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Act II: A Vault in the Deep

Fully labeled map (Full size)


  • Players must progress through separate zones to complete the campaign.
  • Each zone has three difficulty tiers, represented by three stars.
  • A star ranking is given out at the end of each zone depending on certain criteria met.
  • Players can pass through a zone without earning any stars.
  • Click on a zone's name for full information regarding units, objects, drop rates and more.

Bitter Ridge[]

Bitter Ridge
Siltbreaker Bitter Ridge Header.jpg
Discovered in an attempt to find easier passage down the mountain, Bitter Ridge offers nowhere to go but up.

Frostbite Tundra[]

Frostbite Tundra
Siltbreaker Frostbite Tundra Header.jpg
While visited by the occasional bold trader, this tundra's deadly inhabitants ensure continued backwater status.
Quests Enemies
  • Find Whitecap Lake in under 9:00 / 7:30 / 4:00.
  • Eliminate at least 10 / 20 / 30 Frostbitten Shamans.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Frostbitten Shamans cast spells that are difficult to see against the map background.
  • Green waves of smoke should be avoided as soon as the sound of the action is heard. The projectile moves in a straight line, and is roughly as fast as a hero with Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed.
  • Do not go out of your way to fight more groups, as they respawn endlessly.
  • 3star: Kill shaman along the way. When you meet crossroad, kill 2 camps (at least 1 camp) on bottom and then back to the top again (because the 3rd camps is too far away). When you only need few more shaman, send 1 player to straight run checkpoint while others kill the rest of shaman. after this you can farm the zone 1 again.
  • More tips needed.

Whitecap Lake[]

Whitecap Lake
Siltbreaker Whitecap Lake Header.jpg
The Whitecap fish camp is merely an outpost of a larger settlement found farther up the mountain.
Quests Enemies
  • Save at least 10 / 20 / 30 penguins.
  • Eliminate at least 1 / 2 / 3 Alpine Growlers.
  • You team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • There is no time limit for this zone. Take your time and do not rush.
  • All three Growler types have Fury Swipes, causing them to do more damage on a single player over time.
    • Swap between different players to tank big groups and reduce the stack damage..
  • Ogre Seals are hidden under the ice, and will jump out when players are nearby. Try to stick together, don't go searching for treasures alone.
  • Paw of Lucius can kill Ogre Seals quickly when they start to jump.
  • Protect the teammate carrying the penguin.
  • Always open Treasure Boxes before you save penguins, Sunstrikes and Land Mines kill penguins once you have activated the penguins.
  • Boss Growlers would use a spell similar to Berserker's Call. The spell has a red visual indicator around the boss Growlers.
  • This spell is lethal as this gives the smaller Growlers to focus on one ally hero, accumulating Fury Swipes.
  • Two ways to overcome the Berserker's Call, either by picking mob clearing heroes like Gyrocopter, or by running when the boss Growlers cast the spell, and fighting them after that.
  • Rescue more than 10 penguin by 1 person at once may stuck them from reward
  • 3star:
    • no time limit here and all of your enemies have huge damage, so sometimes you need to restore your mana and hp again.
    • 1. go down and save 4 penguins in the east.
    • 2. in the west you will see 4 penguins there. clear the area from spawning seals. after that save that 4 penguins.
    • 3. go to south. Kill all growlers (include 1st Alphine Growlers) and open the treasure box. dont save the penguins yet. go back downhill and kill any seals and growlers that respawned again. after this you can save penguins. need 2 people to save them because save too many penguins in 1 player can cause bugs (penguins will not walk to fire camps)
    • 4. go to north and do same as number 3. (2nd Alphine Growlers is here)
    • 5. go to west and kill the 3rd Alphine Growlers
  • Tiny's Toss can interrupt an Ogre Seal's jump if timed right.
  • A notification sound will be played right when the zone creep respawn. With this information, you can wait for the seals and growler to respawn, killing them and rescue the penguin. The respawn interval is random at approximate 70 ~ 90 seconds.
  • More tips needed.

The Brumal Aerie[]

The Brumal Aerie
Siltbreaker The Brumal Aerie Header.jpg
Usually a waypoint between Whitecap and Azura, this small clearing recently caught the eye of a nesting icewyrm.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat Karaul Silverwing in under 7:00 / 5:00 / 3:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Karaul Silverwing is flying a lot. Her landing breaks are only 20 seconds long, so using these to deal damage is very important.
    • She always flies in straight lines and always flies so that she crosses one of her egg nests. She switches directions between 3 to 6 times before she lands again.
    • While flying, she only attacks when the players come in front of her. She does not launch her attacks when not passing over a hero.
    • Look at the minimap and just stay out of the direction she is flying to avoid the attacks.
    • While she is flying, destroy as many eggs as possible. Although she lies new eggs when landing, she first makes other eggs hatch, so she cannot make her new eggs hatch immediately. This new eggs can then be quickly destroyed on her next flight.
  • Upon landing, she forces some eggs to hatch. The amount of eggs depend on her health: 3 eggs when above 66%, 4 when between 33% and 66%, and 5 when below 33%.
    • Each egg spawns 3 Silverwing Cutchlings. These cannot be de-aggroed, but are fairly easy to kill with AoE nukes, since they have no magic resistance.
  • While on the ground, she uses Projectile Curse on a random hero. It's essentially Winter's Curse without the damage immunity.
    • Therefore, same rules as playing against Winter Wyvern apply: Stand apart from each other to avoid the taunt.
    • The only way for the primary target to avoid the spell is to be invulnerable upon impact. The effect pierces everything else.
  • Her other ground attack is a very slow moving projectile which applies the same effects as her flight attack when hitting.
    • Melee heroes should be stay back a bit until the attack is launched. It difficult to dodge when in melee range.

Bitter Ridge[]

Azura Overlook
Siltbreaker Azura Overlook Header.jpg
Well within the safe haven of Azura's patrols, this powder pathway is a downhill dream.
  • Right click a Blueheart Racer (penguin) to ride it and then race to the next area.
  • The penguins will give a small amount of gold when they collide with another object, and you will no longer be able to ride that penguin.
  • The further you ride the penguin, the more gold it drops.
  • More tips needed.


Siltbreaker Azura Header.jpg
Resettled by a group of colonists out of Cobalt after a long abandonment, Azura is a village still very much threatened by the encroaching wilds.

Iceblight Plateau[]

Iceblight Plateau
Siltbreaker Iceblight Plateau Header.jpg
Home to winds capable of sheering hide from bone, few survive the trek across this blighted plateau.
Quests Enemies
  • Find the entrance to the Frozen Crag in under 10:00 / 8:00 / 4:00.
  • Hunt at least 4 / 6 / 8 Ice Giants.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • All players receive a Cold debuff in this zone. The debuff runs out in 20 seconds, after which players will be afflicted with a second debuff, Bonefrost.
    • Bonefrost causes players to lose 60 health per second.
    • Move to a campfire to reset the Cold debuff timer.
    • Pocket Campfires also work, but will only last for a set amount of time. Purchase a few at the shopkeeper just before entering the zone.
    • The basic strategy is therefore to move from campfire to campfire while killing Ice Giants and their Wild Yaks.
  • Ice Giants shoot green projectiles that hex players (however, the players can still use their item) while resetting cold debuff timer count, as well as a spell similar to Chain Frost, but with a slightly shorter bounce range.
  • To avoid Chain Frost it is safer to fight with Ice Giants with 2 players and rest two will stay safe.
  • Large Relicts have a spell similar to Slardar's ultimate skill, and has a red visual indicator during its channeling time. The Corrosive Haze reduced armor significantly.
  • Always dodge the Corrosive Haze. It is the main reason of death when the mob arrives.
  • More tips needed.

The Frozen Crag[]

The Frozen Crag
Siltbreaker The Frozen Crag Header.jpg
Though some folk in Azura long to journey to their ancient mountaintop home, those who try to pass through the crag are seldom seen again.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat Storegga in under 8:00 / 6:00 / 4:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Storegga throws boulders, and creates obstacles on the map with each throw.
  • Storegga will pick up players who stand too close to him and throw them away, stunning allies in the flight path.
    • He cannot pick up a player while he is holding a boulder.
  • Storegga has a ground punch with an AoE stun. This is easily avoidable by moving towards him or from side to side.
  • Once Storegga drops to below half health, he will begin to channel an attack that sends out Avalanches in all directions.
  • There is a very obvious visual indicator when Storegga is preparing to cast the Avalanche.
  • Treant Protector's Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Overgrowth". will cancel Storegga's Avalanches.
  • Treant Protector can 1 v 1 this boss
  • Best way to fight this boss is to hug him at his legs, and hit him.
  • More tips needed.

Crypt of the Odobenus Legion[]

Crypt of the Odobenus Legion
Siltbreaker Crypt of the Odobenus Legion Header.jpg
Where once halls rang with songs and laughter, now shades beckon the long hereafter.
Quests Enemies
  • Reach the Throne Room in under 14:00 / 10:00 / 6:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Odobenus Frost Mages are ethereal and can only be killed with magical and pure damage.
  • Odobenus Wraiths can be damaged by Maelstrom/Mjollnir bounces.
  • Spreading out can help avoid too many enemies being pulled into Odobenus Wraiths' snowball, therefore decreasing the damage received.
  • The Odobenus Ogre Seal is surrounded by several Odobenus Wraiths, try and skirt around and take out as many of these as possible before facing the seal.
  • Destroy the Odobenus Tombstones first if your party contains squishy heroes who might be quickly overwhelmed.
  • Use Bogdugg's Cudgel to clear the waves.
  • to 3 star this zone, one does need Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade AND Glimmer Cape icon.png Glimmer Cape to go at maze solo and the others will wait until the gate opens and avoid enemies or kill them fast
  • Need more tips

The Odobenus Onslaught[]

The Odobenus Onslaught
Siltbreaker The Odobenus Onslaught Header.jpg
Long after all other mortal thoughts have faded from memory, the revenants of the Odobenus Legion keep vigil over their ancient throne room.
Quests Enemies
  • Escape the Throne Room in under 6:00 / 4:00 / 2:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Phase Boots icon.png Phase Boots are quite useful for trying to get out of large crowds or trying to get to a dying carry.
  • Put your tank near the door so they can run back to distract the creeps after it is opened. This will allow the rest of the team to escape.
  • The large number of units spawned can strain some lower end graphics cards, causing lag or even crashes. Try to complete the quest as quickly as possible.
  • to 3 star this zone, 1 hero per tile and the role's position is important, magic damage dealer needs to be on the side of the gate and 2 hitters at top and either left or right and tank can be anywhere, once the tile is at max gauge help the others, the hitter and tank need Bogdugg's Cudgel to handle their position without any problem.
  • More tips needed.

Reef's Edge[]

Reef's Edge
Siltbreaker Reef's Edge Header.jpg
When compared to the crushing depths and unseen horrors lurking beneath the base of Dark Reef, there is relative safety in the shallows.
Quests Enemies
  • Find a path through Reef's Edge in under 6:00 / 4:00 / 2:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade and Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter helps in navigating the reef.
  • Do not shop at the start. The spawns continue while you are shopping, so just run the path as fast as possible, skipping as many fights as possible and not going for treasure chests. Go back for these after you have gotten to the next zone.
  • Use Bogdugg's Cudgel to clear the waves.
  • More tips needed.

The Shoal[]

The Shoal
Siltbreaker The Shoal Header.jpg
In the waters around Dark Reef, even sunlit shallows are not free from the dangers of the deep.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat the Giant Amoeboid in under 7:00 / 4:00 / 3:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.

Sunken Passage[]

Sunken Passage
Siltbreaker Sunken Passage Header.jpg
From outward appearances, a simple undersea grotto. This protected passage into Dark Reef is known to very few.

Dark Reef Prison[]

Dark Reef Prison
Siltbreaker Dark Reef Prison Header.jpg
Renowned as a murderous den of the sea-bred's worst criminals, thanks to Warden Grimwater's diligence, Dark Reef operates with clockwork efficiency.
Quests Enemies
  • Find Siltbreaker's chamber in under 10:00 / 6:00 / 4:00.
  • Unlock at least 2 / 4 / 6 prison cells.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Galvanite Gaolers send out circular waves of electricity when attacked. Keep your distance or bring spell immunity.
  • You don't have to fight all of the Galvanite Gaolers, after you have unlocked enough cells just rush for Siltbreaker's Vault.
  • To get the quest requirements, one person can collect all the keys, and sneak around to open all the cells before rushing to the Siltbreaker's Vault.
  • Treant Protector's Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Overgrowth". can disable Galvanite Gaoler circular waves of electricity.
  • Treant Protector can utilize Blade Mail to instantly kill Galvanite Gaolers standing In the Electric waves with ultimate up.
  • Need more tips

Siltbreaker's Vault[]

Siltbreaker's Vault
Siltbreaker Siltbreaker's Vault Header.jpg
Though Warden Grimwater wanted no part in Siltbreaker's capture, nowhere else was so suited to hold him as Dark Reef.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat Siltbreaker in under 11:00 / 7:00 / 4:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Siltbreaker's autoattacks places stacking debuff which reduces your armor additively and refreshes every time you get hit.
  • Because of the armor reduction above, after 3 or 4 hits, you will take massive amount of physical damage. No combination of items will let you straigh up tank him. In addition, Siltbreaker can mindcontrol your physical damage dealers. Running away seems like the obvious thing but Siltbreaker and the mindcontrolled hero have very high movement speed so it is not the easiest thing. Better strategy to utilize items and artifacts that grant physical immunity. Items: Eul (only self), Ghost Scepter (only self) and Ethereal Blade (works on allies). Artifacts: Brine Wand (works on allies) and Glimmerdark Shield (only self). Siltbreaker has true strike so evasion is not an option. Mindcontrolled ally has true sight so invisibility is not an option.
  • Siltbreaker has Kraken Shell, which constantly purges any debuffs placed on him.
  • Siltbreaker sends out waves that pushes players away from him.
  • Treant Protector's Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Overgrowth". will cancel Siltbreaker's Waves.
  • Siltbreaker will fire an energy beam at 75% health. This is a good time to resurrect fallen allies.
  • At 25% health, Siltbreaker summons Swoledars that replenish his health if not killed. Regeneration is higher than damage dealt to the Siltbreaker. Therefore, players must kill Swoledar as soon as possible when spawning.
  • Siltbreaker will shoot out an orb that disables all actions from the player while draining life. This lasts forever unless a teammate hits the player or gains spell immunity.
  • Siltbreaker can take control of a player. If a physical damage dealer is mind controlled, he can still swap out all his damage items to the backpack to mitigate the damage. Alternatively, as described previously, you can rely on items and artifacts that grant physical immunity.
  • Use buyback sparingly. There are many openings in which to resurrect a fallen teammate.
  • To make this stage easier you can pick Witch Doctor, Zeus, Jakiro/Leshrac and Any Dps or Strength hero.
  • Same with Rhyzik, Siltbreaker has very high physical resist (84%) and evasion (25%). Get a Mjollnir and MKB, then tank up if you're Physical Attacker.
  • Positioning is really important here, and teamwork is quite need here because of his imprisonment skill that your ally needs to be attacked at least 1 time, so Leshrac, Zues, Sven, Gyrocopter, and Luna is really useful to that matter and you can focus on Siltbreaker with no problem.
  • Siltbreaker's Torrents can be avoided by being invisible.
  • The key to beating Siltbreaker is having sufficient AoE damage to clear the summons, single target damage for Siltbraker himself and sufficient movement speed for dodging spells and reaching the healer summons quickly. Without movement speed skill/items, you will have problems killing the healers in time. One big mistake is picking someone like Treant Protector and not building any source of damage. Unless the other 3 heroes have end game artifacts, you cannot afford to have a fourth member doing little damage. With MKB, Mjollnir and Daedulus on four heroes, you should have enough damage (mostly magical from the procs) to damage Siltbreaker before he gets healed too much during the final phase.
  • Utilizing Blade Mail on Treant Protector against wave and laser phases deals immense amounts of damage.As Treant's ultimate Is essentially a 2nd life It Is extremely safe to do so.
  • More tips needed.


  • Players obtain one respawn charge every time a checkpoint is passed, up to 5 charges.
  • Players can respawn one another by clicking on a fallen player's tombstone. This will consume a respawn charge.
  • Players can buy back, and respawn at the last checkpoint. This will consume two respawn charges.
  • A Life Rune can be picked up to gain an additional respawn charge.


  • A limited selection of heroes are available for this campaign.
  • Some heroes have altered abilities made specifically for this event.
  • Click on a hero's icon to see their custom stats and abilities for this event.
Attribute Heroes
Strength attribute symbol.png Strength Dragon Knight icon.png Legion Commander icon.png Omniknight icon.png Sven icon.png Tidehunter icon.png Tiny icon.png Treant Protector icon.png
Agility attribute symbol.png Agility Drow Ranger icon.png Gyrocopter icon.png Luna icon.png Shadow Fiend icon.png Templar Assassin icon.png Troll Warlord icon.png Viper icon.png Weaver icon.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence Dazzle icon.png Jakiro icon.png Leshrac icon.png Lina icon.png Windranger icon.png Witch Doctor icon.png Zeus icon.png
Removed Abaddon icon.png


  • Siltbreaker uses the default Dota 2 items, with a few tweaks. A couple of items are completely disabled, while a very few received modifications.
  • Most buyable items can be found as drop-items after killing enemies or breaking environmental objects and opening chests.
  • They can also be purchased at various shops scattered across the campaign. Most items can be sold at shops.
  • Dropped items last for 30 seconds on the ground before they despawn. This excludes quest items, Life Runes and Artifacts.
  • Items are fully sharable with allies (including NPCs).
  • Click on an item's name to view full mechanics information.

New items[]

These items cannot be purchased, but are dropped from enemies, except for the quest item.

Image Item Description
Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag Grants a set amount of gold to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Health Potion icon.png Health Potion Restores 20% health to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Mana Potion icon.png Mana Potion Restores 20% mana to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Life Rune icon.png Life Rune Grants an additional life to the player that picked it up.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.png Artifact Coin Used to purchase Artifacts.
Greater Salve icon.png Greater Salve Activate to recover health.
Greater Clarity icon.png Greater Clarity Activate to recover mana.
Siltbreaker Book of Strength icon.png Book of Strength Permanently grants +3 Strength attribute symbol.png strength to the user.
Siltbreaker Book of Agility icon.png Book of Agility Permanently grants +3 Agility attribute symbol.png agility to the user.
Siltbreaker Book of Intelligence icon.png Book of Intelligence Permanently grants +3 Intelligence attribute symbol.png intelligence to the user.
Siltbreaker Pocket Campfire icon.png Pocket Campfire Creates a campfire to ward off debuffs in Iceblight Plateau.
Also regenerates health and mana.
Siltbreaker Prison Cell Key icon.png Prison Cell Key Used to open Dark Reef Prison's Jail (Cannot be sold)

Dropped Inventory Items[]

Shop Consumables Icon.png Consumables Shop Attributes Icon.png Attributes Shop Armaments Icon.png Armaments Shop Arcane Icon.png Arcane Unknown.png Secret
Shop Common Icon.png Common Shop Support Icon.png Support Shop Caster Icon.png Caster Shop Weapons Icon.png Weapons Shop Armor Icon.png Armor Shop Artifacts Icon.png Artifacts

Secretive Shopkeeper[]

  • One Secretive Shopkeeper is hidden on the map.
  • He sells Siltbreaker Gallaron's Gamble icon.png Gallaron's Gamble for 750 gold, which contain a random item, a trap, or an Artifact.
Image Name Location Screenshot
Siltbreaker Dark Magus model.png The Dark Magus After exiting from The Odobenus Onslaught, turn left and cut down a tree blocking the path to
a dark tunnel. Move to the left through the tunnel and then upwards to find the shopkeeper.
Siltbreaker Act 2 Shopkeeper 1 Screen.jpg

Unavailable Items[]

The following items cannot be purchased, built or found in this game mode:

Modified Items[]

All items are fully sharable with allies. Besides this, the following items have been further modified:

Image Item Modification
Battle Fury (4130) Battle Fury
  • Reduced cleave damage from 40% to 20%.
Enchanted Mango (65) Enchanted Mango
  • Can be sold.
Heart of Tarrasque (5000) Heart of Tarrasque
  • Reduced health regeneration from 7% to 1%.
Tango (90) Tango
  • Not listed in any shop, but can still be bought by searching its name in the shop.
Quelling Blade (130) Quelling Blade
  • Not listed in any shop, but can still be bought by searching its name in the shop.


  • Artifacts can be used to provide various benefits in the campaign.
  • Artifacts are obtained in the armory as a cosmetic item by random drop in game. These items can then be equipped in-game via the artifacts tab next to the shop tab.
  • Owned Artifacts have to be bought with Artifact coins in-game. Artifact coins are acquired as random drops from enemies.
  • Artifacts appear as golden treasure boxes when dropped on the ground.
  • Artifacts are assigned and bound to a player upon dropping, and cannot be shared.
  • Artifacts are permanent and can be used across multiple games.
  • Artifacts from Act II can be used in Act I, and vice versa.
  • Players must be above a certain level for artifacts to function.
  • Click on an artifact's name to see more detailed mechanics and information.
Icon Name Level Required Effect Cost Drop Rate Dropped by
Siltbreaker Ogre Seal Totem icon.png Ogre Seal Totem 5
  • Active: Ogre Seal Flop - Flop like an ogre seal, doing 400 damage and stunning for 2 second on each bounce.
    • Flop Radius: 275
    • Distance per Flop: 400
    • Number of Flops: 2
    • Flop Damage: 250
    • Stun Duration: 1
  • +8 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +200 Health
30 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins - Ogre Seal (2%)
Ogre Seal (chasing) (3%)
Odobenus Ogre Seal (3%)
Treasure Chests (2%)
Gallaron's Gamble (4%)
Siltbreaker Cloak of the Bear icon.png Cloak of the Bear 6 30 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins - Alpine Growler (15%)
Treasure Chests (2%)
Gallaron's Gamble (4%)
Siltbreaker Winter's Embrace icon.png Winter's Embrace 6
  • Passive: Winter's Embrace - Physical attackers have their attack speed and movement speed slowed for 3 seconds.
    • Movement Speed Slow: 30%
    • Attack Speed Slow: 30
    • Slow Duration: 3
  • +12 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
  • +4 Armor
35 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 19.8% Siltbreaker Karaul Silverwing icon.png
Karaul Silverwing
Siltbreaker Ice Dragon Maw icon.png Ice Dragon Maw 7 40 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 9.9%
Siltbreaker Precious Egg icon.png Precious Egg 8 45 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 3.3%
Siltbreaker Ambient Sorcery icon.png Ambient Sorcery 9 35 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins - Ice Giant (4%)
Treasure Chests (2%)
Gallaron's Gamble (4%)
Siltbreaker Gravel Foot icon.png Gravel Foot 13 55 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 24% Siltbreaker Storegga icon.png
Siltbreaker Craggy Coat icon.png Craggy Coat 13
  • Passive: Craggy Coat - When the wearer takes damage, there is a 25% to retaliate with a thrown boulder, which deals 125 and stuns for 0.6 seconds.
    • Proc Chance: 25%
    • Boulder Damage: 125
    • Boulder Stun Duration: 0.6
  • +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +10 Armor
60 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 12%
Siltbreaker Stonework Pendant icon.png Stonework Pendant 15
  • Passive: Stonework Pendant - Spells now cost hit points equal to 2x their mana cost, and the wearer gains bonus hit points and health regen equal to the size of their mana pool and mana regen.
  • +10% Spell Lifesteal
65 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 4%
Siltbreaker Lifestone icon.png Lifestone* 14
  • Active: Health Pact - Converts 60 health into 70 mana every 0.5 seconds.
    • Interval: 0.5
    • Health Cost per Interval: 60
    • Mana Bonus per Interval: 70
  • +10 Health Regeneration
50 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 37.5% Siltbreaker Giant Amoeboid icon.png
Giant Amoeboid
Siltbreaker Amorphotic Shell icon.png Amorphotic Shell* 16
  • Passive: Division - When you take an attack greater than 25 damage, you have a 20% to spawn a friendly amoebite for 20 seconds.
    • Proc Chance: 20%
    • Minimum Damage Threshold: 25
    • Number of Amoebas: 1
    • Amoeba Duration: 20
  • +30 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +10 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
  • +20 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
75 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 12.5%
Siltbreaker Violet Blade icon.png Violet Blade* 16
  • Passive: Devastation - Your attacks reduce the target's armor by 14 for 15 seconds.
    • Armor Reduction: 14
    • Duration: 15
  • +80 Attack Damage
70 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins - Odobenus Wraith (0.5%)
Treasure Chests (2%)
Gallaron's Gamble (4%)
Siltbreaker Slippers of the Abyss icon.png Slippers of the Abyss 19 130 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 46.15% Siltbreaker Siltbreaker icon.png
Siltbreaker Wand of the Brine icon.png Wand of the Brine 20
  • Active: Brinefoam - Puts a friendly unit in a protective healing bubble for 3 seconds.
    • Cast Range: 700
    • Heal Interval: 0.5
    • Heal per Interval: 150
    • Duration: 3
  • +50 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
  • +250% Mana Regeneration
110 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 30.77%
Siltbreaker Glimmerdark Shield icon.png Glimmerdark Shield 21 160 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 15.38%
Siltbreaker Siltbreaker's Dredged Trident icon.png Siltbreaker's Dredged Trident 23
  • Passive: Critical Strike - Grants each attack a 35% chance to deal 350% additional damage.
    • Proc Chance: 35%
    • Critical Damage: 350%
  • +160 Attack Damage
190 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 7.69%

* Lifestone, Amorphotic Shell and Violet Blade are the only artifacts which are fully tradeable and marketable.



  • Players with Battle Pass level 165 or higher will receive two Siltbreaker Rewards for every zone they complete with 3 stars.
  • Claiming the Level 165 Bonus Siltbreaker Treasures reward will retroactively grant bonus treasures for any zones that had been previously 3 starred.
Criteria Reward
1 Star 200 Battle Points
2 Stars 400 Battle Points
3 Stars


  • Like normal matches, players can receive drops after each game.
  • Players who complete the campaign will earn a special emoticon.


Main Article: Trophy
Name Description Trophy
Siltbreaker: Act II Reef Warden Awarded for defeating the final boss during Act II of the Siltbreaker campaign. Siltbreaker Act II Trophy 1.png Siltbreaker Act II Trophy 2.png Siltbreaker Act II Trophy 3.png
1 Star (50) 2 Stars (100) 3 Stars (150)


Icon Name Activity Battle Points
Siltbreaker Achievement Note.png SECRET RECIPE Find all 7 Gastromancer Notes in Siltbreaker: Act II 500
Siltbreaker Achievement II Warden Note.png JAILHOUSE POET Find all 11 Warden Notes in Siltbreaker: Act II 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png THRICE WENT ROUND Complete Siltbreaker: Act II with 3 different heroes 250
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png THE EIGHTFOLD PATH Complete Siltbreaker: Act II with 8 different heroes 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png MOB BOSS Complete Siltbreaker: Act II with 14 different heroes 1000
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png I GOT THIS MANY Earn 20 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act II 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png MORE IS BETTER Earn 25 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act II 1000
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png NO STAR TOO FAR Earn 30 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act II 2000
Siltbreaker Achievement Shopkeeper.png FROM THE GREAT MYSTERY Find the Secretive Shopkeeper 500
Siltbreaker Achievement II Penguin.png WHEEEEEEEEEEE! Ride a Penguin for at least 18 seconds in Siltbreaker: Act II 500
Siltbreaker Achievement II No Artifacts.png SKINNY DIPPING! Complete Siltbreaker: Act II without purchasing any Artifacts 2000
Total Possible Points: 9,250
(9 levels)

Gastromancer's Notes[]

Warden's Notes[]