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This article is about the courier. For the race in Dota 2 lore, see Smeevils.
Cosmetic icon Smeevil
Courier 10174
Rarity: Legendary
Slot: Courier

Tis said among artisan and warrior alike that there is no finer servant than a trusty smeevil. However, a hero who chooses a smeevil as their courier may soon find these clever critters taking new forms in order to gain assistants of their own. Inspired by the great battles they bear witness to, a smeevil may become emboldened to press ever more exotic beasts to their cause.

This courier is obtained by purchasing The International 2013 Interactive Compendium Bundle. Similar to some of the previous tournament couriers, Smeevil tracked the amount of International 2013 games or replays you have watched.

International 2013 Gem[]

The Smeevil comes with a spectator gem for the International 2013, which also evolves the courier as more views are obtained. A particle effect, which gets stronger with increased views, is given to the Green, Red, Yellow, and Purple Smeevil styles (the mounted styles do not get the particle effect). The maximum effect is achieved when the gem has at least 100 views.


The Smeevil has several customizable styles that, once unlocked, can be selected on the Armory page. Different items are required to unlock different appearances.

  • You will obtain 1 Smeevil Treat after playing your first Compendium Match.
  • You will obtain 1 Smeevil Treat after stamping 1 full team of Player Cards into your Compendium.
  • You will obtain 1 Smeevil Treat after stamping 5 full teams of Player Cards (including the 2 listed favorites) into your Compendium.
  • You will obtain 1 Mammoth Bait after creating your first Compendium Fantasy Team within the Compendium.
  • You will obtain 1 Cleft Hawk's Call after completing all the Main Event Predictions in the Compendium.
  • You will obtain 1 Edge Crab Lure after stamping eight complete teams, including the two specified challenge teams within the Compendium.
  • You will obtain 1 Edge Crab Dye after stamping all player cards within the Compendium.
Style Picture Unlocked by
Green Smeevil
Base Style.
Red Smeevil
Yellow Smeevil
Purple Smeevil
Red Smeevil and Mammoth
Yellow Smeevil and Bird
Purple Smeevil and Crab
Purple Smeevil and Dyed Crab



Patch History[]

  • Fixed the ability to unlock Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Courier styles that require mammoth, bird and crab unlock items.
  • Fixed item's selectable styles.
  • Fixed Mammoth Smeevil portrait.

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