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Smoke of Deceit is an item purchasable at the Base Shop, under Consumables.

Available in the Base Shop
Smoke of Deceit
Smoke of Deceit icon
The charlatan wizard Myrddin's only true contribution to the arcane arts.
Cost 50 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 25 Gold  / Count
Stacks NO LIMIT / Inventory Slot
Stock 2 INIT / 3 MAX
7 minutes 420
Active Disguise
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Usage Alert ? Yes
Smoke of Deceit (50)

Additional Information[]

  • Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Couriers are able to use Smoke of Deceit.


No Target
Turns the caster and all allied player-controlled units in a 1200 radius invisible, and grants 15% bonus movement speed for 45 seconds.

While the caster is still disguised, any allies that come within 15% range of them will also get the buff applied to them. Each smoke can only be applied once to allies.

Attacking, or moving within 1025 range of an enemy hero or tower, will break the invisibility.

Disguise grants invisibility that is immune to True Sight.
Effect Radius: 1200
Secondary Smoke Radius: 300
Dispel Radius: 1025
Fade Time: 0
Simultaneous Downtime: 2
Move Speed Bonus: 15%
Duration: 45
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]
Smoke top bar indicator

Top bar icons showing which heroes are affected by Smoke of Deceit, visible to spectators only. Has higher priority than the icons of Aegis of the Immortal icon Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese icon Cheese.

  • Instantly puts all affected heroes' Smoke of Deceit on a 15%-second cooldown.
  • Interrupts the caster's channeling abilities and any other order upon cast, with the exception of regular move orders.
  • Affected units can cast abilities, and pick up and drop items while invisible without breaking invisibility, except attacking.
  • When attacking, the invisibility is lost upon reaching the attack point, even when the attack misses.
  • True Sight cannot detect units affected by Smoke of Deceit.
  • Only units affected by Chronosphere icon Chronosphere, or units that have their unit model revealed by abilities such as Thirst icon Thirst or Track icon Track, can be seen while affected by Disguise.
    • See shared vision for the full list of abilities that reveal unit models.
    • Units that become visible this way are still hidden from the minimap.
  • Only the hero that cast Disguise can share the effect to nearby units.
  • Units affected do not provide vision from shared vision abilities unless they also have their unit model revealed by a different shared vision ability that specifically reveals unit models.
  • Only affects player-controlled units. Does not affect invulnerable and hidden allies.
    • However, invulnerable and hidden enemy heroes dispel it.
  • The effect is only dispelled when approaching enemy heroes (including Divided We Stand icon Meepo Clones, excluding other clones and illusions), towers or fountain.
    • However, upon cast, Disguise does not affect allies who have any enemy clone near them, including clones that otherwise do not dispel it.
    • The effect is also dispelled upon entering the elevated fountain area of the enemy team.
  • Does not grant phased movement.


  • The item was suggested in the Playdota forums by drgaliza on Dec 18, 2010. It was implemented by Icefrog in the Christmas update.


Recent Changes[]

  • Smoke of Deceit icon Disguise
    • While the caster is still disguised, any allies that come within 300 radius of them will also be Disguised.
    • The buff can only be applied once to allies per cast. [?]
    • Increased duration from 35 to 45.
  • Smoke of Deceit icon Disguise
    • Now has a 2-second buff stack limit duration.
    • The duration is set upon cast, successive casts no longer reapply the buff.
  • Increased max stock count from 2 to 3. [?]