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Oblivion's Locket
Siltbreaker Oblivion's Locket icon.png
A skeleton's charm. Used to prevent having a bad time.
Cost 15 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 7.5 Gold
Passive ? Spook
Bonus ? +5 Strength
+5 Agility
+5 Intelligence
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Oblivion's Locket (15)

Oblivion's Locket is an artifact found during the Siltbreaker event. Players must be level 4 in-game to use it.

Additional information[]

  • Cannot be sold or destroyed.
  • Oblivion's Locket grants a total of Expression error: Unexpected < operator. health, Expression error: Unexpected < operator. health regeneration, Expression error: Unexpected < operator. armor, Lua error in Module:Show at line 50: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). attack speed, Expression error: Unexpected < operator. mana, Expression error: Unexpected < operator. mana regeneration, Expression error: Unexpected < operator.% spell damage and Lua error in Module:Show at line 50: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). attack damage.


Become ethereal, immune to physical but taking 50% extra magic damage for up to 1 second.
Max Channel Time: 1
Magic Resistance Bonus: 50%
Cooldown: 10
ghost state


  • Uses the same modifier as Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter, so that they do not stack.
  • Stacks with the buff from Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade, however, the stronger resistance reduction takes priority.
  • Despite the description, the effect grants magic resistance, instead of reducing it.


  • The item's description is a reference to a line from a skeleton character, Sans, from the game Undertale. In addition, the Icon looks somewhat reminiscent of a Gaster Blaster, one of Sans' weapons.