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This page is about Dota 2 lore. For the hero, see Slardar minimap icon.png Slardar.
Slithereen Guard
Associated With
Heroes Slardar minimap icon.png Slardar
Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren
Races Slithereen
Factions Deep Ones
Order of Cyprin
Conclave of the Brine
Places Crey
Deep Vault
Coral Breach
Gods Maelrawn

The Slithereen Guard is a unit of Slithereen and Naga, tasked to defend the Deep Ones and their treasury of sunken wealth. Its members include Slardar minimap icon.png Slardar and Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren. Commanders of the guard wear helmets adorned with bright, yellow plumes.[1] Distinguished members of the guard may be admitted into the prestigious Order of Cyprin.

Ranks and Units[]

Among the guard are elite members, the high-sworn. They observe a strict oath, repeated before battle: No Slithereen may fail. Honor is highly valued. Should one of the high-sworn fail in their duties, they are banished until they can fulfill their obligations. Slithice is one of the high-sworn.

The most skilled members are designated as Centurions. Another elite unite of the guard is called The Flood, and is led by the First Spear, a position currently held by Slardar minimap icon.png Slardar.[2]

Battle of Crey[]

At great battle took place at Crey, between the Slithereen Guard and an army of marauding Levianths, searching for tribute for their god, Maelrawn. Slithice led a force of a hundred guardians in defending the sunken treasures, most of whom were slaughtered in the fighting. Although they succeeded in repelling the Levianths, one chalice was found missing from the sunken treasury. For this oversight, Slithice was stripped of her rank, exiled, and forced to cover her headfins until she found and returned the single chalice.[3][4]

Battle of Stonefish Gate[]

The Slithereen Guard, along with Slithice, were present at the Battle of Stonefish Gate, called there to aid the Conclave of the Brine.[5] Their opponent is unknown.