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Snapfire minimap icon.png Beatrix Snapfire
Beatrix Snapfire and her dragon toad Mortimer are a welcome sight to the ragged folk who scratch out lives along the desert routes and oases scattered throughout Nanarak, the rain-forsaken gateway to the Outlands.

As well known for her unrivaled skills as a weaponsmith as for dispensing wisdom, mirth, and the meanest firesnap cookies the world has ever seen, Beadie's survived to a ripe old age in a young keen's trade by being quick with her wits and even quicker with her guns.

Indeed, the Outlands are littered with the bones of bandits and ne'er-do-wells who thought to take advantage of her small stature and propensity for kindness.
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Heroes Timbersaw minimap icon.png Timbersaw
Clockwerk minimap icon.png Clockwerk
Sniper minimap icon.png Sniper
Tinker minimap icon.png Tinker
Luna minimap icon.png Luna
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Races Smallkeen
Places Nanarak
Dread Marsh
Jidi Isle
Characters Mortimer
Rizzrack's Mother
Species Dragon Toad
Artifacts Ol' Rackatee

Beatrix Snapfire is a keen, living in the desert regions near the Outlands. Known as Beadie to her friends, she rides across the dry lands on Mortimer, her trusty dragon toad. Once a member of a gang, Beatrix spent her youth committing unsavory acts, but has since left to live on her own. With a natural knack for smithing, she arms herself with an array of weapons, keeping Ol' Rackatee, her trusty shotgun, by her side at all times.[1] Aside from weaponsmithing, Beatrix delights in baking cookies, though she never shares her secret recipe.[2]


Beatrix comes from a family of keen, and has several sisters, one of whom is Rizzrack's Mother, thus making her Rizzrack's aunt.[3] Unlike her sisters, she has no children of her own.[4][5]

As a child, her father taught her how to fish with dynamite.[6] She appears to have lived near other keen, such as Kardel and Rattletrap.

Departure & Outlands[]

In her youth, Beatrix caused great problems among the keen she lived with, resulting in a grudge with others like Kardel and Rattletrap.[7] She ran off on a small adventure, planning to return after a few months. But her escapade turned into several years, and she was forced to flee into the Dread Marsh over a misunderstanding, to escape from her pursuers. After she made it out of the marsh, she decided not to return home, having already gone too far. [8]

Arriving at the outlands, she found herself desperate and alone, and resorted to manufacturing weapons for sale to the people of the area. Her expertise in weaponsmithing made her wares highly valuable.[9] This activity soon led her to join a gang.[10] The gang lasted for many years, during which Beatrix continued to supply arms to unsavory characters,[11] including the kingdom of Krimwohl (whose populace was responsible for the destruction of Hoodwink's home) where she sold her gunpowder to its inhabitants.[12] She no longer talks much about those days and prefers to keep it that way.[13]


During her time with the gang, Beatrix found a baby dragon toad, no bigger than her hand. As a joke, she named him Mortimer.[14] Her gang joked that she was his mother, and the group seriously considered eating Mortimer when it grew up.[15]

Beatrix grew fond of Mortimer, and when she left the gang, he went with her. She expects him to outlive her, and find a new partner in the future.[16]


Upon returning to her hometown, Beatrix found that her sister, who had originally settled in the Vale of Augury, had passed away while she was gone.[17] Shes notes that her sister's son, Rizzrack, is still around, but somewhat traumatized.[18] The older keen still remember the things she did as a youth, and are still afraid of her.[19] Seeing this, Beatrix is unsure of how long she will stay in her old hometown.[20]


Beatrix has an antagonistic relationship with Kardel and Rattletrap due to unspecified deeds she committed in her youth.[21][22] However, she owns a watch made by Rattletrap's grandfather.[23] She is friends with at least one keen, Boush, having collaborated on something many years ago.[24][25]

In her younger days, Beatrix ran with Luna, when she was still known as the Scourge of the Plains before she entered the service of Selemene.[26]

Beatrix has met trolls before, but did not get along with them.[27] She once met someone who claimed to serve a 'hidden master', possibly related to Lanaya.[28]


Beatrix's primary occupation is making black powder, along with firearms, because she wants the quality of her weapons to match that of her powder.[29] She once sold her weapons to any buyer, but is more selective these days after realizing the bad things she has indirectly done by selling them.[30]

There came a time when she did not want to make weapons anymore, and took up baking instead. Her battle cookies are her favorite, and she gives them out to those she likes. The recipe is secret, although she hints that it includes things used in her 'other talents'.[31] She teases others with misleading hints regarding the secret ingredient, although it is sometimes assumed to be black powder. Aside from her regular cookies, Beatrix has also been known to make snickerdoodles and crumble pie.[32]

Before going to bed, Beatrix enjoys a glass of brandy.[33]

In her spare time, Beatrix likes to read, especially pulp fiction, which she sometimes reads while riding Mortimer.[34] She is also fond of poetry, especially the poems written by Auroth.[35]


Beatrix is not religious.[36] She once went to the Jidi Isle, and would like to return and visit again.[37]



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