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Longclaw's Amulet
Siltbreaker Longclaw's Amulet icon.png
Magic is somewhat uncommon in the Weald, its secrets closely guarded.
Cost 35 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 17.5 Gold
Bonus ? +8% Cooldown Reduction
+8% Mana Loss Reduction
+4% Spell Lifesteal (Hero)
+0.8% Spell Lifesteal (Creep)
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Longclaw's Amulet (35)

Longclaw's Amulet is an artifact found during the Siltbreaker event. Players must be level 8 in-game to use it.

Additional information[]

  • Cannot be sold or destroyed.
  • The spell lifesteal stacks with all other sources of spell lifesteal.
  • The cooldown reduction stacks with all other sources of cooldown reductions.
  • The cooldown and mana cost reductions affect spells and items alike.