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Soruq the Hunter is a famous figure. Not much is known about him, except for two rumors. The first is that he was once mentor to Gondar, teaching the future Bounty Hunter how to hunt big game in the forest with a blade. The second is that he was tracked down and captured by Gondar, and delivered to face judgment for having killed a prince's treasured hellkite.[1]

While Gondar's relationship with Soruq is unclear, there is no question Soruq taught Gondar the ability to enchant his blades with magical words.[2]

The Second Disciple[]

Aside from Gondar, Soruq also had a second disciple, who betrayed him in the end by selling his secrets to an army of infidels. Angered by this betrayal, Gondar tracked down the traitor, and killed him.[3] He then claimed the second disciple's blade, as well as his veil, enchanted with one of Soruq's sigils. From this veil, Gondar learned of a rare and useful technique passed down from his old master, although the nature of that technique is unknown.[4]