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Associated with
Heroes Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Races Eldwurm
Places Icewrack
Characters Yulsaria
Cosmetics Yulsaria's Glacier

Slyrak was an eldwurm, best known for merging his being with Sir Davion, the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight. He was covered in red scales, and breathed fire hot enough to melt metal.

War with Yulsaria[]

In the frigid lands of Icewrack, a powerful sorceress named Yulsaria ruled. Commmandering an army of ice golems, she pushed southwards to expand her territory through conquest. Angered by her ambitions, Slyrak rose and melted the golem army with his fire breath. He then continued northward, burning away at Yulsaria's empire until it was destroyed.[1]

Meeting with Davion and death[]

Once a fearsome dragon who obliterated knights with gouts of flame, Slyrak had grown old and feeble by the time Davion sought his challenge. The young dragon-slayer saw no meaning in slaying a decrepit dragon, but Slyrak convinced Davion to grant him death by combat. Sinking one claw into the knight, Slyrak's blood mingled with Davion's, and through this Blood Route the eldwurm transmitted his powers, experiences, and wisdom gathered over centuries. It is not known how much of Slyrak still exists within the Davion, only that he can now Breathe Fire, and take on his Elder Dragon Form.[2] Overtime after that encounter Davion had nightmares and when he transforms into Slyrak his clothes burn until the Invoker give Davion an armor that cannot break if he transforms.

Dragon Knight has Slyrak engraved on his shield, showing a red eldwurm.[3]


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