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Sisters of the Veil
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The Sisters of the Veil, also known as the Veiled Sisters or Veiled ones is a secretive organization that practices ritual assassinations. Like its name suggests, most if not all of its members are female.[1]

The Veiled Oracle[]

Among the order is the revered Veiled Oracle, who speaks the names of those slated to die.[2] Although rare, the Veiled Oracle has been known to name other members of the Sisterhood for assassination. Because of this, the Sisterhood takes special precautions to resist being killed by one of their own.[3]

The Phantom Assassins[]

The Veiled Sisters believe that assassination is a sacred part of the natural order. To achieve this, they select children with a method of divination to be trained and brought up as Phantom Assassins. The children are raised with no identity of their own, except their devotion to the Veiled Sisters. Their targets are seemingly determined at random, through meditations and prophesies which make no distinction between the classes of man. Victims are regarded as sacrifices, and death at the hands of a Phantom Assassin is considered an honor. Phantom Assassins are forbidden to speak their own name. Mortred is the only one who has broken this rule.[1]

The Phantom Assassins consider themselves one within the order. When a Phantom Assassin falls, another rises to take her place. The total number of Phantom Assassins is unknown.[1]

The Phantom Veil[]

Each assassin wears a Phantom Veil over their faces, made from silk. There is also some evidence that the Phantom Veil is a metaphysical concept, with Mortred claiming that even the dead cannot "see beyond the Phantom Veil".[4] She also believes that her own deaths represents failure to the Veil, and that her assassinations are required by the "pattern of the Veil".[2][5]

Martial Arts[]

The assassins of the Veiled Sisters are highly trained in the use of double-sided blades and scythes. Apprentices learn and demonstrate their skills on the proving grounds.[6]

The first skill learned is the art of throwing daggers, used to disable or distract a target before engaging.[7] Assassins are taught to meditate, enhancing their abilities to anticipate incoming attacks.[8] Through divine will, Phantom Assassins can deal decisive blows, often ending a mark's life in one stroke.[9] The weapons of the Phantom Assassins range from long, nimble blades to heavier, curved ones. Above all, the Veiled Sisters pride themselves on weapons that can pierce anything.[10]


The Sisters have dealings in the merchant city of Revtel, although their precise nature is unclear. These dealings have aroused rumors, heard by Donte Panlin, who warns Mortred that the city's kings would be angered once they learned of their actions.[11]


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