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Slippers of the Abyss
Siltbreaker Slippers of the Abyss icon.png
In the voluminous depths, those who cannot move swiftly will be the first to die.
Cost 130 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 65 Gold
Active Aqueous Rush
Bonus ? +15 Strength
+15 Agility
+90 Movement Speed
+100 Attack Speed
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Slippers of the Abyss (130)

Slippers of the Abyss is an artifact found during the Siltbreaker event. Players must be level 19 in-game to use it.

Additional information[]

  • Cannot be sold or destroyed.
  • Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
  • Stacks with all other movement speed bonuses.
  • The Slippers of the Abyss grants a total of Expression error: Unexpected < operator. health, Expression error: Unexpected < operator. health regeneration, Expression error: Unexpected < operator.% armor and Expression error: Unexpected < operator. attack speed (and Lua error in Module:Show at line 50: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). attack damage to Strength attribute symbol.png strength and Agility attribute symbol.png agility heroes).


Aqueous Rush
Pierces spell immunity.
No Target
Increase movement speed by 200 for 4 seconds.
Movement Speed Bonus: 200
Duration: 4
Cooldown: 20
Mana: 0
Slippers Of The Abyss Sprint


  • Does not interrupt the user's channeling spells on cast.
  • Grants the user a flat movement speed bonus.
  • Also increases the max movement speed limit from 550 to 750 for its duration
    • This means its bonus can still be applied even when already at 550 movement speed.