_counterspell Any Counterspell Shield: Causes all spells that target you to be blocked and reflected onto the enemy. modifier_lotus_orb_delay Death Hidden modifier modifier_item_lotus_orb_channel_check Death Hidden modifier modifier_antimage_dampen_magic None Spell Weakness: Reducing Spell Damage dealt by x% modifier_antimage_dampen_magic_bonus None Spell Weakness (Close Range): Close proximity to Antimage is amplifying the effect of Spell Weakness.
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage&Mana Break modifier_antimage_mana_break None Hidden modifier
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage&Mana Void modifier_stunned Strong Stunned
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Haste
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Mana Break (2.60)
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Mana Burn
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Mana Strangle
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Spell Mantle Spell Mantle Any
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Spell Shield modifier_antimage_spell_shield None Hidden modifier
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Spell Shield (3.00) Spell Shield Death
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Spell Shield (4.00)
Anti-Mage/Old Abilities Anti-Mage/Old Abilities&Spell Shield (Pre 6.10) Spell Shield Death
Arc Warden Arc Warden&Flux modifier_arc_warden_flux Any Flux: Taking damage and slowed by x% when not near a friendly unit.
Arc Warden Arc Warden&Magnetic Field modifier_arc_warden_magnetic_field_thinker_evasion None On hidden entity modifier_arc_warden_magnetic_field_thinker_attack_speed None On hidden entity modifier_arc_warden_magnetic_field_evasion None Hidden modifier modifier_arc_warden_magnetic_field_attack_speed None Magnetic Field: Gaining bonus x attack speed and granting 100% evasion from attacks outside the field. modifier_knockback Any Hidden modifier modifier_arc_warden_magnetic_field_evasion None Hidden modifier
Arc Warden Arc Warden&Spark Wraith modifier_arc_warden_spark_wraith_thinker None On hidden entity modifier_projectile_vision None On hidden entity modifier_arc_warden_spark_wraith_purge Any Spark Wraith: Movement speed reduced by x%.
Arc Warden Arc Warden&Tempest Double modifier_arc_warden_tempest_double None Tempest Double: A complete clone of Arc Warden that can use spells and items with the exception of Gem of True Sight and Divine Rapier. modifier_kill Death Hidden modifier
Arc Warden/Old Abilities Arc Warden/Old Abilities&Rune Forge modifier_arc_warden_scepter None On hidden entity
Arcane Blink Arcane Blink&Arcane Blink modifier_item_arcane_blink_buff Any Arcane Blink: Cast point duration decreased by x%. Ability cooldown duration reduced by x%.
Arcane Boots Arcane Boots&Replenish Mana
Arcane Ring Arcane Ring&Replenish Mana
Arcane Rune Arcane Rune&Arcane modifier_rune_arcane Any Arcane: Reduces cooldowns by 30% and manacosts by 30%
Arcanist's Armor Arcanist's Armor&Mega Shield modifier_item_force_field_bonus_aura None Arcanist's Aura Reflection: Returning damage to attacking units. modifier_item_force_field_bonus None Arcanist's Aura Reflection: Returning damage to attacking units.
Arcanist's Armor Arcanist's Armor&Shield modifier_item_force_field_effect None Arcanist's Aura: Armor increased by x and magic resistance increased by x%.
Armlet of Mordiggian Armlet of Mordiggian&Unholy Strength modifier_item_armlet_unholy_strength Death Unholy Strength: Damage increased by x.\nStrength increased by x.\nArmor increased by x.\nLosing x health per second.
Armor Armor&Armor Corruption modifier_armor_corruption Any Armor Corruption: Armor is reduced by x.
Ascetic's Cap Ascetic's Cap&Endurance modifier_item_ascetic_cap_buff Any Missing Tooltip
Assassin's Blade Assassin's Blade&Slow Poison Item Orb Of Venom Slow Any
Assassin's Blade/Old Abilities Assassin's Blade/Old Abilities&Web Any
Assassin's Contract Assassin's Contract&Assassin's Contract
Assassin's Dagger Assassin's Dagger&Assassin's Dagger
Assault Cuirass Assault Cuirass&Assault Aura modifier_item_assault_positive_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_item_assault_positive None Assault Cuirass: Armor enhanced by x.\nAttack speed increased by x. modifier_item_assault_negative_armor_aura None Hidden modifier modifier_item_assault_negative_armor None Assault Cuirass: Armor reduced by x